Major AR Development Platform and Why It’s Important

Updated on Apr 23rd, 2021

In the era of the modern world, the probability of success relies on the rapid and decisive deployment of innovative technologies. The identification and optimally utilizing the changing and newly introduced trends and their accompanying tools are the crucial factors in the perception of technologies. The digital world has not only a transformative impact but also reflects the physical environment and complements the real world with innovative, more personalized feelings. Today innovative technologies bridge the digital world and reality and forms prerequisites for new entrepreneurs. Here, Augmented Reality comes out in the spotlight with soared up interest innovative technology links reality and the digital world more closely and indissolubly and creates prerequisites for new business models  Augmented Reality comes out in the spotlight and has become the subject of the huge potential of the technology to personalizing and improving users’ perceptions such as in face recognition apps. Furthermore,.Statista forecasted, that the market of VR and AR is expected to increase around $215 billion by 2021. Recently a major IT analyst firm revealed 100 million consumers will shop in augmented reality environments by 2020.

What is AR Development Platform?

Augmented reality (AR) is a type of interactive, reality-based display environment that takes the capabilities of computer generated display, sound, text, and effects to enhance the user’s real-world experience. It is a version where live indirect or direct views of the real world environment are seamless augmented with superimposed with system generated images and enhanced perception of reality. Additionally, it implies to alter the view of the real world through computer-generated sensory and image processing. Its use ranges from showing critical information which drastically improves the effectiveness and efficiency of daily routine activities.

Augmented reality as an effective tool for various business

Undoubtedly, Today users have a variety of devices which supports the technology, has expanded Augmented reality in almost all spheres of life. It transforms better business opportunities for AR development company by accommodating an innovative way of sharing information with immersive user experience and interaction capabilities. Augmented Reality has been adopted as a part of the strategies of a large number of companies that operates in different business like Trade, manufacturing, advertising, tourism, and others. Let’s highlight the benefits of Augmented Reality platforms in different businesses:

Retail E-commerce

Retail E-commerce has become an integral part of today’s cut-throat competition where people are engaged in online purchase of goods and services. So, Augmented reality can transform the essence and traditional pattern or nature of trade. It focuses on the utilization of the potential technology to personalize and upgrade perception of the user, their satisfaction and experience with enhanced the interactivity of the shopping. Virtual try and buy experience is the initial step in using AR technology for customer engagement  It will reap benefits like increased sales, loyal customers and user’s willingness to share their experiences to acquaintances. The wide array of possibilities offers a new, personalized and memorable experience for customers by combining the experience of physical trading with the convenience of new technology. It is available not only to e-commerce niche but also to physical traders by creating virtual fitting rooms where customers become able to have a new unique interaction with digital content

Manufacturing and maintenance

Augmented Reality can be applied in from design phases to the production stages and then subsequent maintenance an s repairs of the products. It helps designers and engineers by taking into all features, factors or constraints imposed by the surrounding competitive environment where the designed products will be used. Additionally, it also supports the precise projects creation as well as optimization and test, analysis of the designed product. In the present scenario of complex manufacturing, it diagnosis the breakdowns and provides information to the staff including online resources about the manufacturing operations at accurate time, which improves the efficiency and optimization of the production process.


Tourism Industry is popular known to offer and sell unforgettable experience and memories to their consumers and augmented reality makes a significant contribution by providing new ways of visitors service. It enables them to experience each destination before visiting there and determine the best destination for them. While on the other hand it also enriches and improves the overall experience and perceptions of tourists during their visits. The tourists acquired data in forms of opinions, comments, and reviews about restaurants, hotels, landmarks, museums and other places located around them in real time. It also provides multimedia information about these through audio and video tours with rich, interesting and interactive content. Another quality feature it provides is the possibility of translation in different languages in real time like Google translator which offers real-time text translation of menus, labels, signs, etc.

