How to Hire DevOps Engineer for a Project?

Updated on Oct 9th, 2023


The use and popularity of the term DevOps have been spreading vigorously throughout the software development industry for years. And yet, only a few have taken the leap of setting DevOps teams for project development. But since you have been here, we believe you have finally made up your mind about DevOps and are already convinced of its benefits.   

Finding a DevOps engineer can be tough for two basic reasons, DevOps is tougher for a developer, and not many people have adopted the methodology yet. Only a few individuals really understand its potential, and of them, some still choose to follow the legacy approach as their first. But don’t worry; we will guide you through and through on how to hire a DevOps engineer.   

Let’s begin with what DevOps is for those who are new to it.  

What is DevOps?   

Development and Operations have always been considered two separate parts of legacy software development. DevOps can be called a methodology that mixes those processes in conjunction with QA to get optimum results and cut back development time and prices. A DevOps engineer’s primary role is to go between developers and IT operations to enhance development practices, tools, and automation to scale back errors and eliminate time-consuming steps.    

How Hiring DevOps Engineers Will Impact Your Project’s Development ?


DevOps engineers will coordinate with each team’s managers and also manage their operations. They conjointly keep in a constant bit with the QA team as well and act as a cooperative channel between the 3 to enhance the collaboration.    


Role of a DevOps engineer is to shine at automating repetitive tasks, taking the pressure off the opposite groups. They will originate varied automation across the event cycle to enhance productivity.    


In a traditional package development method, none of the development or operations team is aware of what’s happening at the opposite finish. DevOps engineers add a layer of transparency; therefore, everybody within the system is aware of specifically what’s happening with the solution.    


DevOps engineers improve the discharge cycle by eliminating redundant tasks to implementing CI/CD (continuous integration and continuous delivery). The complete method is managed from a centralized purpose that helps them line up processes vital at that moment.    


With faster rollout cycles, DevOps engineers create the complete preparation method agile. They provide continuous feedback to involved groups to enhance the solution and deliver components between teams back and forth.    

Better client expertise   

With reduced delivery times and ways to require and implement client feedback quicker, several of them love DevOps. Their area unit varied practices that make customers feel higher regarding DevOps’ development approach than the normal ones.    

Lower prices   

With correct data regarding each infrastructure and optimization of the assembly atmosphere, DevOps engineers will considerably lower your project development price. In conjunction with this, they conjointly modify automation, reduce leakages, and cut back on do-overs.    

Better Product   

When you use the DevOps methodology, most of the defects within the product happen throughout the event cycle, and problematic units are fixed within the forthcoming releases. Whereas with legacy development strategies, there was no suggestion to implement feedback midcycle, and the complete package would be rebuilt.   

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Skill to Look for when Hiring DevOps Engineer

Overall expertise   

Overall expertise is a crucial factor in the engineer’s particular niche expertise. DevOps haven’t been used for many years. Therefore, you need to have confidence in investigating their expertise in building different solutions and dealing in several environments.     

Core Technologies   

The prospect engineer must be versed in automation, cloud, and administration technologies. You should have an intensive interview conducted by your technology specialists to see the data of the DevOps engineer you intend to hire for your development project.  

Soft Skills   

The soft skills area unit is a vital part of any DevOps engineer, and to confirm that he will be able to work with your groups, you should check the range of their previous jobs. It’s the task of a DevOps engineer to keep the project groups knit along, and they ought to be able to handle diversity with ease.    

Previous Portfolios   

While navigating previous portfolios can be a hit or a miss because of previous NDAs signed by the engineer, you’ll be able to visualize if they have worked for anything similar. If the engineer cannot disclose data, you cannot force them to; however, you can still test their knowledge of the domain they claim they have worked.  

Client Testimonials   

Many DevOps engineers sometimes have a large list of thankful testimonials online because of the improved consumer satisfaction that comes with DevOps. You’ll be able to search for it online or just enquire with the engineer you intend to hire if they have any testimonials or recommendation from a previous employer or client they worked for.    

How to Hire a DevOps Engineer?   

There are three basic ways to hire a DevOps engineer in today’s time; you’ll be able to employ them full-time or hire freelancers or can augment them from a DevOps consulting company. The three decisions given have variations in terms of both price and workability. Software companies sometimes have the most effective DevOps engineers with the most data from multiple domains. But, if you hire somebody by yourself, you’ll have to be compelled to judge whether it supports your team.

Here are the three choices explained:    

Hiring Freelancers   

Depending on the complexness of your project, you’ll be able to hire freelancers to avoid commitments and save some money. They are available at low per hour costs, in abundance, and it will not be troublesome to search for them online. But again, does one really need to place their project at stake to save some money? As DevOps will be an integral part of development, you ought to weigh the benefits/cons of hiring freelancers. What if your team leader, a vital DevOps team member, stops replying and leaves yours for another project? There would be no possibility apart from holding your entire project and starting again only after rehiring another team lead.    

Employing Full-time Engineers for Your Project   

In the case of DevOps, hiring full-time workers ought to be the plain alternative once you choose to ignore the downsides. However, if you are planning so, you will find yourself paying tons a lot in salaries, company expenses, office expenses, etc. And as discussed above, hiring freelancers ought to be avoided during this case, as their decisions can pause your entire project until the time you hire a new replacement.    

Hiring from a DevOps Development Company   

Augmenting the staff from a DevOps development company seems to be the most appropriate choice based on circumstances that could occur. You’ll be able to hire DevOps developers as you want who can also work on-site with you, whereas the remainder of the team will work in the workplace of the development partner you choose. You can also choose a hybrid workers augmentation model where the engineers you need at your office can work in your workplace with no other commitments and fixed hourly rates.    

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Ready to Begin Your Project?

DevOps has enormous benefits over legacy systems and can revolutionize your work process for the better. Whether you choose to hire dedicated DevOps developer from a DevOps consulting company or by yourself, consider hiring them based on the points mentioned above.   

If you intend to hire specialists, you’ll be able to realize we have the best DevOps engineers here at Matellio as soon as we share the details. We provide many customized hiring models to assist the staff augmentation process. If you’re reaching to outsource the entire project’s development, we’ve got experienced DevOps project managers in place to deliver you the right resources.   

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