Key Features to include in Ticket Booking App Development

Updated on Dec 18th, 2023

Key Features to include in Ticket Booking App Development

No longer people are willing to wait in queues to book tickets for their favorite movies, sports events, theatre shows, and even musical events. People are more eager to book their tickets from anywhere, anytime without losing time at work or from the comfort of their home or even while on the go with ticketing apps. In the last few years, there has been a significant rise in the ticket booking app mainly because it offers the hassle-free experience of reserving tickets. So if you are one of who is considering developing an online ticket booking app there are few things that you should consider like features that the user and admin panel should have before taking the plunge.

Ticket Booking App & its uses

Ticket Booking App Development

The demand for online ticket booking has been on the rise because the platforms offer the customers with convenience and few more other added advantages. Such deals were rarely offered when people booked ticket while standing on a queue.

The online ticket booking is also for reservation management. The software used, allows the management to accept online bookings and also manage phone bookings. Here are some of the features that make online ticket booking apps the trend.

  • The service is time-efficient for both the customer and the service provider. There are no long line-ups, modification to the inventory can be done with few clicks and each customer can be served almost immediately.
  • Bookings can be done anytime, anywhere as per the convenience of the customer and select seats as per their liking.
  • The application in online bookings has the ability to keep track of all the reservations. Reports of it can be generated anytime to understand the trend and gain real-time insights to help business growth.

Typical business that uses online booking system is:

  1. Movie ticket bookings  
  2. Sports events bookings
  3. Theatre show bookings
  4. Musical event bookings
  5. Seminar and conference passes
  6. Tour bookings
  7. Restaurants and hotels
  8. Appointment with doctors
  9. Home delivery services

app-developmentWhen creating a booking app do keep in mind to include one or more of these businesses in the app but make sure that the app is user-friendly and visually appealing. This will warrant a better retention rate of customers.

It is important when developing a ticket booking app for online that you integrate the best features that would simplify the booking process and a secured payment system that is also easy to use.  A ticket booking app’s features can be categorized into two sections, features of user panel and features of the admin panel.

Features of User Panel

For the user panel, the app development companies primarily concentrate on making the app user-friendly with features that are seamless for using. Additionally, it should also have features that are related to easy checkouts and secured payment system. It is always a good option to offer something like loyalty points to retain customers.

Here are some of the features that one must have in booking app:

  • User Registration: Basic requirements for registering with the app are needed like email id, phone number, username, password, and other relevant details.
  • Log-in: Customers should be able to log in using email id or phone number and password through the app or social links.
  • Selecting Location: For better service, the customer should select the location for booking the ticket either through GPS or manually before proceeding to the home screen.
  • Home Screen: The page that lists the upcoming and current events along with deals, offers, notification settings, and languages. The user should be able to easily navigate the page and select the category to explore and choose the events for bookings.
  • Booking the Show: This feature will allow the user to tap on the booking icon and select the show time, venue, number of seats and then proceed to the payment option.
  • Events Listings: The section will have the list of shows that the user can view by their name, language, ratings, location, category, prices, and other criteria. To make it more user-efficient you can add sub-categories to it with venues, time and other benchmarks.
  • Show Details: After selecting a show the user can look for further details about the show like stars of the show, duration, names of the performers, directors and so on.
  • Booking Screen: After the booking is complete the user can see the summary of the booking that will have the booking id, name of the show, venue, time, seat numbers, ticket prices, etc.
  • Multiple Payment Options: This will enable users to make the payment for the ticket via a number of channels. This may include third party apps like PayPal, Paytm and others along with debit and credit cards. The easier payment option manifests into usability and retention of customers.
  • Ratings & Review: This is an essential feature of the app as it allows users to give feedback about the app in stars or/and comments.

Other features that you can consider adding to online ticket booking app are:

  • Redeeming of loyalty points
  • Downloading and printing rickets
  • Real-time booking
  • Track and update orders

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Features of Admin Panel

Having an admin panel that is easy to navigate is essential because of this it the place where the service provider or admin can check into the application and manage the booking, users and the earnings. Some of the features that are crucial while developing a ticket booking app for online are:

  • Login: The admin must use his/her credentials to log into the app’s admin section.
  • Dashboard: The admin dashboard is the place where everything can be reviewed at a glance. It should have the business stats, total bookings are done, earning figures, events listed, etc. If required this section should be further sub-categorized as per the admin’s requirements.
  • Managing Users: The feature gives the admin to manage the user list by removing and adding new users if required. The option of viewing active users can also be added in this feature.
  • Managing Events: With this feature, the admin can view all the listed events and categorize them according to language, venue, time, and format. The admin can also change, remove and add an event from the list.
  • Booking Manager: The events listed can be managed by the admin with keyword searches, filtered the events by dates, category, view bookings, etc.
  • Managing Earnings: The overall earning from the bookings can be viewed and managed by the admin as well; It can be filtered by date, venue, user, location, etc. The actual earning can also be viewed apart from the payment made to the venue.

Other features that you can consider to add in the admin panel are:

  • Managing promotional offers
  • Profile manager
  • Content manager
  • Sending push notifications

Apart from all these, you can also consider integrating Google Map, smart search, calendar integration and such for the app. So when developing the online ticket booking app you must also consider some of the factors that will determine the cost of the app. They are:

Compared to the ordinary app an online ticket booking app is much more expensive because it integrates a large volume of data, images, and videos. So if you are considering developing a mobile ticket booking app do get in touch with us because we know what it entails to have an app that is efficient.


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