How to Hire a Node JS Developer?

Updated on Apr 14th, 2023


Many frameworks are available to design high-performing apps in the rapidly developing realm of technology. One of the frameworks gaining popularity is Node.js. 

It is therefore understandable why many big businesses prefer to hire Node JS developer. But, where can you find excellent Node JS developer? What qualifications do Node JS developer need, and how can you hire one? In this blog, we’ll attempt to answer all such queries.  

What is Node JS? 

Node JS, an open-source framework built on the Javascript Runtime, is widely used to create reliable, versatile, and high-quality mobile apps. The development of scalable, high-performance apps for a range of platforms is made more accessible with the help of Node JS, a constantly expanding technology. For real-time apps like chat and gaming or any application requiring quick data transfer, its lightweight, effective, and non-blocking I/O model makes it the perfect framework.  

Node JS has the unique ability to let developer reuse the same code for both frontend and backend development needs. In a related manner, Node JS’ ability to support cross-platform app development enables the coding team to reuse the same code across all platforms. You can now develop an app for several devices using the same code, thanks to Node JS. This not only expedites the development process but also enables businesses to interact with and reach their target audience effectively.  

Why Must Businesses Choose NodeJS for Their Next Project?


Below are some top reasons behind choosing Node JS

High performance 

Applications built with Node.js are extremely quick and scalable. Node.js uses Google’s V8 engines to turn javascript code into quickly running machine code. This enables applications to manage concurrent connections with extremely high throughput. Large businesses employ it in their business operations.  

Companies using Node JS are: 

  • PayPal 
  • NASA 
  • Tesla 
  • LinkedIn 
  • Microsoft 
  • Walmart 


The V8 engine, created by Google, powers Node.js. The V8 engine enables the conversion of JavaScript code to machine code and reduces the amount of time needed to build a successful solution. The number of concurrent connections that can be handled by applications built using Node JS.  

Enables real-time app development 

Whenever it comes to developing real-time and multitasking applications like chat and gaming applications, Node.js is a fantastic choice. The Node.js event loop functionality handles the multi-user need, and the WebSocket protocol handles the real-time power. The WebSocket protocol effectively creates a two-way communication channel between the server and user, allowing both to push data at the same time.  

Cross-platform support 

Another benefit of Node JS is that developers may use the same top-notch tools that frontend devs do, such as Google Chrome Developer Tools, to analyze and profile backend and desktop apps and client-side programmes. The bulk of Node JS development tools are cross-platform, so offshore Node JS developer don’t require a Mac to develop, test, and develop macOS software or a Windows workstation for a Windows app. 

Huge inbuilt libraries 

You can use the vast array of open source libraries that Node.js has to offer. This means that practically any feature you desire in your Node JS application can be implemented using a free and open-source library, saving you time and allowing you and developers to concentrate more on the app’s core functions.  

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Who Are Node JS Developers?

Setting up and managing network applications is done by Node JS developer. They manage backend development, connect apps to other services, and manage data transfer between users and servers. Additionally, by allowing web-based apps, they assist frontend developer.  

How to Hire a Node JS Developer?

Well, there are three popular ways to hire Node JS developer. We will go into detail about each of the three methods for hiring Node JS developer. 

Hire in-house Node JS developer 

The developer who sit at your workplace are known as in-house developer. This option is ideal for you if you wish to handle the project independently and continuously monitor the development progress. Despite being frequently regarded as expensive, the in-house approach is nevertheless regarded as a successful one seeing as it allows for constant access to developer, fostering established channels of communication and teamwork that manage the entire development process. 

But, along with the salaries, you also need to rent, taxes, power, and hardware purchases. 

Pros of hiring in-house Node JS developer: 

  • Effective & efficient communication 
  • No communication gap

Cons of hiring in-house Node JS developers: 

  • Hardware & infrastructure expenses 
  • Time-consuming (interviewing & evaluating) 
  • Lack of scalability & flexibility   

Hire freelance Node JS developer 

When you need to hire someone to work on a straightforward short-term project or need to get some modest updates made to an existing website or app, consider choosing this option.  

There are countless portals on the Internet like Upwork, Fiverr, freelancer, and many more where you can find freelance Node JS developer. Because of this, this method is regarded as the quickest for hiring developer.  

Pros of hiring freelance Node JS developer: 

  • Best for short-term projects 
  • Cost-effective 
  • Specialized skill sets
  • Flexible working hours 

Cons of hiring freelance Node JS developer: 

  • Lack of supervision 
  • Possibly unavailable when you urgently need them  

Staff augmentation services for Node JS developer 

Staff augmentation services enables you to acquire the expertise you need on a scalable per-project basis while also saving time and ensuring flexibility and greater effectiveness for your project. The absolute guarantee that the work will be finished is the main benefit of augmented team for Node JS. Here, a contract is made with the company, which values positive reviews for a better image in the marketplace. 

Pros of staff augmentation services: 

  • Access to the wide talent pool 
  • Team scalability 
  • High level of transparency 

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Tips for Hiring Node JS Developer!

Check previous work & testimonials 

As soon as you have a plan, find out if anyone has built something akin by asking freelancers or the development consultancy. If they haven’t done so before, check out their website, prior work, and clients. Moreover, you can ask them for testimonials.  

Specify JD 

It’s crucial to describe your requirements correctly and in detail. It will be beneficial to have a clear understanding of the responsibilities and specifications of the ideal developer. A detailed and extremely clear job description helps to speed up and simplify the selection process while also saving you valuable time.  

Conduct an interview 

It’s crucial to conduct interviews with prospective Node JS developer in order to evaluate their technical proficiency. A Node JS developer should keep up with the most recent packages and methods because node.js is a continuously evolving technology. During the interview itself, it is crucial to assess a potential developer’s experience.  

Check communication skills 

To clearly define goals and objectives, the developer must be able to communicate not just with the team but also with clients and management. This helps to resolve conflicts at work and prevents the spread of false information, protecting you from possible losses.  

Why Hire NodeJS Developer from Matellio?

For your project, our Node JS developer can build quick, effective, and scalable solutions. Over the years, Matellio has developed top Node JS runtime environments and provided exceptional web server solutions in close collaboration with a number of offshore clients. Our competence is evidenced by the innumerable successful solutions we have provided. 

When you hire our skilled Node JS developer full-time, they will only work on your project. Our developers are proficient technically and have more than 5+ years of experience in the development industry. Therefore, when you collaborate with us, you will always receive the best professionals from working on your project.  

Benefits of hiring Node JS developer from Matellio: 

  • Well-trained – You won’t have to spend any money on their training when you hire NodeJS developer from us to work on your apps and websites because they have the necessary expertise and experience.  
  • On-time Delivery – Our Node JS development team is completely committed to completing your project by the specified deadline. 
  • Experienced team – A specific level of experience is needed to create top-notch Node JS applications. We have a group of competent and dedicated Node JS developers available for hire who have extensive expertise.  
  • Transparency – We support comprehensive transparency. Everything we do for your project will be in the open and under your watchful eye.  
  • Flexible hiring models – Node.js developer can be hired on a flexible basis, allowing you to choose your own team and work full- or part-time on an hourly basis.  



It can be difficult to find the ideal node.js developer for your project. In order to hire Node JS developers, we have tried to cover every point.  

 It is preferable to take the help of skilled staff augmentation services to help streamline the procedure. For specific staff augmentation services tailored to your company’s needs, get in touch with us.  

 At Matellio, we can help you find and hire Node JS developer. Whether you prefer working part-time, full-time, or on an hourly basis, our developers are available to do so.  

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