How Much Does It Cost for Juggernaut App Development?

Updated on Mar 3rd, 2023

How Much Does It Cost for Juggernaut App Development?

The pandemic has highlighted the value of health and fitness, leading many to change their allegiance for the benefit of their overall well-being. People started paying closer attention to what they ate and incorporating more exercise into their daily routines. 

People started using fitness apps and switched to at-home workout routines. Additionally, cutting-edge technologies like AI and many others have already penetrated the fitness industry.  

The cost of hiring a personal trainer can be high, even in the age of modern gyms. It is essential to have a professional watch your positions and postures while exercising at home to make sure you are performing each form properly.  

Because of this, a number of fitness applications have made use of technological innovation to build AI coaches that provide regular feedback on every posture and movement, just like real trainers.  

Presently, there are so many fitness training apps available in the market. And one of the most prominent ones is Juggernaut AI. 

Today, this blog will discuss all fitness app development. We’ll also discuss features, why to invest, and how much it costs to develop a gym workout app like Juggernaut AI. 

  • JuggernautAI builds a strength training program for each individual based on their inputs, including their goals and current PRs, using artificial intelligence.
  • As per Statista, the fitness app market will contribute 3,567.7 million dollars in worldwide revenue by 2024.
  • JuggernautAI is popular amongst fitness enthusiasts thanks to its intuitive user interface (UI), customization possibilities, and integrations.

Why Are Many Businesses Investing in Fitness Training Apps?

The reason why so many businesses have begun developing gym apps is, therefore, not surprising. Many businesses, including gym chains and providers, have tapped into the gym workout mobile app development industry with the latest technologies.

In fact, according to this graph from Market Research Future, with a 23% High CAGR, the worldwide economy for fitness applications would be valued at more than 14 billion US dollars by 2026.  

In the coming years, there will be a rising need for training applications; therefore, investing in gym workout app development would be sensible.  

Moving ahead, let’s discuss this,  

What is a Juggernaut AI App, and How Does it Work?

It is a training app that can create powerlifting, bodybuilding, or strength training plans.  

The application walks you through a series of questions to prepare you for your programs. Your name, age, height, weight, and other basic statistics will be entered, along with information about your goals, current training load, number of years you’ve been training, kind of training you do, and how many times per week you wish to exercise. All of the information is taken into account by the AI when creating your custom training program.  

Who can benefit from this kind of gym workout app development?

Many people could benefit from juggernauts like workout app development. Following are some particular examples: 

  • Powerlifters or bodybuilders who want to improve their physique but don’t want to spend money on a coach prefer a highly customized plan over a generic one.
  • Those who lift weights at home with a simple setup need guidance and inspiration for their training.
  • Those who are tired of “simply trying to copy” their workouts want a different approach. 
  • Someone is unsure of where to start. With so many tutorials available, almost anyone can learn how to utilize this training program. 


Top Features That You Can Consider During Juggernaut App Development!


The top features that you can also consider in your custom juggernaut app development are: 


One upmarket feature of the Juggernaut AI app is the dashboard, which shows you how far you are in your training program and provides you with a weekly overview. Also, it includes workouts, where you follow along with your daily plan, and exercises, where you can find instructional videos and written reminders.  

Workout Logs

This functionality asks you to record your readiness for the exercise in a few different ways: It asks you to rate your level of motivation to exercise, how well you slept, whether you consumed enough calories that day, and how sore or weary your body is feeling on a scale of 1 to 5. You can record scores for soreness/fatigue for various muscle parts in addition to your general readiness. The functionality will automatically change your loads and rep schedule for the day based on what you log.  

Voice Control

Consider including this functionality if you want to develop a fitness app with higher user-friendliness. Applications of many kinds can benefit since users can use their voice to pause training, switch exercises, and set timers. If you continue with such features, our fitness app developers can integrate it with Siri for iOS and Google Assistant for Android.  

Social Sharing

When people use gym workout applications, it lets them express themselves and engage with other enthusiasts because many enjoy talking about their workout habits. Users will ultimately begin to believe that they are actually meeting friends and advancing in their fitness goals by enabling chat, receiving performance assessments, and hearing a few quotes. The user experience is greatly improved by encouraging human interactions in addition to app downloads.  

Activity Tracking

The most important element to consider during strength training mobile app development is activity tracking. This functionality is closely related to the one before it because it requires gathering data on user activity, which is best done using wearables. It is also feasible to use built-in smartphone sensors, such as GPS. You can build an AI-based gym workout app like juggernaut AI that counts steps taken, calculate calories burned, distances traveled, etc.  