Marketing and Advertising

It helps in engaging customers attention by creating interactive marketing and advertising campaign for increasing sales. The technology offers you a 360-degree view of the product and customization of details according to their preferences. The interactive animations or videos yields more powerful interactions and the relationship between customers and products which stipulates them to recommend it with colleagues, friends, family members, and social media. Furthermore, any advertising or marketing campaign with Augmented Reality is less costly than traditional sources such as print media or electronic media.


Every sector of society has been dominated by technological advancements through a consistent exploration of the digital world. The companies are putting their effort to extend their dimensions with the help of introducing new features and applications all over the world. The  deployment of various tools of augmented reality software ensures the global accessibility of companies, so now it becomes imperative to get known with the toolkits to develop augmented reality apps:

  • VUFORIA Vuforia is one of the leading players for augmented reality apps development with a broad set of features. It will make sure the efficient performance of the app on all platforms like Unity Editor, Android, iOS as well as UWP. After the installation of vuforia in system Vuforia Object Scanner will be available so that consumers can view 2D or 3D view of the product they are intended to buy. It also includes text recognition with more than 100000 words with custom vocabulary option and video playback. An app developer is required to subscribe to acquire a commercial license to use free SDK without restrictions.
  • WIKITUDE It includes prime AR features allowing to build both location and marker-based applications compatible for multiple platforms like Android, iOS and smart glasses, a good news for AR development company. Furthermore, it has SLAM technology which makes it possible to have a 3D view of the available products in the application. TO target the customers on geographical boundaries and for efficiently recognized recognition with tracking feature, the new version Wikitude SDK 8.5 offered image recognition augmented reality technology for users not having the targeted image within their hands reach. with significantly advanced performance. Image targets can now be recognized from 312 cm away, that means +40% increase in distance in comparison to the previous SDK versions.
  • ARKit It is an advanced augmented reality toolkit announced by Apple which integrates the iOS device camera with motion features to generate AR experiences in iOS platforms. It mixes the virtual devices and information with the surrounding real environment which improved the quality and brought new capabilities for AR applications on the iOS platform. It also encapsulated advance scene processing, camera scene capture, device motion tracking and display conveniences for seamless AR experience. It offers a constant stream of camera images, tracking information and understanding of scene which can be used with any renderer, including, Metal, SpriteKit, SceneKit, and third-party tools like Unreal Engine and Unity.  Furthermore, tracking introduces as the core functionality of ARKit, it uses VIO(Visual Inertial Odometry) for accurate tracking which means by using visual features it estimates the 3D pose of a moving camera relative to its initial position. Additionally, ARKit uses the camera sensor for estimating the total amount of light available for a scene and then applies the required amount of lighting to virtual objects.
  • ARCORE Google introduced ARCore to make software developers able to build innovative applications even for mobile not possessing depth-sensing camera with augmented reality capabilities.  ARCore integrates the real world with virtual content by using 3 key technologies motion tracking, Environmental understanding, and light estimation. It memorizes the environmental surroundings and develops its own world in which it places virtual objects. It identifies the orientation and position of the phone in the real space and identifies the key elements of the surrounding environment to know about their movement over a period of time.ARCore has taken care of all the developers by making ARCore SDK available for android, android NDK, Unity for Android, Unreal and Unreal platform.
  • Maxst: It provides 2D technology with two software development kit where 2D technology is used for tracking images and three dimension technology for recognizing environmental factors. Maxst tool is pre-installed with visual simultaneous localization features and facility for mapping. The tool offers the optimum level of tracking services with the map extending beyond view as camera moves and can be saved for the future. The tool offers Barcode scanning with the, along with exciting possibilities when used with the app.

Choose Matellio for AR development:

Matellio is a credible partner for the development of feature-rich and realistic AR application such as zoom and rotates capabilities. The AR capabilities are advanced with a combination of innovative technologies to create fascinating experience. Such as the beauty apps are made to give more natural appearance with AR and face recognition app features. The team at Matellio has experience with a similar app in its portfolio where the features like environment recognition and realistic images were used for a more in-depth study. A successful AR app demand more focuses over details where Matellio excels.


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