What are the latest and upcoming mobile app design trends?

Updated on Apr 23rd, 2021

What are the latest and upcoming mobile app design trends?

According to ComScore’s market study, About 87% of the users prefer mobile apps over the websites- research that makes the importance of mobile apps for business apparent.

As per an estimation, about 267 billion apps were downloaded in the previous year itself. With a terrific number of apps already live on the app stores, you really need to stand out to make a mark among the users. And this impression begins with stellar UI/ UX. To make the task easier for you, here we present you with some of the freshest Mobile app UI design Trends for 2019 and further.

1. Embrace self-explanatory illustrations

Long gone are the days, when one could capture the interest of users by contents alone. There are several other ways of illustrating the functions and properties of an app such as voice-over techniques with relevant pictures and video. It has a more dynamic and lasting impact on the minds of the user. In reality, the app designers are using human-like features to establish a productive connection between the user and the application. It can transform a normal application into a vivid one because of the structure.

2. Opacity

Opacity can do wonders to provide a compelling UI to your mobile app. Various transparency layouts like hues or illustrations can be arranged for gaining a vivid glass panel for the application interface segments. Further, you can also leverage opacity to design logos along with mobile apps.  Although, it comes down to how the opacity component is used to achieve desired outcomes.

3. Seamless design interface

This trend should be on top priority when it comes to UI/ UX development. Aim to offer a mobile app that provides flawless user experience to your users across the platforms and devices. The flow of usage should be simple and natural with a close focus on aesthetics.

4. Be tactful while implementing overlapping effects

One of the mobile app design trends which will continue to dominate the app development industry is the use of overlapping effects for the shapes, colors, fonts, and illustrations. It tends to beautify the user interface design and also offers a spacious appearance that doesn’t impact the visuals negatively. Additionally, you can enrich the UI designs to the next level by while blending overlapping characteristics with shadows. That said, app designers should be cautious while implementing overlapping effects.

5. Full-screen background images

A fresh trend has stepped in the race of user interface designing. The full-screen background image has the potential to attract a massive proportion of viewers. Once the user engages with the mobile application, the engagement time will eventually increase as the user connects with various pages.

6. Intelligent implementation of dynamic colors

Colors hold a vital place when it comes to the UI design of a mobile app. They extend the opportunity to exhibit creativity and design skills to the designers. Colors and hues also play the same role as that of the background images. They attract users and vibes with them emotionally. Helping to set the artistic tone of the app, the trend is widely used by giants like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, and Snapchat to align the app with the user’s emotions.

7. Say no to buttons

Button-free UI trend arguably exists as one of the extensively adopted ones. This is more significant in the arena of eCommerce app development where users don’t need an array of buttons to check out or perform any other function (for that sake). For example, a user can add items to the cart simply by using drag and drop functionality.  

8. Implement functional animation

Animations have been a crucial facet of the UI designing trends. 2019 and years to come are offering another opportunity for the designers to implement functional animation and interactions to represent pictures and fonts. In the next few days, surely some great additions can be spotted in this field. Current the designers should pay attention to offering easy and satisfactory trends in UI design.

9. Using the tailored illustration interfaces

The tailored interfaces have gained popularity as UI trend back in 2018 and are continuing to influence the market in 2019. The app designing process is like sketching where different structures, figures, and styles are provided to the mobile application to make it interesting and offer it a unique perspective of recognition.

10. Extensive use of voice assistance

An essential trend popping up in 2019 would be voice assistance. Just like Siri, where the user needs to register on a voice-powered mobile application with voice settings and it does it all for them.

Why businesses should embrace fresh UI design trends in 2019?

Why businesses should embrace fresh UI design trends in 2019?

1. Greater competition

The competition across the industry is growing at a dynamic pace. So, one needs to take hold of the fresh trends to stay in the game.

2. Swift navigation

The improved UI trends will aid in swift navigation of mobile application and the user will acquire a high-speed loading capacity.

3. Brand promotions

The application UI design has a massive role in promoting the business or brand. It seeks the attention of users through various means and as a result, a greater proportion of individuals are attracted towards your app.

Summing up

With time, the mobile app UI design has undergone massive progress. The trends of mobile phones and UI designing will keep refreshing as technology progresses. It serves developers and designers of a mobile application with fresh and updated tools to work on. We have listed here some of the latest & upcoming UI design trends. If they are perfectly implemented, it is sure to make a huge difference for the business that relies on mobile apps.


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