Marine Accounting Software Development – Top Features, Benefits, Cost, and Development Process

Updated on Apr 18th, 2024

Marine Accounting Software Development – Top Features, Benefits, Cost, and Development Process

Are you concerned about the finances of your marine business? Do you seek ways to streamline and optimize your maritime financial operations, gain better visibility, and reduce financial risks? Well, marine accounting software development is the solution for you!  

Custom marine accounting software is widely used today to simplify accounting operations and improve financial processes. Maritime companies are using this brilliant enterprise solution to manage several operations, such as tracking expenses, managing invoices, and providing real-time insights into the business’s financial performance.  

Whether you seek a consolidated accounting system, a budget planning and expense control solution, a time charter tool, or even an expenditure report system, an investment in marine accounting software development can offer everything you need for a successful maritime business. 

But how to create such a robust system for your company? Well, that’s what the experts are for!  

In today’s blog, we will explore everything about creating custom maritime accounting software. We will explore the top features, benefits, market scenarios, and, most importantly, a step-by-step guide to marine accounting software development. Let’s get started!

  • The marine industry is digitizing as the sector is adopting various digital transformation services, including marine accounting software development. 
  • There are various reasons for the expansion of marine accounting software development market, including ease of work, error-free operations, lower operational cost, automated operations, better business visibility, etc. 
  • Besides the basic features, you should incorporate many advanced AI-based features like predictive analytics, natural language processing, automated accounting, chatbot-based customer support, data analytics, etc., to enhance your system’s capabilities. 
  • Partnering with a reliable software engineering company will help you develop a future-ready solution with the latest trends, features, tech stack, and aesthetic designs.

What is Marine Accounting Software?

The marine industry is a complex sector that deals with several issues, such as taxing, auditing, accounting, bookkeeping, etc. The managers need to streamline the cash flow while managing the accounts receivables and account payables module. Not to mention, the task of optimizing the expenditures and managing other maritime operations is also a challenge. Plus, when done manually, all that is a time-consuming and error-prone process.  

That’s where custom marine accounting software comes into play!

A custom maritime accounting and finance solution includes features for managing accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory, and financial reporting. It automates manual and human-dependent accounting processes, including invoice generation, financial reporting, reconciling accounts, etc.   

Besides that, certain other tasks like compliance management, risk identification and management, smooth internal and external audit management, and data analytics operations are handled efficiently by custom marine accounting software.

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Why Invest in Marine Accounting Software Development?

Digitization has not remained a luxury concept for companies, and marine is no exception. Today, a majority of maritime companies have invested in digital transformation services to continue leveraging market opportunities. And why not? After all, adopting the latest trends and transformation services has countless benefits, such as better reach, easy management, satisfied customers and employees, new revenue models, and so on.   

Marine accounting software development is one such digital transformation service essential for running a successful business in the maritime industry. Don’t you believe us? Here is the market scenario of marine accounting solutions. 

Marine Accounting Software Development - A Game Changing Investment

Here are some reasons why the maritime accounting solutions market is growing rapidly in the marine industry:  

Streamlined-and-Automated-Financial-ProcessesStreamlined and Automated Financial Processes

The foremost benefit of custom marine accounting software is automated and accurate financial operations. It is often seen that even a small error in accounting tasks leads to a huge monetary loss. That’s why many leading maritime brands today are using marine accounting software to automate and streamline complex financial processes.   

Investing in this enterprise solution allows you to manage tasks such as vessel accounting, voyage accounting, maintenance costs, fuel consumption, and crew expenses. This streamlines financial operations, reduces manual errors, and saves time for the finance teams.  

Easy Compliance Management with Maritime RegulationsEasy Compliance Management with Maritime Regulations

Easy compliance management is another excellent benefit that lures brands to invest in marine accounting software development. Compliances and regulations keep on changing with time. Hence, it is difficult to know the latest rules, especially if you are dealing with cross-country trade. That’s where an automated marine accounting solution comes into play!  

With custom marine accounting software, you can get real-time updates about the latest regulations and incorporate them into your business, ensuring accurate and timely compliance. It can generate reports, track vessel performance, monitor environmental impact, and assist in adhering to legal and regulatory requirements.  

