How to Make Alcohol Delivery App?

Updated on Dec 15th, 2023

How to Make Alcohol Delivery App?

Its 8:30 in the evening, you are having a small gathering at your home, and suddenly you remember that you are running out of your favorite beer. But before you freak out and rush to your nearest liquor store, take a minute and consider using an online alcohol delivery app. Yes, you heard it right! 

In this digital era, with almost 3.3 billion smartphone users, we have mobile apps for nearly everything. Be it a taxi booking app, healthcare consultant app, education-related app, or even food delivery app; technology has covered almost everything. So making an alcohol delivery app is not something new; instead, it is profitable. As per the reports from statista, the alcoholic drinks market revenue was $1,528,745 million in the year 2019. And is expected to grow by 3.6% from 2019 to 2023. So, having an on-demand alcohol delivery app can be a perfect option for you to increase your profits. But before digging in further, we shall first talk about what Alcohol Delivery app offers you.

What does an Alcohol Delivery App Offer You?

What does an Alcohol Delivery App Offer You?

With growing technology, everything has become convenient. From ordering food and groceries to buying medicines and bringing saloons to our homes, technology has served us very well. And not surprisingly, the alcohol delivery app is also now as easy as tapping a button. It offers great benefits to the users as well as admins. So let’s check it out 

Benefits Provided by an Alcohol Delivery App to the Users

1. An on-demand alcohol delivery app enables shoppers to refill their favorite brands easily.

2. You don’t need to step outside your house. Choose the best store and order your favorite drink quickly. 

3. You can have a wide range of options to choose from.

4. With Alcohol Delivery app, users can easily avail extensive discounts and offers which can help them save a lot on their expenses.

5. They can also order drinks anytime, which is not feasible in the offline mode.

6. It saves a lot of time as you don’t have to stand in queue and wait for your turn.

7. From placing/receiving orders, payment gateway integration, the app has it all. 

Benefits Provided by an Alcohol Delivery App to the Businesses

1. On-Demand Alcohol Delivery App helps businesses to earn maximum profits. 

2. With excellent and easy to use features, these apps help companies to maximize their revenues.

3. You can easily manage and attract more customers to increase your sales.

4. Admins don’t need to look for the stock in personal. They can easily manage it while using this app.

5. Surely provides you with better ROI.

6. Facilitates cashless transactions, and helps admins to easily keep an eye on daily transactions.

So if you are also planning to invest in this business venture, then keep reading to find out about the underlying frameworks and features of an ideal Alcohol Delivery App. But first, let’s look at the significant players of the liquor delivery app in the market.

Top Alcohol Delivery Apps Available in the Market

1. Drizzly 

‎Drizly Alcohol Delivery App

Drizzly is one of the best apps to deliver your drink at your doorstep. This firm started in Boston, and currently serving in almost 100 major markets, it is easy to use and setup. With its streamlined interface and an extensive collection of brands, this app delivers your item very fast. You have to order your product, and you can either wait for your delivery or pick it up directly.That’s great!

2. Minibar Delivery

Minibar Delivery App

If you are going out or planning a last-minute party, then Minibar Delivery is the perfect option for you. With some great options to choose from, this online app delivers your brand within an hour or less. Operating in many countries such as NYC, Chicago, Miami, and so on, it also offers a variety of gift sets. Perfect during your vacation!

3. DoorDash

DoorDash Delivery App

Apart from food delivery, DoorDash now also deliver drinks at your doorstep. It is presently offering its services in some big cities like New York, Chicago, Texas, California, etc. Apart from fast delivery, you also have the advantage of ordering a burger and a drink at the same time. You only need to download the app, select your meal/drink, and you are done.

4. Saucey

Saucey delivery App

If you are a resident of LA, SF, Chicago, or San Diego, then Saucey is a perfect option for you. With lots of offers, promo codes, and perks, it ensures timely delivery at your doorstep. In addition to beer/wine, you can also order some tasty snacks like chips, nuts, etc. using this app. It’sIt’s a good option for a romantic date, a backyard barbeque, or a last-minute office party.

