How to Develop an ETF Portfolio Management App like Betterment?

Updated on Mar 21st, 2024

How to Develop an ETF Portfolio Management App like Betterment

Fintech, or financial technology, has been “rising in popularity” in these times.  

Today, both new and seasoned investors can use investing applications to handle their money markets and other financial market investments. These investment apps—the best we’ve seen that are currently available—might help investors focus on saving money and improve their portfolios by providing a variety of value-added services at minimal charges. 

With ultra-low management fees and access to tailored, varied portfolios that take the uncertainty out of investing, investment apps helped to turn the investing world. Today, there are many stock trading apps in the market.  


Betterment is one of the most prominent investment apps with Robo-advisors that have emerged in recent years to provide investors with an alternative to more traditional human, financial advisors. Robo-advisers have progressed throughout time, and there are now a variety of options to consider.  

Currently, people believe there is an opportunity to profit on market volatility with monetary stimulus in these volatile times. As a result, if you design an investment app, you’ll be providing them with a valuable tool. A mobile investment app development is, without a doubt, a fantastic idea. 

Today, in this blog, we’ll discuss all custom stock trading app development.

  • Whereas, as to Statista, over 14.1 million Americans use online means to invest in stock trading. 
  • With time, the service has grown to include a wide range of features and services for investors. In certain cases, they provide access to a live human adviser as well as the option for financial advisers to become partners in the company. 
  • Betterment has a 0.25 percent yearly management fee and no minimum balance requirement. 
  • Scanner, technical analysis, watchlist, robo advisor, paper trading are the key features of the investment app. 

What is a Stock Trading App?

Trading in the stock market has been less time demanding in recent years, thanks to the availability of stock trading apps that allow you to trade independently. Mobile trading applications make things even easier for investors and traders since you can do any stock market trade using your smartphone. The mobile trading software allows you to trade from anywhere at any time. 

Trade platforms give all essential support and assistance, such as secure real-time access to trading, research papers, stock price analysis, market news, and so on.  

Users can use investment apps on their phones to maintain their portfolios and trade stocks and other investments. 

The market for online trading platforms was worth USD 13.1 billion in 2019 and is expected to rise to USD 18.3 billion by 2027, with a CAGR of 4.2 percent from 2020 to 2027.   

Moving on, let’s talk about,  

Betterment: Quick Overview! About Betterment

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Due to its intuitive user interface (UI) and educational features, this application is ideal for novices. It’s one of the simplest accounts to use and set up. The Checking and Cash Reserve features and a deposit that contribute to the user’s checking account are all suited for mobile devices under the Betterment menu.  

Investors can use Betterment’s automated investing platform. The application has expanded over time, and it now includes a variety of features and related services for investors. In some circumstances, they provide access to a live human adviser and the opportunity for financial advisers to join the business as partners. Betterment charges a 0.25 percent annual management fee and does not require a minimum balance. Those with $100,000 or more in their account can upgrade to the Premium plan, which costs 0.40 percent per year and includes access to a human, financial advisor.  

Betterment may be a realistic alternative for investors searching for a straightforward, low-cost solution. Betterment and other non-traditional guidance options are causing some disruption in the financial services industry, which is excellent for investors.  

Betterment’s features allow you to evaluate how a one-time investment, recurring deposits, and early withdrawals may affect your financial goals. 

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What are the Key Features you can Add to your App like Betterment? 

For beginners and people with a limited understanding of technology, internet trading can be a risky proposition. You should maintain the design simple and provide functionalities that make using the platform straightforward: 



You’ll make it easier for your customers to search and filter through portfolios/indices, as well as monitor them in real-time by introducing this function. They can also readily keep track of their state. 

Technical analysis

Technical Analysis

Users can examine equities and evaluate trends in asset movements using tools like interactive charting, chart patterns, and technical indicators available on trading platforms. Users can modify some elements of their charts, including resistance lines, signals, and sector comparisons, and save the changes for later use.  

Push Notifications

Push Notifications

Your clients will be able to set alerts for big market movements that could affect their assets using the push notifications system. This is an important functionality that you should not overlook when creating a stock trading application. 


Scanners powered by artificial intelligence hunt for prospective stock market trades. Scanners, like analytic tools, come in a variety of layers of complexity. Simple scanning techniques, for example, can reveal the most appealing stocks at the moment and companies that are on the rise or, conversely, in decline. At the same time, a more complex scanning system can seek specific patterns, assisting your users in making more informed investment selections. 

Fund transfer

Fund Transfer

As both bidders and brokers will be buying and selling stocks, it’s only natural to have a fund transfer functionality to make the process smoother. To protect transactions and data breaches, make this functionality as simple and secure as possible.  


Add Bank

Users must add their bank account details to actual trades in this portion of your app, like Betterment. Among the most important features of any online trading software is this one. As a result, ensure that this area is simple to use and that the data is secure.  



The watchlist functionality allows users to add capitals to their watchlists so that they can keep track of them. A key part of custom financial software development is providing users with a tailored experience.  

Place orders

Place Orders

Users can place new orders in most trading systems, including market orders, limit orders, and other order types. Users can also access real-time prices, track daily trading data, the winning percentage, and the profits and losses on completed trades.  