You-Can-Make-Data-backed-Business-DecisionsYou Can Make Data-backed Business Decisions

Data is everything to running a successful business in today’s competitive world. However, your legacy system cannot store or process such a vast database and produce real-time business insights. But custom marine accounting software can do that!  

Maritime companies can leverage marine accounting software to access real-time financial data and generate comprehensive reports. This provides better visibility into financial performance, enabling informed decision-making. You can also use these insights to identify areas of improvement, analyze costs and revenue, and make strategic financial decisions based on accurate and timely information. 

You-Can-Improve-Cost-and-Expense-ManagementYou Can Improve Cost and Expense Management

Another excellent benefit of marine accounting software development is reduced operational cost and less monetary wastage. Marine accounting software allows for effective cost management, optimization, and control. It can track expenses related to vessel maintenance, fuel consumption, crew salaries, port charges, and more. By analyzing this data, you can identify cost-saving opportunities, minimize wastage, and optimize their overall financial operations.  

Witness-Increased-Efficiency-and-Productivity-for-Your-BusinessWitness Increased Efficiency and Productivity for Your Business

Last but not least, you can experience better productivity and business efficiency with custom marine accounting software. Since marine accounting software is equipped with the latest technologies and APIs, most manual and complex tasks are automated, providing more time to your employees.  

That means they can focus on more strategic activities, improving productivity and allowing for better resource allocation within the organization.

Marine Accounting Software Development

Top Features of Custom Marine Accounting Software

Now that you have made up your mind to invest in marine accounting software let us quickly discuss the main aspects of this digital solution – the features. Features are critical for your solution’s success. However, choosing the ones that meet your business needs and the latest market demands is critical. But we have got you covered!  

We all know some basic features are present in every marine accounting software. These features are the core of maritime accounting solutions.  

Basic Features of Marine Accounting Software

However, in today’s time, there are many advanced features that not only make your business more advanced but also help you tackle the moder-day challenges. Here are the top features that you must incorporate in your custom marine accounting solution for a future-ready solution.  

Multicurrency and Multilingual Support

The foremost important feature that must be present in your custom marine accounting software is multicurrency and multiple language support. Well, we all know that you have to deal with multiple businesses around the globe for business purposes. Hence, recruiting multiple people for multiple currency calculations and customer support can be a chaotic and expensive decision. So, your custom software should support multiple currencies and languages to handle global financial operations effectively.  

Automated Accounting

Another important feature that you should consider during marine accounting software development is automated accounting. Your custom software should have AI/ML-based fintech modules that can automate and streamline tasks, such as general ledger management, accounts payable and receivable, financial reporting, invoicing, and expense tracking. When automated and done without human intervention, all these important tasks can save you from hefty monetary losses.  

Vessel Accounting

What is the use of marine accounting software if it cannot resolve your maritime-specific accounting concerns? That’s why we suggest you add vessel accounting features in your marine accounting software to handle vessel-specific accounting processes, including voyage accounting, charter party accounting, bunker accounting, and voyage cost allocations.   

Financial Forecasting and Sensitivity Analysis

Your custom marine solution should have a dedicated financial analysis and reporting module that can provide advanced financial forecasting capabilities, including scenario planning, sensitivity analysis, and “what-if” analysis. This module also helps you generate custom financial reports, financial statements, profit and loss reports, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. This will help you assess the financial impact of different scenarios and make informed decisions.    

Taxation and Compliance

Compliance management is an important aspect of the maritime industry, and your marine accounting software should be able to streamline this task for your business. The software should handle tax calculations, deductions, and compliance with maritime-specific tax regulations. It should also include modules for risk identification, evaluation, monitoring, and reporting.  

Automated Contract Management

Managing charter contracts, vessel leases, and other agreements is critical in the maritime industry. Hence, you must incorporate this functionality during marine accounting software development to facilitate contract creation, tracking, notifications, and alerts for key contract milestones.   

