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Accelerate time-to-market for your digital products without compromising on the quality of software solutions with our automation testing services. Our certified testing experts help you launch products that deliver exceptional speed and unmatchable experience across devices and platforms.
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    What is

    What is Test Automation and its Benefits?

    Test automation is the practice of running tests automatically, managing test data, and utilizing results to improve software quality. It’s primarily a quality assurance measure, but its activities involve the commitment of the entire software production team. Investing in automation testing services helps you make the best of your digital transformation initiatives. With multiple levels of test scenarios run simultaneously, not only does test automation offer you a reliable software solution, but also optimizes resource and time consumption.
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    Quicker Time to Market

    Optimize development cycles and launch your products quickly with quicker QA and testing process.

    Reduced Regression Cost

    With higher quality ensured, regression test costs significantly less with each cycle.

    Better Product Quality

    Run multiple test cycles & boost the quality of solutions without investing more in resources.

    Higher Test Coverage

    You can run multiple tests over several modules at once, and optimize resource utilization.

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    Types of Test Automation Services

    Our comprehensive test automation services encompass all the aspects of your application.

    Technologies We Pioneer In

    We are a team of well-vetted QA engineers who leverage advanced tools to ensure quality of your products.

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      What is

      Ensure Efficient Digital Products with Test Automation

      End-to-End Testing

      Our well-thought-out testing process seamlessly takes care of every small or big aspect of your application.

      User-centric Approach

      Our range of services is tailored to ensure the apps satisfy end users' needs and your business requirements.

      Certified Testing Experts

      Our test automation engineers are experienced and trained in using advanced tools.

      Why Choose Matellio as Your Automation Testing Expert?

      As a leading test automation services company, we enable innovative testing approaches for your client-facing and enterprise applications. We use the latest test automation tools and frameworks with a consumer-focused policy, automation best practices, and detailed reporting to deliver long-term value to our clients. This translates to higher innovation speed and opportunity to unlock more business avenues for growth.
      We find our niche in a wide range of industry verticals while bringing extensive experience, certified expertise, and time-tested processes to table. Our established testing has helped thousands of our clients globally to leave their mark on the market. To begin your journey of innovation at scale, contact our experts to learn more about our test automation services and uncover the potential of your software solution.

      Our QA Automation Process

      We have a well-rounded test automation process that helps us boost the quality, ensure customer delight, and make our clients future-proof in the digital world.
      • 1
        Scope Definition

        Our experts provide evaluation of technical feasibility, test case complexity, priority of feature list, and other such services.

      • 2
        Test Tool Selection

        Based on the app/ solution development technology, a test automation tool or framework is chosen in this step.

      • 3
        Test Planning

        It includes strategy to design and develop test cases, followed by framework design, timeline finalization, and test scripting.

      • 4
        Execution & Reporting

        Scripts are written and finalized, followed by execution. Once done, reports are generated, and test cases are documented.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. When do you suggest test automation over manual testing?

      Test automation is applicable if you have one of the following requirements: 

      • Test frequency is high, so we need to save time and resources. 
      • Test cases are greater in number. Test automation is not suitable for a smaller number of tests. 
      • The number of features and their priorities. 
      • The sequence of test cases is uncertain. 
      • Test cases are frequently updated. 
      • Regression and smoke testing are to be performed. 
      • Single functionality has to be tested with multiple test cases. 

      2. How does Matellio choose test cases for automation?

      We generally categorize test cases based on their need for automation as an initial stage. Here is how we include: 

      • Repetitive tests that run for multiple builds 
      • Tests that are prone to manual error 
      • Tests that need various data sets
      • Frequently used functionality that introduces high-risk conditions
      • Tests that are impossible for manual testing 

      3. Which is better, automation testing or manual testing?

      Both types of testing are significant for specific applications and functionalities. While one kind of testing may be suitable for certain aspects, the other may not be. Testing experts analyze the application in various aspects to make an informed decision.  

      4. When should you prefer manual testing over automation testing?

      Manual testing is suitable when the test cases are run once or twice. Therefore, there is no frequent repetition of test cases. Automated testing is appropriate when the test cases need to run repeatedly for a long time. Manual testing helps to find out the user-friendliness of an application. 

      5. What are the benefits of automation?

      Advantages commonly attributed to automation include higher production rates and increased productivity, more efficient use of materials, better product quality, improved safety, shorter workweeks for labor, and reduced factory lead times. 

      6. How does automation testing improve quality?

      Automation testing eliminates dependence on manual QA engineers and has wide test coverage. This helps the organizations to launch their products quickly, without compromising on the quality. Once written, test automation runs the tests multiple times. The process continues no matter how many times the updates are pushed, making the results more reliable. 

      7. How does automation improve efficiency?

      Employees have the time, resources, and freedom to focus less on manual tasks and more on strategy, innovation, and tech in an automated environment. This equates to a much higher employee productivity rate. At the same time, QA resources don’t have to spend time running the same tests repeatedly; they can rather automate them and perform tests on new updates.  

      8. How does test automation work?

      In automation testing, QA teams write and execute tests for automation software. Once the software updates are pushed in, these systems take charge and run the tests multiple times. 

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