What Are The Major Picks And Trends Of Web Design To Embrace In 2021?

Updated on Jan 8th, 2024

What are the top web design trends to adopt in 2019?

In the current market landscape, it is not enough to be ahead of your competitors. Sounds crazy, right? It’s not. The reason being, while you are on right now, there is no telling when your competitors will make one move, bring something original and create so much turbulence that they will surpass you in a manner of weeks.

So on top of being ahead of the competition, you need to make sure that you stay ahead, too. And there is only one way to make that happen- By keeping a sharp eye on current market trends and being able to predict where they will be in the next few months. Because by the time a trend is hot in the market, and you hear about it and then decide to bring it to your website, it is already too late.

The market is already overstuffed with products exploiting that trend. So what you require to excel in this market, as a leading web development company, is foresightedness. But it comes with experience and after asking a lot of blunders. But why make blunders when we are here for you? Matellio’s web design experts have shared a list of top web design trends that will be hot in 2021.

So without any further ado, let’s get started!

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1. Rotating Animations

Your homepage is your chance to lock your visitors in. It must be so unique that a user is compelled to move forward with your website. One new way to do that is by including rotating animations. What web developers are doing these days is including multiple brand videos and animations on their homepages. And then, every time a user refreshes them, a new brand video is played.

This, first and foremost, makes you look like a firm that doesn’t slack; it separates you from the rest and tells that you’re here and you mean business. And on top of that, users are forced to carry on with your website simply because you’ve blown away their minds with your website designing skills.

2. New Scrolling Techniques

How can you expect to excel in the market without willing to be brave? You need to break the norms and boldly charge towards new things. This boldness in your design will make sure that you stay ahead of your competition. One such domain for innovation is UX design. UX developers are continually trying to come up with the most fluid and yet engaging designs to improve user experience.

But, what to change? How can you stray from the common designs?

Well, one idea is to change the way users scroll on your site. Instead of vertical scrolling, try out different scrolling types, which focus on various parts of the design as the user scrolls.

3. Color Gradient Designs

After Instagram changed its logo and placed a magenta gradient background, the idea has swept throughout the website development spectrum like a wind in a desert. Now more and more are trying out various types of gradients in their designs.

While they are not the hot design trend yet, with 2021 just around the corner and the popularity of this new idea already picking up the pace, it sure is to be soon. So you might want to start dabbling with gradient designs on your website..

4. Interactive Websites

Every innovation and a new invention, at first, is met with a lot of resistance. Such is the case with the trend of interactive websites, too. Though they look great, have an astonishing user retention and engagement ratio, and offer excellent user experience, the prime barrier for this trend in 2020 were website owners who are unwilling to adopt it because of its high price tag. But the fact remains that websites which change according to user interaction and have more on-screen animation on them are quickly becoming popular, and the time to adopt them is now. 2021 is sure to be significant for this trend as the price to develop them decreases every month. So you might want to get in on it as soon as possible.

One of the best examples of interactive websites is cocainenomics.


5. Scroll Triggered Animations

Another trend that has surfaced in 2020 and has all the potential to become hot in 2021 is scroll-triggered animations. Like Igors, some websites created many waves because of the use of animations to scroll to the next page every time a user scrolls on his mouse. This shows a great UX deft and keeps users engaged and enthralled for the first few minutes, which is all it takes for them to get hooked to your website. But make sure that you don’t go too onboard with it. To generate the most innovative UX, don’t make it too complicated and confusing because that will be counterproductive and off-putting.

6. Color Branding

This is probably one of the chicest trends around and is sure to blow up next year. What this requires is that you design your website according to the colors of your products. You allot each product one specific color and then develop its page on your site using that color only. This does train users to connect your product to that color, and every time they see it, they’ll be reminded of you and your product. One of the coolest websites following this trend is Camden Town Brewery, where they designed each page for their various beers based on the color of its label.

7. Grabbing Attention with Titles

In our low attention span society of today, people hardly like to read, whether it’s a book, newspaper, or even titles of your webpage. They are always in a hurry, and so UI and UX need to find ways to hook them right out of the gate. So using big titles will help you in catching their eye. Use titles with big font sizes, and then if you have some additional information to pass on, put it in the subtext below the title. Using a big font size will prevent your users from stressing their eyes in trying to find what’s what; it will automatically jump upon them. Websites like Austin Eastciders make use of this trend pretty well, and in the background of the title of their homepage, they play a video, which makes it all the more fetching to the visitors.

8. Abstract Shapes

Abstract ShapesAs we have told you before, having a good service and products is not enough. You need to be well-rounded and willing to take risks. This means that you experiment with different colors, designs, themes, and shapes. And talking of shapes, one brave trend that has surfaced in 2020 is of abstract shapes. Instead of having solid squares, triangles, and other geometrical shapes, web developers are exploring and playing around with these shapes. Elje is one such website that has experimented with these abstract shapes. On its homepage, it has lava lamp-shaped vague blobs of no particular or definite shapes. And on top of that, they have adopted the color grading trend on their website as well.well.

9. More Depth in Designs

While it is true that intricate designs can doom your website and its feel, that doesn’t mean you can’t give them details and depth. Adding shadows, contours, and light effects add to a design’s appeal.

Again, the aim is to stand out from the crowd, so make images and designs which don’t confuse your visitors and, at the same time, give them the feeling of sustenance and not cold and barren virtual-space. So experiment with different shadows and other details that can bring your design to life.

10. Diagonal and Horizontal Lines

And the last trend on this list is using diagonal and horizontal lines to separate pages on a home page. This gives your homepage a flow and keeps a user intrigued about what’s to come. Again, the aim here is to hook your user and make him read all you’ve written on your page. And this method is incredible at doing just that. This trend is very likely to take off in the year 2021 only because it adds a flow to a homepage and looks stylish. Taxinet has established this UX design excellently.

Bonus. Dark Mode 

Soon, there’ll be Dark mode around. You ought to imagine how your layout could appear with a dark color palette because of the capacity of many of these devices and browsers to switch between light and dark modes. For website layout and user interface projects, far more engineers are regressing to deep, dark color schemes due to the extreme prevalence of dark mode as a user choice.

For engineers who create a lighter GUI, whether the user chooses it, think about it, and develops how well the dark mode would look. Note that dark mode is not just a specific color reverse. It ought to be a deliberate mix of darker, darker colors that generate the same graphical feel as light mode and retain understandability and usability.

Here are few tips on Dark Mode Implementation:

  • On dark backgrounds, avoid heavily saturated colors.
  • To create a hierarchy, use different shades (light and dark).
  • Include a light/dark mode push button so that users get to choose how to display the layout.
  • In the dark mode, don’t forget usability and think about size and distinction.

Wrapping Up

The competition between these trends to get on this list was fierce, and there are many movements that should be here too. But above ten are some of the most promising trends which are likely to pick up their pace in 2021, and jumping on them will give you a distinct advantage over your competitors in the coming new year; there is no doubt about that.

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