Top Trending Beauty Applications that are Game-Changer in 2019

Updated on Apr 20th, 2021

Since the entry of smartphones and technology, every aspect of human life has sensationally transformed whether it is transportation, or entertainment and many more. Not even a single day passes without using advanced IoT tool or AI-enabled devices. Even your handy smartphones works hand in hand with AI, what else do you need? Today, it is not inappropriate to say that the beauty industry is witnessing an elephantine sway with a creative twist and easy adaption of contemporary innovations. The beauty application development industry has contrived applications to help customers in buying wisely, trying products virtually, editing their own pictures and watching tutorials online. The beauty applications allow a customer to experience a real-life human interaction at their fingertips 24*7 hours a week. It works as a personal beauty consultant for the consumers in discovering products that are compatible with their skin and also schedule on-demand services. In 2019, due to the consequential technological advancement, you are just a second away from troubleshooting your problems so easily easy like smashing alike.

Top Trending Beauty Applications

Beauty apps like YouCam allow a user to have makeup without using it physically to ascertain how they will look like after applying that makeup. It makes them able to experience high-end products. It continues to revolutionize the end-user experience with the frequent transformative wave. So, let’s put together top trending beauty apps in the market, one should download:

1. YouCam Makeup

YouCam Makeup is known as one of the best apps developed by app development companies ever among all available beauty apps in the current marketplace of a digital makeover. It simplifies the influential and most time-consuming segment of human life with specific features and clicks. The user can create and try different makeup looks, hair color, and hairstyles instantaneously. The ease of enriched experience interprets the usability and utility of YouCam make up app for their customers. Moreover, the app allows a user to record complete makeover mashup by trying a series of various ascetic makeup looks and recording them in short videos. It eliminates any kind of probability of the distorted picture through a feature of adding blush and shine for a natural and pristine look. The app encompasses feature like different eye colors, adjustable skin tones, skin tone and skin smoother for flawless skin. When it comes to voguish trends, it lets a user have varicolored lipstick and lip gloss with options of choosing the color between shine colors or classic matte color.The frequent notifications about makeup tips and tutorials guide them to stay updated with current fashion drifts.

2. ModiFace Makeup

It is the most popular beauty and digital make up apps for iPhone, Android, and windows that allow trying virtual makeovers. ModiFace Makeup incredibly takes makeovers to a peculiar state where it has become a real-time experience for every user. It is featured with makeup simulations, new and custom color cosmetics, and fetching makeover effects. The most imperative feature of trying thousands of cosmetic shades makes it nonidentical from similar kind of app developed by any app development company. Apart from encapsulating a clean interface, a user can try more than 60 different celebrity hairstyles and accessories from a huge database. Once you select the perfect combination of color it can be easily shared between mutual friends. The app uses facial recognition algorithm, 2000+ real-life cosmetic shades, blemish removal, drawing with crayons, sunglasses try-on, teeth whitening and much more.

3. L’Oréal Makeup Genius

L’Oréal Paris blazed a trail through Makeup Genius in beauty app development industry. It is the first-ever virtual makeup tester which uses the front-facing camera of the user’s smartphone and scans 64 points on  a user’s face for a perfect combination of eye shadow, liner, lipstick, etc. These features collaborate with the needs of the user and discover beautiful and delightful makeover. It demystified the virtual makeovers in a unique way which garnered the beauty industry successfully. The rich user experience invariably lightens up the cohesive features of L’Oréal- Makeup Genius app. It also enables a user to create, try and look ready to wear appearance especially curated by makeup artist instantly. It drastically improves the feature of virtual makeup, which ushers a real tie experience for a user. Furthermore, it introduces the exclusive technology in the world of beauty from famous Hollywood studios in just a click. 


It is the pioneer on-demand beauty services app that makes professionally trained and experienced stylists to your doorstep. It is featured with tons of reviews and tips from the glam squad community, the number of local deals and blog posts. It comes with a barcode scanner which makes it much easier to find desired products like primer and foundations for a flawless base.The users feel the next level of comfort after using this feature and augments customer satisfaction. The users can book appointments within an hour for makeup and hairstyling services without stepping out for salon. While hair services include a custom-tailored variety of looks, professional makeup services and more styling with fewer intricacies. The convenience offered by its on-demand services within an hour makes it more compatible for a tightly scheduled person. Its extensive approach to provide flourished user experience invites every mobile app development company to follow the same kind of attributes.

5. Mary Kay® Mobile Virtual Makeover

Mary Kay® Mobile Virtual Makeover app allows users to customize their looks with endless and unique combinations of accessories, lip colors, hair colors, hairstyles, eye makeup, and more. Generally, other beauty apps also provide varicolored shades that look perfect in the package but doesn’t deliver the once supposed look user tried on. That is why the virtual makeover tool solidifies its significance where users can try products virtually and creates an astounding look. From the routine life makeup to the stylish smoky eyes, The user can easily take a picture either from gallery or by clicking it from their smartphones and then apply featured makeovers. It adroitly comes up with an option to save users makeover directly to their gallery and create a shopping list of favorite look or products. The app precisely offers voguish hairstyles and accessories for finishing touch with 19 images of various skin tones, eye shapes, ages, and hair color. All prominent functionality makes the user shopping experience pleasant and hassle-free with an additional feature of advice from Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants.

These beauty apps like YouCam make up have characterized human routine life as a companion who supposes to build structured and data-driven consultation. While the features like the scanner help stylists to determine the basic color and health of hair through visible light and near-infrared sensors.

How Matellio can help?

The need for contemporary augmentation of beauty industry would offer a more comprehensive picture through efficacious integration of Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and  Face Recognition to the new or improved series of beauty apps. This level of integration .requires a competent development team to work over the project and render the most upbeat solution. Matellio is backed by a strong team of developers, expertised in integrating AI and AR technologies. A credible development partner can make your solution secure a sound place in the competitive market, which is only possible if you offer something highly impressive.


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