How to develop on demand medication tracker app?

Updated on Apr 23rd, 2021

How to develop on demand medication tracker app?

Walking down the countryside for a -long trip, Carried your baggage, food, few water-bottle and a small bag for your running tablets. The trip is very well planned until you are sitting in your living area just texting your buddies for convincing them for trips. The things get messy when we are actually into something or planning for reason of your outing, the medicine timing always suffers for no exact reason. Working over the issue, IT developers decided to provide a solution which can not only keep track of your medicine schedule like a tracking watch but can also help you get the ease of booking doctor appointments, online prescription uploading and order medicine online.

According to data, it is one of the most terrific reasons behind the death of many patients to forget taking pills on time. The non-adherence to the doctor’s prescription can result in the deteriorated health of the patient. Let’s take a look at some facts:

  • The digital health market is rising at a higher pace and is expected to cross 206 billion US dollar by 2020 where the estimate is totally based upon the wireless and mobile healthcare market. Here, the noticeable fact is that the Asia-Pacific region is going to be the key region that can invite the global mobile health business here.
  • In 2015, the global digital health market was valued at 80 billion US dollar where it is expected to rise over 200 billion by 2020. Within these few years, the mobile health market will generate more revenue.


The healthcare application is growing rapidly and the consumer communication with on-demand medication app is becoming normal. The health services are making the stronghold for a chronic condition, remote monitoring system, electronic prescriptions, and wellness applications.  In the coming years, the mHealth industry is predicted to reach the market size of 2020 billion US dollars.The global data says, that in 2017, there were 3.7 billion mobile health apps were downloaded.

The above trends are just signboard towards the ever-increasing growth of the on-demand health care app and the concern of patients for health. The similar significance is for the narrow approach of medication tracker app. As per the data from 2016, more than 64000 US citizens because of a drug overdose. The side effect of medication varies as per the severity. Therefore, to decrease the risk, On-demand medication tracking apps are designed, which help users in scheduling the doses too easily.

Types of Healthcare app

Healthcare apps have not only assisted the patients in managing and scheduling the doses but also helps doctors and health professionals in better communication with the clients.  There are few apps which are solely build to upload the prescription and order the medicine while some apps are built to track the health of the patient and offer the doctor appointment with much ease. The doctor’s appointment apps are specifically built to schedule the meeting with the doctor.

Features of on-demand medical app development:

Features of on-demand medical app development:

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If you are a healthcare provider or related to the medical business and want to develop a medication tracker app, you can have a great level of control over the patient’s schedule, medication management, and complete healthcare. The medication app encompasses a long roster of benefit for both doctor and patients. Here are a few major benefits:

1: Medication Planning: The core functionality of an app must be the ability to digitally schedule medication intake. For security purpose, first scheduling must be done by a health professional and then can be shared with the patients’ mobile device. When the patient needs the medication he can contact the doctor and get the medication plan updated.

2: Dose reminder: The patient with more intensive ongoing treatment is provided with many types of pills. Referred becomes difficult to remember which pill we should take at what time. Windows reminder benefits those patients by sending a notification to give the name of the pill and the quantity. This feature also works the way for calculating when the stock is exhausted.

3: Drug interaction checker: This is one of the important features of a medication tracker app which is part of a multipurpose medication app. Whenever the Healthcare professional it’s a new drug to the existing medication prescription, the interaction checker runs a test and shows the message if the new entry is not compatible. Moreover, it also helps in configuring the individual’s condition suggest pregnancy or any specific allergy.

4: Renewal: subscription renewal feature saves the time of patients and doctors where the automatic reminder is sent to the health professional when the prescription is about to expire. The patient fills the digital form and it is sent to the doctor where the doctor sends the new prescription and contact the patient if necessary.

5: Medicine price and location search: It is a too convenient feature for searching the medication in the stock of the nearest store with the help of medication plan in the app. The patient just needs to you select an entry from the schedule and give the filters success cost, and distance as per the priority. Originally it also provides discounts to the patient if the app is partnered with the particular drug store.

Modules for On-demand Medication tracker app:

“There are hundreds of application currently running and every app offers almost a significant level of satisfaction. An app is built with several modules, which are the core components that make an app powerful to handle the personalized requirement of the user. A  medication app serves doctors and patients at the same and which requires a great effort.

Here are some important modules of a medication app:

1: Book and cancel an appointment: It becomes easy for patients to book their appointment on a specific time and date on your app. Alongside, They can find good doctors nearby without wasting time. Also, the patient can use a GPS feature of “doctors around me” to locate doctors in their area. They may be assured about the availability of doctors. Basically, patients become able to track the doctor as per their needs.

2: Cloud Electronic Medical Records: The cloud-based medical records provide absolute security and maintenance of documents. The apps like calm shares the patient history with the doctors.This way the official process and further treatments of patients become possible without losing the time in searching the patient history and starting the tests from scratch again.

  • Medical records: This module manages how does the workflow automate in the clinic or medical facility. The time and cost are calculated from the routine tasks of a clinic. So it’s necessary to give all the forms and papers to the mobile application developer for starting your clinic automation so that the developers become able to understand the workflow of your facility.
  • Medical procedures: The medical procedure also imparts the medical records module and here the workflow is different in this module even after imparting electronic medical record module. This module includes the trackings of medication.drugs management, and accidents, etc.

3: Doctor-Patient interaction: Today, the patients can interact with preferred doctors through chatbots. They can discuss their medications, problems, etc on calls through this application. It enables them to get any kind of information so easily. Alongside, patients can also discuss their issues with health through live videos with a healthcare practitioner or doctor. The module usually catered as the software for doctors and assist in implementing the appointment schedule, visit tracking, and patients’ health interaction. This graphic based software takes time for development.

4: E-billing services: The on-demand doctor app is needed to automate the whole process where billing is one of the most crucial tasks. The payment via app method enables the bill payment through e-wallets, and internet banking and other prevalent fast and secure payment options. The e-billing makes the payment easy and comfortable offering the seamless ease to the client. Alongside, the patient can also view the history of payment.

5: Doctor spec module and work: The module provides the information of medical care practitioners which include specialization area and other important fields. Additionally, the customer can also view a doctor’s profile, whereas the doctor can utilize the payment in various methods. Whether they need to check an appointment or confirm the schedule, or they need to cancel the schedule, everything becomes too easy

6: Online prescriptions: Patients can chat with the doctor and the doctor can also generate the digital prescription with the help of this module. Here, the common disease such as fever can be given the prescription online. Apart from this, the doctor can also schedule the video chat with the patients in case of an emergency.

How Matellio can help you with the On-demand medication app development?

On-demand medication tracker app is now not a new step in the health industry, rather it has become the demand of the generation. For doctors and patients both, it is a lucrative and win-win situation. Moreover, these apps are the most flourishing apps, because the market demands the automation of conventional standards. And, these Medication tracker apps are now offered as SaaS software as a service, offering the convenience for automating the regular medical facilities. More the complications are, tougher the development becomes. And here Matellio excels.

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