Alcohol Delivery

Alcohol eCommerce, On Demand Solution

Order Alcohol Online and Get it Delivered to Your Doorstep

Project Introduction

Alcohol Delivery is an alcohol eCommerce website that offers the users convenience of ordering alcohol whenever they need it. Shoppers looking for liquor of various kinds can sign up using their social profile credentials and browse through the alcohol delivery website to order from the collection of beers, wines, spirits, etc.
Successful purchases earn the users’ loyalty points which get credited to the wallet integrated with the store, which can further be used to buy the liquor exclusively available for them. Users can use the search functionality of the online marketplace to explore specific products and add them to the cart or their wish list.

Industry Brief

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Website Development

For over a decade, the on-demand segment has been gaining popularity among consumers all over the world. Pioneered by big brands, it is currently one of the most widely used business models, disrupting businesses and redefining customer experiences across a number of industries. Several innovators are brainstorming to cater to the gap between service seekers and providers while matching demand and supply in the fastest way possible. Combining innovative ideas with mobility is one of the most efficient combinations that get the job done in the easiest possible way.

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Technology Stack

From advanced to legacy software development tools, our experts pioneer in best of technology stack.

Highlights for Website Development for Alcohol Delivery

Filters and Grouping

Different types of alcohol are grouped in variety, searchable with filters applied directly.


The system can automatically notify the user of items in the cart/wish list when the price drops.

Reward System

Earn rewards in an integrated wallet when you order through the Alcohol Delivery web app.