How WordPress Shops are Evolving with eCommerce AI?

Updated on Dec 15th, 2023

How WordPress Shops are Evolving with eCommerce AI?

Unless you’ve grounded yourself for some years now, there is no chance that you haven’t heard of artificial intelligence. AI is making ways to the most significant aspects of our lives, including the way we interact with the online shops. Multiple apps and online stores now offer more engaging experience to the users, thanks to effective use of Artificial Intelligence.

If you are the one considering the integration of AI in your eCommerce business, all you need is access to the WordPress plugins search. So, let’s dive into this new way to enhance your eCommerce brand by using Artificial Intelligence.

Revolutionary Product Recommendations- All You could Need at Finger Tips

Artificial intelligence has promoted personal assistants like Alexa and Google Home. Also, it also has paved ways for a small army of personal shoppers that guides users through the buying process. eCommerce AI enables more effective recommendations for users to help them choose products without much hassle.


While some of the platforms recommend products similar to the ones you recently visited, some are advanced enough to bring your curated list of the products in your preferred colors, brands, and a lot more. Besides, some platforms have the potential to recommend the products that are frequently bought together like, a customer purchasing a smartphone might also need a cover to go along.

For example, The North Face recently integrated IBM’s Watson to offer customers with the personalized shopping experience. Users can benefit from the recommendations that are based on their answers to a series of questions. Not only this, but Watson also keeps track of the users’ locations’ weather to curate the list of products based on planned activities and fashion trends, eliminating the chances of bouncing. For WordPress eCommerce

Recommendo offers you a much convenient and more comfortable to implement tool for allowing AI-enabled recommendations to your WordPress eCommerce website. It helps you keep the customers glued to the site while enjoying an engaging experience in a way that everything is available at a single place.

Catch Spam Comments and Fake Reviews

Well, this is the option that your eCommerce platform might already be AI tools within WordPress. This is because almost every WordPress page uses Akismet which is considered as the best spam plugin for WordPress. It helps you identify the spam comments and the ones that are posted by the bots instead. The plugin makes use of the AI algorithm to understand the behavior of spammers and hence flag the ill comments or reviews. What else? It also has the potential to identify the human spammers, thanks to its ability to determine the content.

ChatBOT to Help Customer Put Down the Issues

The annoying automated chat systems are now things of the past as this era welcomes intelligent ChatBOTs to address the customers. ChatBOTs are now capable of handling clients through their ability to listen and respond with dynamic answers.


It is estimated that ChatBOTs will be able to handle 85% of the customer service interactions by the year 2020. Moreover, above 27% of the customers failed to identify if the last they had was with a BOT or a human. Hence, if you aim to explore the potential of chatBOTs for your online business, you can also try including corresponding AI plugin to your website.

WordPress offers an extensive range of the AI plugins for chatBOTs. Here are some of those options:

  1. Acobot Web Assistant Free AI Chatbot Plugin
  2. Zendesk Live Chat
  3. WordPress Live Chat Complete  Premium WordPress Plugin
  4. WP Live Chat Support Free WordPress Plugin
  5. Awesome Support Free WordPress Plugin
  6. WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket System Free WordPress Plugin
  7. WP Flat Visual Chat Premium WordPress Plugin
  8. Tidio Live Chat Free WordPress Plugin
  9. Uber Chat – Ultimate Live Chat WordPress Plugin
  10. Pure Chat – Free Chat WordPress Plugin

Dig Deeper into the Customer Insights

eCommerce businesses can also combine the abilities of big data and Artificial Intelligence to prepare grounds for a better customer understanding. Big data lets you store the vital user information and statistics to fill the gaps in knowledge and develop a deeper understanding. Artificial intelligence is then applied to this data in order to make better decisions. As an eCommerce marketer, you can benefit from this combination by harvesting data about the target audience and customers to sell better. If you are planning to integrate one with your eCommerce solution, look to further than the WordPress plugin search field.

AI-eCommerce-DevelopmentAFS Analytics for WordPress eCommerce Sites

Despite that you must be using plugins like Google Analytics, WordPress also gives you an AI plugin option in the form of AFS Analytics. This efficient plugin lets you use big data to gain customer insights. In addition, you can customize the dashboard to suit the details that you wish to see. With high-end machine learning algorithm, it is capable of offering refined suggestions with time and help you make better marketing decisions and target the keywords that drive more traffic and sales.

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 Take Home Message

eCommerce development is always about delivering your customers with the best-in-class experience. After all, that’s what ensures the success of your business. And what could be more helpful than the AI and Machine Learning tools? As WordPress and Artificial Intelligence are generally considered intertwined, all you need to do is explore and discover the plugins that best suit your requirements.

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