IoT-Based Temperature Monitoring System

Updated on Dec 13th, 2023

IoT-Based-Temperature-Monitoring-System updated

Imagine you are the owner of a food-based startup that supplies organic eatables to consumers. While you send off your products to consumers across all the locations in the state, the problem is that the products are perishable. Due to this, 10% of the products go stale inviting customer dissatisfaction. Customer complaints not only hamper your reputation but also add up to the losses associated with: 

  • Calling the orders back 
  • Financial loss incurred due to transportation of the products- twice 
  • Refunds made to buyers 

This is one example, but businesses incur huge losses due to such instances. These can be easily avoided by implementing an IoT-based temperature monitoring system. These systems are connected via a range of temperature sensors and controllers. These sensors collect temperature input from the areas they have been installed in and transmit them across the network.  

Real-time information enables businesses to analyze temperature information and make control decisions. This helps prevent issues related to temperature control and thereby solves a wide range of problems that occur due to temperature inaccuracy.  

Let’s discuss these IoT-based temperature monitoring system in detail here.  

  • Temperature monitoring is critical to many industries, including cold storage facilities, healthcare medicine storage, supply chain, food monitoring, etc. 
  • Controlling environmental conditions in larger facilities is daunting, which is where IoT temperature monitoring systems come in.  
  • They can monitor and control temperature efficiently by collecting data via hardware and sharing it across via network.  

Benefits of IoT-based Temperature Monitoring Systems 

Here are a few reasons why you should invest in IoT development services for temperature monitoring software: 


1. Detect Potential Failures in Advance

Constant temperature monitoring helps prevent any potential risks. They can identify the high temperature in certain assets and immediately alert the team before it becomes a big disaster. IoT-based temperature monitoring system can garner real-time insights into equipment failure and reduce wear and tear caused by temperature spikes.  

2. Ensure Food Safety and Compliance

Food industry compliance is important for businesses working in that industry. Improper temperature, high humidity, etc., can cause the quality of food to deteriorate. Temperature sensors collect real-time information about weather and climatic conditions to make informed decisions about quality standards.  

3. Remote Temperature Monitoring 

You don’t need to be physically present at the location to know the temperature-related aspects. IoT temperature monitoring systems send the information right to your fingertips in real-time. You can take the decisions and alter the status remotely.  

IoT-Based Temperature Monitoring System- Popular Applications 

Here is where IoT-based temperature monitoring system come in handy. 

IoT-Based-Temperature-Monitoring-Systems - Popular-Applications

1. Temperature Monitoring in Manufacturing 

IoT-based temperature monitoring systems connect with legacy systems like fire suppression solutions, HVAC, etc. Managers can leverage this to communicate with manufacturing floors remotely. These systems can detect temperature abnormalities and potential security hazards like fire, chemical release, water penetration, etc. For instance, if there is a fire, the temperature increase will be detected instantly, and the authorities will be immediately informed to take measures. This helps eliminate the associated risks and flag potential causes that may lead to hazards. 

2. Temperature Monitoring for Monitoring Perishable Goods, Warehouse, and Inventory

Inaccurate environmental conditions during transportation cause businesses to lose over 40% of their revenue yearly. Intel fact found out that 40% of the perishable goods are spoilt even before they can reach the customers. This causes businesses to lose billions of money due to goods and products transportation in less-than-optimal conditions.  

An IoT-based temperature monitoring system can help you here. This allows them to gear up against the challenge. IoT devices are connected at every touchpoint in a supply chain network. They transmit information to all the organization’s stakeholders about the goods and products’ condition during transportation. This is more effective in transporting perishable goods, wherein brands can monitor the temperature and environment in real time. They can also react on time if environmental conditions go lower or higher than the threshold. Similarly, these systems can be installed in the warehouse or inventories to monitor them constantly. 

3. Equipment Temperature Monitoring

Equipment monitoring is vital for seamless operations on the production floor or in organizations in general. If there is malfunctioning within the equipment, the parts may heat up, which could ultimately cause system failure altogether. In some cases, it could also lead to equipment blasts causing loss of life and property.  

IoT-based temperature monitoring systems can help you solve it. These sensors can be installed on the equipment for constant temperature monitoring. Anytime any anomaly is detected, they can immediately alert the authorities. 

4. Clinical Temperature Monitoring

Laboratories are home to sensitive items like chemicals, compounds, etc. These items need to be stored at a proper temperature in order to ensure that they don’t lose their physical and chemical properties like viscosity, density, and form. Fluctuating temperatures can render them useless for testing. Not just this, hot and cold spots in the labs alter equipment temperature and lead to inaccurate results for samples in them.  

This makes temperature monitoring important. IoT temperature monitoring systems notify the lab staff if something is not correct. For example, if the storage temperature goes lower or above a threshold value, these systems can send notifications to the authorities. 

5. Medicine Storage

Pharmaceutical products must be maintained at a specific temperature to ensure their efficacy. A small temperature mismatch during any part of the process, from manufacturing to distribution, like supply chain, storage, etc., can be catastrophic. Some medicines may become less effective and even be life-threatening for patients suffering from chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart ailments, etc. At the same time, the batch of such medicines may cost huge business losses.  

IoT-based temperature monitoring system help you ensure that the medicines are constantly stored at the required temperature. The system continually monitors the ambient temperature and sends alerts in real time. If the temperature goes above or lowers than the preset range, authorities are immediately notified via text message, email, or push notifications. They can take corrective measures in time and avoid compromised pharmaceutical products’ costs.  

In addition to temperature, IoT-based temperature monitoring systems provide instant alerts of other environmental changes that may be disastrous for pharmaceuticals. They can constantly check for conditions like: 

  • Power failure 
  • Equipment failure 
  • Water leaks 
  • Humidity changes 
  • Unauthorized access and break-ins   


Do You Want to Invest in an IoT-based Temperature Monitoring System? 

Automation in temperature monitoring is changing the way businesses operate. IoT-based temperature monitoring system allow organizations to manage their aspects better and eliminate the risks associated with temperature spikes. They also help brands ensure the quality of their products and alleviate the chances of equipment malfunctioning. These factors continue to bolster the industry’s adoption of IoT-based temperature monitoring system in the upcoming years. 

At Matellio, we offer the right technology stack and resources to help you leverage IoT for remote temperature monitoring. With their certified skills, our IoT teams can take your mobile, web, and custom ERP development initiatives to the next level. We help you identify the potential areas that can benefit from IoT development services to address them with cutting-edge digital products. Our state-of-the-art product design and development labs are equipped to help you become a digitally-focused brand to harness the full potential of the technology in the long run.  

We are proud of our value-added IoT development services gamut that includes: 

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  • Secure data management policies to ensure data security for your organization 
  • Seamless support for management of legacy and advanced systems 
  • High-performing analytics dashboards and data collection’ 
  • Manual and automation testing services to ensure quality development 
  • Hire IoT developers recognized worldwide for their expertise 

Let us know your goals with IoT implementation, and we’ll build the right IoT team for you to achieve them. Share your requirements right away. 

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