5. Swill

Swill delivery App

From delivering your favorite beer, wine, and mixers, Swill presently serves in 15 major cities. Apart from the fast delivery of your brands, it also enables the users to directly connect with local merchants so that they can shop from their favorite store. Swill also offers weekend’s essentials that are much loved by all.  

What are the Features of an Alcohol Delivery App?

Talking about an ideal alcohol delivery app would be incomplete without discussing its great features. So let’s get started. Firstly we’ll have a look at some specific features for both the user and the admin.

User Panel of an Alcohol Delivery App

1. Login

Users can quickly register on the app or can log in to the existing account by merely using his email or contact number as the login ID.

2. Liquor Listing

 After successfully registering, the User can easily browse through various brands and can get details of his favourite one.

3. Filters

This feature enables the user to shop more efficiently. By applying appropriate filters, they can easily select their relevant brands and can remove the undesired listings.

4. Place Orders

Select your drink and add them to the cart. This must-have feature offers secure checkout options to users.

5: Inbuilt Payment Options

 A must-have feature to ensure secure and hassle-free payments. This feature also offers a different payment option to choose from, for the convenience of the User.

6: Track Orders

 This feature helps to keep the User aware of his/her order. It displays options like, In queue, processing, out for shipment, etc.

7: Order History

 Apart from tracking orders, users can also browse through all the past orders and can place an order again using this feature.

8: Feedback: 

At last, User’s feedback is necessary. So this feature will allow them to post feedback, or give ratings, every time they place an order

Admin Panel of an Alcohol Delivery App

1. Login

Single tap login feature to offer easy access in the account to the admin. They have to enter their credentials, and the app is ready to use.

2. Order Management

 With this feature, admin can easily manage all the orders, along with their details and order status. 

3. Manage Products

 The admins can specify different categories and can manage products easily while making customizations, using this feature.

4. Settings

 This feature offers admins to create and customize a more personalized environment as per the customer needs.

5. Marketing Management

 The admins can easily manage various ads, promotional campaigns, and email templates using this feature. 

6. Ratings and Reviews

 The admins can view various ratings and reviews posted by different users. That can also be used to attract other customers.

7. Manage Payments

 All payments processed by the users can be easily monitored and managed by the admins using this feature.

8. Push Notifications

 If admins want to pass on any vital information to the users, then this feature helps them in doing that.

Advanced features of an Alcohol Delivery App

1. Cloud-based Service

 One of the most trending technologies, cloud management, can keep your business streamline and fluent. It helps to keep all your User’sUser’s data like orders, delivery data, favorite offers, etc. secure for more user convenience.

2. Promo Codes and Rewards

 A must-have feature that makes users revisit the app. Users can apply different promo codes and offer to avail of their drinks at a cost-effective price.

3. Track Nearby Outlets

 With this stated feature, users can easily choose from different outlets and can select accordingly as per their choice. That’sThat’s a great way to explore offers in various stores.

4. Real-time Tracking

 With this great feature, users can track the real-time location of the delivery boy. Also, they can guide them with the appropriate path to the destination. That helps to keep the users attentive about their orders. So with these great features, you are ready to go. These features will not only help you to increase your revenues and profits but will also make you stand out of the competitive market. But, developing an app with such great features also requires specific cost and time as well. So let’s discuss that too.

What are the Cost and Time Involved in Developing an Alcohol Delivery App?

The cost and time involved while designing the app depend upon various features opted and the complexity of the project. So, while getting an estimation of the time and cost involved in the project, we should consider the following factors-

1. The features opted

2. Platform selected

3. UI/UX development

4. Website connectivity

5. Mobile App Development

6. App Store Submission

Apart from the above-stated factors, the physical location of the Development company and the developer’s cost also play a significant role in cost estimations. We, at Matellio, provide very cost-effective solutions in minimum possible time, with all these great features. So, if you are still in trouble and wanted to know more, then feel free to contact us at Also, if you have any idea regarding app development, then we can surely talk about that. Contact us to get a perfect plan for your business.



These on-demand apps are in high demand these days. Many people consider getting them, as they serve perfectly to their needs. The Alcohol delivery app can also be very profitable for your business venture, as it is designed to cater to all your user’s needs. And as said, anything which makes the User happy, helps your business. 

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