How to Develop On Demand Tutor App?

Updated on Dec 18th, 2023

In between elephantine opportunities and tough competition in today’s market, mobile app development companies sense the proliferated demand for on-demand solutions. It rather extends from booking a taxi, grocery items, babysitter to even calling a handyman at home. With the complex and busy schedules, people are not able to monitor their children’s study and that generates vacuum for the intensive need for on-demand tutor app. On-demand tutor app proffers solutions to various queries for the students, teachers, and parents. It eliminated the conventional method of finding and hiring a tutor for home tuitions. Today, students need immediate solutions or help that specifically addresses their fundamental problems. Here, the role of these apps successfully flourished through the fulfilment of the student’s needs of finding the best tutor, booking a session for a subject, exploring learning modules, etc. According to the estimate, the online tutoring market is expected to mushroom exponentially and reach to $120.67 billion by 2021, so there is a high probability of on-demand tutor apps extendibility in coming years.

The Basic framework and features of On-demand Tutor App Development 

On demand tutor app is a great investment in the most flourishing education industry. The app eaes the tas of finding a good tutor nearby while offering a set of opportunity to tutors: Basically, the app consists of three panels, Here is the description:

USER (Student) PANEL

Direct & Social Media Login

The best way to experience the secured and unfeigned login is to have an integrated login through social media login. It amplifies the security state of the user’s profile because once the user login through their social media accounts, they allow linking their profile with on-demand tutor app. Furthermore, the user can also easily sign up through email and experience tutoring services.

Search Tutor

Here, the users can search for their specific tutors based on their preferences like course, subject, exams, etc. It entirely relies on their preferences and so it becomes imperative to pile up all data based on substantial features necessary for enriching the learning experience.

Tutor details & Reviews

The tutor profile comprising relevant details and reviews given by users yields the optimum time of the users in the decision for further process. In a broad sense, the user would be able to view all the relevant information such as tutor’s experience and, course specifications and much more.

Users’ Requirement

Here, the users can easily post their needs based on their courses, subjects, and timings. It targets their core objective of finding a relevant tutor and establishes an impeccable user experience and results.

Book A Tutor

The user becomes able to book their preferred tutor after analyzing their ratings and reviews. It helps them to pick a tutor that offers relevant lectures, learning modules, courses, etc to the user.

Chat with the Selected Tutor

The consistent or effectual communication with the preferred tutor makes the learning process much more smooth and enriched. Here, the users can chat with the tutors about various aspects like timings, fee details and other details that make conducive learning process. Apparently, The revolutionary transformation in learning process clearly amplifies the elearning app development.

Rate & Review Tutor

Once the user experiences the tutor’s service, he would be able to review and rate the quality of the tutor’s services. It encapsulates the basis like the teaching ability of the tutors, comprehensiveness of lectures, timings etc.that potentially addresses the quality aspect entire service.


Profile Setup

It is just similar to the user panel, here the tutor can begin to offer services with their profile. Furthermore, they can also sign up or log in through their social media accounts or email that comprises ostensible credentials.

Change in Timings

The panel allows the tutor to reschedule their lectures once the tuitions queued at the same timings. In other words, the tutor equips with the feature to alter timings and location according to their convenience.

Accept/Reject Requests

The tutor can either accept or reject the students request for tutoring services if a number of requests stuck between the same timings. It enhances the accessibility and quality of tutors services with a proper time schedule.

Change in Bookings

It allows the tutors to either view or edit their last booked tuitions and active booking plans. They can easily update the progress and completion of every lecture and reassures the uninterrupted services on their part for further new bookings.

Check weekly & Monthly Income

The tutor can view their weekly or monthly earnings through active and completed tuitions. Here, the tutor would also be able to track their tuitions where the payments have yet not been taken.

Chat with Students

It’s quintessential to have regular communication between students and tutors once they book the tutor, whether it’s related to solving their queries, change in time schedule, lecture information, etc. In also comprises in-app conference call so that the discussion about the topic can take place comprehensively.


Efficient Analysis

Here, all the tutors and the user profiles are associated with their relevant information where their services are efficiently analyzed. The basic objective fortifies once the analysis of information is stored for maintaining track record that extracts efficacious conclusions.

Statistical Information

Here, the data related to the services rendered and availed, preferred locations and their grades, payment history, etc are stored and managed. It enhances the efficiency of operability and functionality of elearning app development.

Manage Tutors & their Services

It manages the information related to the tutor like their nature of services, course specialization, experiences, etc. The substantial information smoothens the entire learning process results in a pristine experience.

Listing & Management

Here, Admin manages and  tracks every piece of information about colleges, school, grades, courses, specialization, and many more

Reports & Earnings

It encapsulates the weekly or monthly earnings report of the tutors from their delivered services. These earnings are calculated according to the stipulated rules and regulations that maintain the wondrous and effectual learning process.

Student Manager

Admin manages the entire information of the courses selected by the students and the prescribed fee of that specific course. It comprises information about the courses of the enrolled students to mitigate the probability of any kind of adulteration during report making.

Assigning Job

Here, the request by the students for the tutor is managed according to the available time schedule of the tutor. Admin can transfer students request for the tutor to the other tutors possessing the same qualifications, course, timings, etc.

Technology for Advanced Features

Push Notifications

The fundamental idea of push notifications during tutor app development is to alert users about every update relating to the promotional activities, news, events, schemes, etc. It helps to mitigate the probability of vacuum in communication between tutor and student. So developers use GCM(Google cloud messaging) for Android users while Apple push notification service for their iOS users.


The integration of various payment modes like net banking, credit/debit cards or eWallet with the on-demand tutor app simplifies and make the payment process convenient. There are a large number of payment gateways like PayPal Card, Lyft, Stripe, etc offering secured payment for that can be efficiently integrated into the app by every dexterous mobile app development company.

Cloud Management

Here, it stores all payment information, and student and tutor information in a simplified manner that enriches the user experience and keeps it secured. As a result, it vanished off the requirement of large hardware devices and the developers use MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra, Postgres, MailChimp Integration like services to store users information.

Tutor Finder

It makes admin and users able to track the tutor’s real-time location with the help of Global positioning system (GPS) that identifies the specific location. Furthermore, it shows and suggests and route for the tutor and student so that they can cut down the extra time while reaching. It can be integrated for Android OS users  through Google Maps Android API. while for iOs users developers use CoreLocation and MapKit framework

How Matellio can help you in On Demand tutor app development?

E learning app development and on demand tutor app development are built on the Uber model which allows the user to call the service or product at home. If you have an amazing idea with you and you want to build an app with a set of unique feature to put forward in the competition, then you need a really comprehensive approach to understand the real time requirement of users. The app proliferates the communication with tutors and students both, hence demands a clean code and easy dashboard. Matellio can help you out in developing such an app with proper experience and precaution to keep a simplistic approach while putting complexities behind the scene and providing the abstracted forms forward to use. We recommend you to first discuss your idea with an experienced developer and then go forward with the app development. 

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