How to Make an App like TheGlam App?

Updated on Dec 15th, 2023

It is never too late to find out that you’ve got an entrepreneur in you. You can go your entire life without even noticing it and yet, in the throes of a dire need, you can see an opportunity and go- “huh! You know what, I’ve got a business idea!” That is exactly what happened with Cara Santana. The 34-year-old actress, Instagram influencer, and fashion bloggers had never thought of becoming a businesswoman. But fate had other plans for her. Once on the set of a T.V. show in the middle of nowhere, she found herself in desperate need of a stylist and found none around for miles. And it was then and there that the idea for her revolutionary app was birthed. 

Like most great discoveries, the Glam App was the child of a need which remained unmet. Cara saw the opportunity and jumped on it. She called up her buddy Joey Maalouf, a celebrity stylist, and asked him to get on-board with her idea and Joey, who himself had also realised a need for such a platform, was in instantly. 

And the rest is, as they say, is history. 

The Glam App came out in 2015, and today 4 years later, it is available in 22 cities, including London, New York, Detroit, Washington DC, Atlanta, etc. and is helping local beauty artists and people who want to hire them. Since its inception, the app has partnered with Loreal and Sir John, Beyonce’s make up artist, to create custom looks. The app is, in fact, getting so hot that Paris Hilton has also joined the long array of investors backing the app up. All of it comes together to paint a picture of a project backed up by a lot of passion and drive and also, promises a great future. But what makes the Glam app so different from all the other on-demand beauty apps in the market?

Let’s find out!

TheGlam App- The What

TheGlam-on-demand-beauty-appsSantana has often described her brainchild as the ‘Uber for makeup, hair and nails services.’ And she is not off base here. The Galm App allows users to book a makeup, hair, nails, grooming, and bridal artist. They can either order for immediate services, or they can make an appointment for any future day and date. Much like Uber, a confirmation is required from the service provider, that is the beauty expert. If he wants, he can take up your work or he can reject it, the choice is his.

The reason why the Glam app is getting so much attention is that it helps the modern working-class woman. In today’s face-paced life, a modern woman lives her life by a strict time table, running in and out of conference halls. And in the hustle and bustle of life, many things take the back seat, personal health and beauty being the two of them. So for women who don’t want to compromise on their beauty and still want to slay while they are killing it in the corporate world, the Glam App is nothing short of a heaven-sent blessing. Thanks to this app, women can book for a mani and Pedi before they leave for work or they can make a booking for their lunch hours and have the artist come over to their office to do what he does best, and she can return to her busy schedule without upsetting it in the least.

This app is equally helpful for brides who are on a strict budget. One of the key hooks of the Glam App is that they are incredibly affordable and punctual. 

TheGlam App – The How

The Glam is available for Android and iOS both. So the first thing that you need to do is download the app for your device and then sign up on it. Once you have done that, the app will give you five choices- Hair, makeup, grooming, nails and book events. You can choose any of the five available choices and move on. Let’s say we chose hair for the purposes of this article. The app will lead us to style menu where different styles offered by the app will be listed, along with an image, the cost and the time it is going to take to give that style to you. There are different styles available for you to choose from, from Bombshell to Curly and Beach Waves, you can choose whichever suits your fancy and move on to the next page.

Here you have another choice to make. The Glam App allows you to choose the type of stylist you want, based on how much you’re willing to pay. Primarily, the app has got 4 different types of stylists-

  • BSG- a stylist with at least 1 year’s experience or a beauty school graduate
  • JRS- a stylist with 2-5 years of experience
  • VIP- a popular artist with five or more years of experience
  • VVIP- These are hand-picked celebrity stylist that are currently only available in NYC and LA

Once you have selected the type of artist you want, you will select the date and time of your appointment and that’s it! On the scheduled date and time, the artists will knock on your door and get to work. But that’s not it. One other feature that makes the Glam App so amazing is the fact that you can rebook with the same artist if you want. This way, the artist gets to shine and build their personal clientele outside the app. So the Glam App not only helps its customers but its artists as well, which is something none of the other on-demand beauty services apps is doing.

How to make an app like TheGlam App?

Yes, the Glam App is awesome and has got a great future, but can you build an app like it? Yes, you can, all you need to do is hire a mobile app developer. Below, we have mentioned some of the must-have features for your The Glam App clone app that you should consider adopting.

  • Customer Profile

In order to have a proper and open-ended platform, you need to have customer profiles. This is basically the place where your customers will put in their information- their name, DOB, email address, etc.. All of this will be for the purposes of keeping a data inventory with you and also so that anyone on the platform can know more about your customer.

  • Artist Profile

Similarly, you will need to have a profile management mechanism for various artists that will sign up with your app. You will need to gather their basic information along with their training and experience. 

  • A selection of looks

No beauty app like this can sustain without an array of bombastic looks. Whether it is hair styling, nails or just grooming, you need to show your customers a list of all the looks and styles you can do for them. Also, along with the looks, you will need to give other information as well, like the amount of time it is going to take, the cost, if there are any variations to it, etc.

  • A customized look creator for artists

Give your artists a chance to show off what they can do as well. You can have a look creator module which will allow your artists to style a model with their own design. This way they can flaunt their skill and sell these personal looks on your app.

  •  Map

It might help your artists to have a map to locate their client’s location. It will take out all the hassle of using a separate maps app. This way there will be no confusion and the entire process will be extremely streamlined.

  • Try-on option

Technology is a wonderful thing, and you never know when it can come to your aide. One of the coolest new entry in the IT field is the AR technology. What it does is that it superimposes computer-generated images on a subject towards whom your smartphone camera is pointing. It is the same concept behind Pokemon Go and IKEA app. You can also make use of this technology in your app by allowing your customers to try on a look by superimposing it on them and then decide if they want it or not. 

Some other things you will need

Apart from the above-mentioned key features, there are some other things that every app needs. They are:

A great UI/UX design

You need to make your app as fluid and as easy to navigate through as possible. Don’t make use of any frivolous animation or any extra button or anything like that. Also, make sure that you depend on images to convey information more, rather than text. Choose a colour scheme that is not too flamboyant and irritates one’s eyes. 

Great images

An app like this one depends on beauty, so you need, obviously, an array of beautiful images to reel in new customers. So hire a couple of models and professional photographers and get some stylish photoshoots done.

Sound IT support

Every business needs a sound IT support. In today’s times when we are depending more and more on technology for pretty much everything, strong technical support is essential. You can get into many problems, you can have too many people using your app and have it crashed, or a bug might suddenly surface and now everything is in disarray. To handle such situations, mobile app developers are required, and really good ones at that. Also, you will need to have regular updates for your app. In order to compete in the market, you need to give people something new every few weeks or months or they will quickly forget about you. Skilled and experienced smartphone app developers can help you in this department, too.


Last Words

The market for on-demand beauty apps is huge. While there are many players in the market, none of them is really hitting all the notes and singing the melody properly. The Glam App is barely scratching the surface of the untapped potential of this segment. You can be the person who changes it all. So buckle down and get to work, there is a lot that you will need to do, but all the hard work will be worth it when those big profits will start pouring in. 

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