How To Develop Fantasy Football App?

Updated on May 4th, 2021

Fantasy sports mobile apps set pioneering and revolutionizing shifts in the gaming sector. Apart from cricket, football is a sport that carries a fantastic group of supporters worldwide. Die-hard supporters see football as more of a religion than a simple sport. Such is the excitement and enthusiasm associated with the game. With devoted supporters from all age groups, it is a popular sport.

Are you considering the advancement of the sports betting app but uncertain whether it was the correct move? OK, we are here to assist you in every conceivable way. Football has undeniably been seen as one of the world’s most successful and greatest-earning sports. The massive group that football has is nuts and enthusiasm. They appreciate almost anything about their favorite sports, including game strategies to player details, ground turf patterns, and lots of other stuff. Football enthusiasts have the ultimate experience of their favorite game.

Market overview

  • You won’t believe that there are 4 billion football fans worldwide. Besides, that 40 million people play fantasy football globally. Whereas, the market worth of fantasy football is 18 billion.
  • Over a 60million fantasy football app, users are from the US and Canada.
  • According to, in the USA, the American Flag Football League has about 115 million members.
  • According to, Europe is the prominent football market with market size of 25 billion dollars in the 2018/19 football season.

Building a fantasy football app in such a market situation is a nice thought. The numbers are enough to state that there’s a great business opportunity in the fantasy football market. Companies or businesses that have poured their barrel into fantasy Sports Sea have returned out together with a teeming bank account and happy faces from stem to stern.

Developing a fantasy football mobile app requires an excellent development firm with the skill-set and great-mindset to develop a full-fledged application with many exciting features. In this blog, we will cover different factors of fantasy football app development like features, revenue model, cost, etc. which will help you get started with app development.

So without wasting any time, let’s get straight into this.


What is the Fantasy Football app?

The football fantasy is a booming e-sports played annually by legions of followers. The football fantasy app is a forum for creating your favorite team, maximizing line-up, playing with your team, and watching the live match clips. In this user, they become the leader of the world’s best players competing with one another on the football fantasy app site. The app allows users to build their mate’s exclusive tournaments, enter public tournaments, display live scores, data stats, and customize rules, setups, and swaps.

Tournaments and leagues covered in our fantasy football app

  • English Premier League.
  • Spanish LA Liga.
  • German Bundesliga.
  • World Cup.
  • NFL season
  • AFC Asian Cup.
  • SAFF, CAF, AFF, and AFC U-23 Championship.


How to make money with a fantasy football app?

  • Freemium model – In this model, the application is free to download, but users can use some features after in-app-purchase for a better experience. These features may do wonders.
  • Tournament entry fees – This model is the major-money-making machine for these apps, and the majority of apps use this. In the Football fantasy app, the highest profit comes from entry fees only. Prizes and earnings motivate users to participate more in professionals tournaments.
  • Brand promotion – Fantasy apps are becoming increasingly prevalent. In terms of brand marketing, it can be a perfect medium to draw a massive audience. For their brand promotion, companies and businesses are enthusiastically searching for such a large forum.
  • Ecommerce – Ecommerce incorporation, the income of fantasy apps, has dramatically improved in the segment of these applications. The e-commerce integration will allow users to purchase their favorite merch and get all the enjoyment they desire.


Football fantasy business model

  • To start, users need to login via their email id or with social media handles for the app sign-up.
  • Once logged in, the user can start their journey or enter a referral code to receive reward points.
  • To play, the user needs to enter the tournament; here, tournaments are of three types, namely private, public, and professional tournaments with entry fees. The user also receives prizes if they won the tournament.
  • Once the user enters the tournament, the next user needs to create a fantasy team.
  • For creating a team, the user has a budget of 100 million dollars, and each player has its price tag.
  • Before entering the tournament, users can make changes, but they won’t make any modifications once they enter.
  • After the match, the points are distributed to players as per players’ performance in a real game. The user with the highest points will win the game.

Why go for a fantasy football app?

The numbers itself state that any age group across the globe loves football, and at the same time, it’s a great business opportunity for opportunists. Due to the pandemic, everyone is working from home, and schools are shut, almost every outdoor activity is closed. It’s a great time to make money by introducing a full-flash, feature-rich Football Fantasy App for both IOS and Android platforms in the market.

Revenue generated by fantasy football app in 2019 was around approximately 750 million dollars by entry fees only and it’s predicted that numbers will rise to 1000 million dollars in the coming years. A top-notch feature with an interactive User-interface plays a significant role in the application’s success.

Features and functionality play a crucial role in application success. You have to consider top features that set your fantasy football application apart from competitors.

Apart from standard user/admin features like login/register, dashboard, profile, and many more, below, we’ve listed some top features which fantasy football app should offer, so have a look.