Set Goals

This function tailors a training program to your needs based on your input. Then it determines the ideal training frequency, per iodization technique that is unique to you, and routines that are specifically designed to work on your weak areas.  

Wearable Integration

This feature can track users’ steps, heart rate, and pulse in real-time and offer helpful suggestions utilizing this information if you integrate your app into wearables like watches and wristbands.  


Users will be motivated and encouraged to interact with your application for longer if you gamify it. Users will be motivated to strive toward their goals and turn to your app for encouragement if you offer incentives, badges, and other forms of competition.

Push Notifications

With push notification functionality, you may notify users of significant app updates or nudge them to exercise more by reminding them about upcoming exercises. Please keep in mind that users shouldn’t be bothered by these notifications. Allowing users to customize the app’s notification system by altering the timing and frequency of such notifications would be a smart option for achieving that goal.


By organizing the exercises, meditations, and other content into a library, you can keep your app’s current users engaged while also giving new users an excellent onboarding experience. Think about enabling users to add videos to a list of favorites so they can quickly access the workouts they enjoy the most.  

Juggernaut app development

How To Build an App Like Juggernaut AI?


Key steps that you need to take to build an efficient gym workout app are: 

Market Research & Competitor AnalysisStart With The Competitive Research

The establishment of a marketing plan and the development of an app both require a thorough competitive study. Consider your rivals and provide answers to the following: 

  • What features are available in their fitness apps? 
  • What suggestions do their users make?  

To achieve a competitive advantage, you can combine features, develop new processes, and integrate various functionalities. To create a more well-liked gym training app, you could use the weaknesses of your competitors.

Business RequirementsBuild A Technical Documentation

The technical specification for your app should be prepared at this stage by you and your AI development services. Don’t forget to consider the specifications needed to develop a prototype for your application, such as use cases, features to include, wireframes, and a fundamental design strategy. 

Features and Tech StackChoose The Right Tech Stack

Choosing the right technology stack is essential. Below we’ve mentioned the stack we use to build fitness training apps. Take a look, 


Development TeamStart The Development

It’s time to create your customized strength training app when your team has designed your app and created a functional prototype. 

Test-and-Deploy-Your-AppTest Your App

You must go through a round of quality assurance testing before your workout app is officially released to find and solve any flaws. To guarantee the most excellent UX for every user, regardless of device, run your QA on many platforms.  

How Much DoesJuggernaut App Development Cost?

Knowing the cost when you’re creating a workout app is useful. The exact figure, however, is based on your app’s architecture and other factors like:

  • Features & functionalities – Each feature involves more planning, programming, and testing time, so choosing one or additional functionality determines how much a fitness app costs. 
  • Platform & Tech stack used – The kind of platform you select and the tech stack necessary for incorporating specific features are other aspects that affect the cost of developing a strength training app. It would be best if you first chose whether you want to release a fitness app for iOS, Android, or both platforms.
  • Development teams – Finally, the design and development team you choose will determine how much your fitness app will cost. In-house and outsourcing are the two primary approaches for AI development services. 

Apart from the above mentioned, many other factors can affect mobile app development costs.

Hiring an AI development company that can manage the complete project from start to finish is the most straightforward course of action. They may frequently offer a comprehensive estimate that will account for all possibilities.  

Why Choose Matellio for Gym Workout App Development?

Our app developers use cutting-edge technology for our fitness apps, including AI, IoT, Blockchain, and many others. To help you accomplish your goals, we develop business-specific applications with modules and functionalities. Additionally, our team specializes in building AI-based fitness apps. We can assist you in building an app that can do more than simply manage training. To gain the out-of-the-box features you have indeed been waiting to include with your app for a very long time, our highly qualified tech professionals will assist you in integrating the most advanced algorithms and technologies that are available.

Personal Training App Development


When building a strength training application like Juggernaut AI, there are many factors to consider. In order to assist your users in achieving their health and wellness objectives, you must choose the best tech stack, the features to offer, and the best way to foster a vibrant sense of community. However, after knowing the aforementioned information, you ought to be able to build your custom gym workout app like Juggernaut AI without having to work too hard.

Still, if you need some help or want to build a disruptive gym workout app like Juggernaut AI, then contact us! Experts at Matellio would love to assist you.

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