The more resources for investment that are supported, the more users it can serve. So strive to diversify your stock, ETF, and other fund portfolios. When creating a trading app, it’s also a good idea to include a deposit function with the ability to track its status in real-time. Provide a search option that allows users to quickly locate assets and monitor active stocks or current market rates.  

Robo Advisor

Robo Advisor

The popularity of Robo advisors, which is software tools for managing portfolios, is rapidly increasing. The apps assist investors in making informed decisions in accordance with their portfolios. Users can choose where to invest their money on their own.  



As stock trading is a fast-paced industry, brokers must make quick decisions. The most recent stock updates are used to make these selections. You can improve efficiency and straightforward for your user to make that quick decision by incorporating live quotations and charts into your application.  

Paper trading

Paper Trading

Most trading platforms include a risk-free virtual money trading feature known as paper trading. Users can utilize this feature to practice their skills with no-real-money trades before investing real money. Users can experiment with different techniques to see what works without putting their money on the line. 

Want a more in-depth list of features for an investment app? Contact us, we’ll help you!  

Key Steps to Build an App like Betterment! 

If you want to develop a robust investment app, you need to follow standard development practices. If you know what you’re doing, the development process is simple. The following are the fundamentals of stock market app development:  Key Steps to Build an App like Betterment!


1. Research your Target Audience

To make your stock market app effective, you should conduct thorough research on your target audience and market potential for similar apps such as Betterment. Understand their needs, compare your version to competitors’, and develop something new to offer. Professionals can use discovery and research to determine the project scope, app functionalities, design approach, and line-up.

2. Design Efficient UI/UX 

When developing a stock trading app, one of the most important factors to consider is the app design. Remember that many of the people who will use your app are new to the stock market. 

In light of this scenario, you should design the User Interface as simple and user-friendly as possible. Make sure that everything, such as the infographics and numbers, is properly stated so that anyone, even those with no knowledge of the market, can easily run it. You should put greater emphasis on improving the customer’s user experience. Make trading as simple as possible by providing easy-to-understand content. 

3. Choose the Right Platform 

You can go with a native (Android and iOS) solution, a hybrid solution, or a cross-platform solution. The final selection is influenced by a variety of factors, including scheduling, budget, and business requirements. Native mobile apps, on the whole, provide a better user experience, security, and functionality, but cross-platform solutions can be even more cost-effective and quicker to develop.  

4. Start the Development 

The real development process is broken down into various categories, including mobile, frontend and backend, iOS and Android, and so on. 

You’ll require mobile development services to make an app. Swift or Objective C language and Xcode (Apple’s IDE) are the most frequent practices for iOS apps, while Java, Kotlin, or JavaScript language and Android Studio are the most common practices for Android products. Whereas to administer the infrastructure, application logic, databases, and servers, you’ll also need backend development. The programming language you choose is determined by your priorities and technical judgment. Ruby, NodeJS, Python, Java, and .Net are common examples. Databases must also be built up by developers.  

5. Test the App 

Engineers execute extensive testing across platforms and devices after MVP and full-fledged app development. QA (Quality Assurance) services aid in the detection and elimination of problems and the establishment of proper function performance. To make the testing process much simpler, you can hire testing engineers from the best mobile app development company. Quality control, as well as functional and non-functional needs testing, ensuring that the system is free of defects and capable of handling the required volume and pressure.  

6. Try MVP App Development 

The term MVP refers to a product that meets the bare minimum. It’s an agile development concept that has an impact on learning in new product development, which is usually dependent on a variety of factors. 

The MVP will be in the creation of new items and a greater understanding of how they are used. You can make an MVP product to see if it can be enhanced and if it can be used more effectively. As a result, minimum viable products serve to protect the client’s investment in the mobile app development business. MVP enables developers to create better products for the client’s total pleasure.  

How Much will Stock Trading Apps like Betterment Cost? 

No one can indeed really tell you how much something will cost straight away without a clear understanding of your particular requirements, interests, desires, features, and functionalities, the region of a hired mobile app development company, and many more. Every business has its fee structure; some charge on an hourly basis, while others pay on a monthly or flat sum basis. You should be aware of what is happening in app creation, the components of app costs, and the company’s skills. Experts at Matellio can assist you in obtaining a quote for your project. 

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Turn Your Ideas To Reality By Hiring A Automated Finance App Development Company.


The world is continuously changing as a result of technological advancements, and the trade industry is no exception. To be competitive in today’s economy, businesses must utilize technology, and the financial industry is no exception. It can be implemented by establishing a mobile application to increase your customer base in the case of existing trading firms. 

Developing a trading platform necessitates a thorough grasp of customer requirements as well as corporate operations. However, if you choose the best technology partner and follow the steps correctly, your application will earn money for both your users and your company. You’ll need a dependable, forward-thinking development partner if you do have an idea for your unique online stock trading business and need to establish a formidable platform for a successful launch. This is the ideal opportunity to contact a Mobile App Development Company to get your stock trading application developed at a low cost.   

Please contact us if you are seeking such a company. We’re excited to provide you with an innovative, trustworthy, and accessible investment app.  

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