  • Location-driven alerts – Through this feature, users and participants can be informed about the tournaments and matches currently happening around their nearby location with the help of a GPS positioning tracking system integrated into the application.
  • Highlights – Over the past months, while more users and participants have been interested in football fantasy applications, their passion for actual real tournaments and matches hasn’t decreased. This feature encourages them to enjoy a game with match and tournament highlights and short clips.
  • Live match scores – Through the live score feature, users and participants would be regularly informed about the tournament or match details of real-time games immediately. This feature helps users and participants to forecast their victory (winning) possibility.
  • Chatbot – This feature is getting slightly famous, Sometimes users or participants may find it extremely difficult or even have any queries mostly on application. For such questions, a chatbot could be used to address chatbots. A chatbot can also be used to collect users’ or participants’ information and patterns.
  • Player info – It’s vital to get the players’ full information to create a top team. Therefore, the user or participants receives the full details and facts relevant to the player. This player information feature lets users access and picks the best players for their fantasy football team.
  • AI/ML integration – For Fantasy Football Application, this can be a crucial feature. This could be of significant benefit to the administrator to improve the game with various opportunities and probabilities. This feature will make it feel more realistic in the game.
  • In-app Chat – This feature allows users to chat with their friends and other online players through in-app chat. However, users can also exchange results, live scores, and many other activities effectively and efficiently.
  • Achievement badges – The Achievement badge is an attribute that guarantees user retention on your football fantasy app. Users will most eventually switch to sites whereby their account has a badge attached to them. Also, with the option to post the achievement badge on social networking sites, this could be stepped farther, higher, and better. This feature helps to promote your application without investing extra on marketing or advertising campaigns.
  • Private groups – Through this feature, users can enjoy the game alongside their families and friends. Therefore players would have a wonderful family moment on a single table by inviting their relatives and friends.
  • Refer & earn – With either the code or link, users can invite their mates to join the app and compete with them. The user also receives special offers, compensation, or reward points as per the user authentication offer. Besides that, they are free to create their custom tournaments and invite their mates. Based on rules, users can build their custom leagues and tournaments.
  • Withdraw earnings – Through this feature, users can check their earnings any time and from all across merely a few seconds. Besides, that user can withdraw their profits with their preferred mode of payment.
  • Score prediction – Users can engage in a winner or score prediction quiz through this feature to earn reward points that can be redeemable into in-app cash. But before the match or competition begins, the user or participant must predict the score and winning team. Once decided, it cannot be changed, so be careful before choosing.
  • E-wallet – Through this feature, the user can buy loyalty/reward points to support this functionality. Besides, that user can move their cash rewards directly to their bank accounts. This versatile approach makes the transfer of funds easy, practical, and straightforward.
  • News & articles – Fanatics of football want to keep updated with the latest news about their favorite sports. With this superb feature, users will be glued to your fantasy football application.

To combine the above features, your application requires a robust tech stack as well. That’s why we’re aiming to offer you the essential technology stack which your app needs.


Tech Stack

  • Front-end – HTML5, CSS3, Angular JS, Jquery, React JS, Vue JS.
  • Back-end – AWS, MS Azure, Google Cloud.
  • Sports API – SportsMonks,, EntitySports.
  • Database – MongoDB, MySQL, SQLite, IBM DB2.
  • Payment gateways – PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, Mangopay.
  • Analytics –Hadoop, BigData, Spark.
  • Push notifications – Twilio, Amazon SNS, MAP.
  • For android – Java, Kotlin, Node JS, ROR, Laravel.
  • For IOS – swift, Node JS, ROR, Laravel.

To build a football fantasy application, a team of professionals is required, which helps make your idea into reality. To develop an app, individuals were involved.


  • Business Analyst.
  • Front/back-end developer.
  • UI/UX designer.
  • QA testers.
  • Project manager.
  • Android/IOS developer.

Cost to develop Football Fantasy App

There are various factors that decide the development cost of a football fantasy app. Even though financial transactions are engaged in a fantasy app, it would need to be fitted with highly advanced security measures for application developers. And if you want to add state-of-the-art technologies like AR and VR to add a neat look to the app, the costs would also increase. The more complicated the application becomes, the more it would cost to build it. The geographical area of development firms also plays a crucial role in determining the app development cost.

It’s not that easy to calculate the development cost of a fantasy football app. But on a rough basis, developing a top-notch football fantasy app will cost you around 30K to 60k dollars. But do remember inducing advanced features and functionality in your app will raise the development cost.

Solutions we offer in our Fantasy Apps

  • White label solution – For its cost-effective existence and shorter lead times, developing and introducing your white-label fantasy app has now become a possibility. Because of these variables, the fantasy sports app is rising more rapidly than it has ever been.
  • Turn-key solution –The turn-key solution is the full package for both the requirements of your gaming apps, ideal for creating a spectacular, stable, and streamlined system for your fantasy sports app. You also get products and services in this category such as advice on operating sports betting platforms and many more.
  • Bitcoin Solution – For all the facets of gaming growth in the gaming domain. Bitcoin solutions are a unique offering. Bitcoin solutions often include a highly protected convergence of cryptocurrency online payment, absolute control over funds, and sentinel-like security against fraudulent and deceptive practices.

For several businesses, we’ve covered the most successful leagues and developed fantasy sports apps. Many of the most prominent football markets like Washington, New Jersey, Illinois, California, Minnesota, Europe, and many more have been conquered by us. Perhaps even, then no time would be better positioned for the beginning of a football fantasy app.


Phases of development

  • Framing Idea – To grasp your concept for the fantasy app, we discuss things with you. We work alongside our development team to offer you comprehensive documentation of the planned project.
  • Framework Planning – This is a crucial step of creation, in which we draw sketches to create prototypes for different screens. In partnership with the app, the data architecture is projected to maintain a simultaneous user flow.
  • UI- We start designing part of your ideas like color tones, font size, mobile identity, graphics, and many other nuances.
  • Programming – we make every possible effort to compose a clean code that ought to be high functioning for both the client and the modules on the server-side.
  • Testing – Before being pleased with the quality and efficiency of the app, we use many of the most rigorous QA tests so that bugs and errors are chomped right in the middle.



Football fantasy is a successful venture to lead, given a large number of football supporters across the globe. Throughout this case, the process is not that difficult if you want to launch your company with this kind of app. In addition, you can start well enough if you are straightforward with the above-mentioned information that you would like in your football fantasy app.

There are so many development firms in the market these days. But it is always good to go with a famous development firm. Matellio is a front leader in the fantasy sports app development & growth domain.

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