How to Develop Website Like Reddit?

Updated on Dec 18th, 2023

Recent Developments shows the relationship between Q & A websites use and users with the expanded goal of interactive and new forms of media. Today community-based Q&A (Question And Answering) websites have successfully garnered through a participatory platform. Since its inception, it has been developing across the world and enabled users to collaborate in asking and answering questions. Here Reddit comes as the most popular platform for discovering what is happening around and proves it tagline “front page of the Internet”.It provides an open platform to participate and free discussions about hundreds of different topics like entertainment, politics, inventions etc.and sharing their views. Reddit web development took a unique approach by letting everything happening so organically, at the time when companies were trying to build communities, hire large numbers of community managers, and geared up a community strategy.

Most popular apps like Reddit

Reddit has been proven as a perfect platform for a seamless and healthy discussion on numerous topics by a vast number of communities. Undoubtedly the significant feature of the voting system has upsurged  user’s experience, but still, there are a lot of alternatives where you can share and discuss topics, get professional advice, find your interest, etc., So let’s light them up:

1. 9Gag

9Gag offers a massive collection of the coolest and funniest GIFs and images in various categories, having 100+ images with no need to create an account. Users can opt for most viewed pictures and newest images through Hot and Fresh subcategories of 9 Gag and also allows a user to upload images anonymously. It includes voting system, comment, sharing of images to third parties, and to discover lucrative and exciting photos. a search option.

2. Quora:

It is preferred as the best alternative for Reddit because it doesn’t have any communities. It allows to read answers of only one question to all unregistered users, and one must log with Facebook or Google account to go through multiple answered questions. Quora makes sure that knowledgeable individual replies every posted inquiry. Whenever questions on different topics are posted on Quora, one can follow and ask an expert for its answer. It lets you tag and post question anonymously.

3. AskFM

It also offers question and answer platform to users with an anonymous profile where people to find interesting.AskFM features 5 sections -profile,home,questions,friends and discover.One can post a question directly to a particular user profile or users for the answer and that it can be answered either in text or video format. The users engaged in learning, exploring and extracting substantive information from the social world  around them through the exchange of questions and answers.

4. M4Chan

The important factor which notably extols 4Chan app. It is image based board website on the web and just mobile friendly that implies its developers have not yet introduced dedicated its mobile version. It allows us to explore 4Chan threads, comment on interest topics, option to download embedded images. It does not provide username registration; instead, they are identified with the help of a  special number, which is also voluntary.


How Reddit works?

Since 2005, the web design and development market witnessed Reddit, which has gathered  more than 300 million active users in a month where a user submits content whether text, direct links, video or text organized into categories called “subreddits.”  Reddit’s blog shows that the site has seen a spurt in engagement by 22% and 30% in views. It is broken up into communities which are called “subreddits” with a different topic, and volunteers can manage its appearance, nature of content, removal or banning of users. Users can upvote and downvote the other user’s comment and increase or decrease the visibility of the post by clicking the arrows. The associated Karma number with every account which enables them to give award by costing them Reddit Coins to other users for their posted content. It also offers Reddit premium, a gold membership program, where premium members get access to an improved user’s experience with extra feature like the categorization of apps, turning off ads, etc. with no interruption. Furthermore, Since 2009, It has been allowing their space for advertisement in two ways through managed, and self serve. The rate starts from $5 and $0.75 for per thousand page views and can increase to $20000, but it relies upon page views.

What You’ll need to develop websites like Reddit?

Even after the exploration of communication mediums, It has never been an easy task to share information. It created a community for the people having the same interest to post their questions and get answered by others. So you need to know the essentials points for developing a website like Reddit.

1. Domain and Web hosting

The process starts with a requirement to obtain a marketable domain name for your website. It is a fundamental concern for a developer that the domain name must be so relatable, visible, short, avoids any trademarks, country level domain or .com extension and unique so that it extracts maximum benefits like high traffic, engagement, etc. So pencil down various names, check its availability, and get it registered. After acquiring domain name its time for web hosting, which implies renting a web space which accommodates domain name and content later on. Additionally, It must be looking professional, not scaling up your cost initially and easy.

2. Devices and Platforms

Today people use their devices like smartphones, computers, and laptops interchangeably, and it becomes imperative to provide application on all their devices. Basically, due to the different dimension of these devices, it requires a different page layout of the developed form. Furthermore, multiple platforms like Android, windows, and iOS shows an immense need of modification in the ongoing development process so that it can run on any platform., which implies consistency and usability in the application across different devices using multiple platforms. So the mobile app developer needs to plan a website like Reddit in such a way so that it would be successfully compatible across available platforms with better user experience.

3. Content Moderation

The core objective behind Reddit Platform has been to provide quality content for all users, which demands robust policy for content moderation. Usually, people get bored with the traditional pattern of monotonous content so experiment with Gif, IAM stories, Videos, Personal stories, etc. On the other hand, viewers are also included through their suggestions and corrections in the author’s answers, which can be readily accepted and rejected by the authors. Additionally, app development companies should extend features with upvote and downvote option in app so that even likes and dislikes ensures intact relevancy, quality of content.

4. Answer Recommendations

The engagement of the audience and consistently keeping them involved cements the success of the app. So the methods that should be used are sorted relevant and related questions which are relied on the rational preferences of app user for the personalized experience. Furthermore, It can also sort the replies to the issue based on view-upvote ratio so that the audience becomes able to obtain their best answer. Furthermore, to encourage users to write quality content, the writers with potential engagement ratio should be recognized with gifts and badge.

5. Attracting users

The prerequisite for driving traffic to a website which has been flooded with quality content is to target proposed users. By avoiding dynamic URLs, change it to SEO friendly, which includes the title of the post.

Choose developers from Matellio

Complex projects like Reddit requires a lot of potential and development experience. These websites gather a lot of client conversion, which in turn results in the high traffic and are prospected to be converted into a rich app. The scalability is a crucial factor which must be kept in mind while developing an app and an experienced developer can ensure the success of the application. Matellio is known for the competency of its development team, quality code, scalable applications, Impressive deliveries within the deadline, and sound technical team for interaction with the client. Outsourcing the work to Matellio or Partnering with it, can bring your application up to the level of expectancy. Hire website coder and leverage the pool of talent across the industry while keeping no overhead of managing the resource and quality. Technical dexterity is not achieved in a day, it is years of experience which pays off. Therefore sharing hands ensures a win-win situation for both parties.  


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