Predictive Analytics

Gone are the days when basic features were enough to streamline complex business operations. Hence, your custom marine accounting software should be equipped with this smart AI-based feature that analyzes historical data, trends, and patterns to provide predictive insights. You can get insights on forecast revenue, costs, and cash flow, aiding financial planning and decision-making.   

Fraud Detection

Another important AI-based feature to consider during marine accounting software development is fraud detection and elimination. When you implement AI in financing, you can easily detect anomalies and patterns indicative of fraudulent activities, minimizing the risk of financial fraud. That saves operational costs and makes your brand more trustworthy.   

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

You must make use of professional NLP services to incorporate smart chatbots that can extract relevant information automatically from contracts, invoices, and other documents, reducing manual data entry efforts. You can also implement a conversational chatbot using NLP to work on your voice commands.   

Intelligent Expense Management

AI can be a perfect tool to optimize your company’s expense management and cash-flow operations. With this feature, you can capture and categorize expenses automatically by analyzing receipts, invoices, and credit card transactions. This simplifies expense management processes. Smart AI algorithms can also help you optimize cash flow by analyzing payment patterns, identifying bottlenecks, and suggesting strategies to enhance working capital management.

Custom Marine Accounting Software

How to Proceed with Marine Accounting Software Development – A Step-by-Step Process

So, we are at the most critical section of our blog post – the steps for marine accounting software development. Well, like other custom enterprise software development projects, the creation of maritime accounting and finance solutions also undertakes many crucial steps.

For instance, it requires careful planning and execution to meet the unique needs of the maritime industry. You should also have knowledge of the latest marine industry trends that can enhance the capabilities of your custom marine accounting solution. Designing an intuitive user interface, implementing core functionalities, and conducting rigorous testing are some other important things to consider during marine accounting software development.

But not many people are aware of such complex structures and processes. That’s where outsourcing comes into play! Leading brands, irrespective of their size and domain, connect with a reliable software development company like Matellio to create custom solutions for their businesses.

As an expert in custom enterprise software development, we have listed the important steps to follow for creating maritime accounting software:  

Requirement Gathering and Digital Consulting

The foremost step to creating a custom marine accounting solution is requirement gathering and digital consulting. Before you invest in marine accounting software development, you should have a clear idea of your top business concerns.   

Ask yourself questions like:  

  • What finance and accounting operations need optimization?  
  • How will this enterprise solution resolve my business concerns?  
  • What features do I need to make my business streamlined and future-proof?  
  • Do I need an advanced solution based on AI, or will AI modules work best in some places?

Answering questions like these will help you understand your business goals and concerns so that you can create a perfect strategy. Next, you will need expert assistance to convert all those ideas and requirements into an automated accounting solution. For that, digital consulting is the best approach.  

Reliable software engineering and digital transformation service providers like Matellio analyze your requirements and create a perfect roadmap for your custom enterprise software development.  

You can simply book a free 30-minute expert consultation call by filling out our form!

Choosing a Reliable Software Development Company

The next step in marine accounting software development is to select a reputable software development company with experience in developing accounting solutions. Once you have ideas and requirements and a perfect development strategy, it is time to bring the professionals to the table. But why is it necessary to hire an experienced software development company rather than insourcing or hiring freelancers?  

Well, here’s the answer!  

  • An expert software development company is well-versed with the latest technological advancements, including next-gen tech, the latest market trends, etc. Hence, you can easily get the best features or tech stack for your solution.  
  • The process of hiring in-house developers is tedious as you have to find and recruit the best talent, for which you should also have some knowledge so that you can access the person’s skills. All that requires time, and once your project is complete, you will no longer require those resources. That’s why companies often outsource their projects to eliminate such issues.  
  • Freelancers may not have that level of experience as compared to the expert developers from a trusted software engineering studio like Matellio. Moreover, you will have to hire several resources for multiple tasks such as consulting, project management, development, testing, UI/UX, and more. However, when you partner with a company like Matellio, you will get every service and resource under one roof. Some companies also provide flexible hiring models and need-based scaling to help you increase or decrease your development team at any point in time. Well, at least Matellio offers such things to its clients!

Hence, partner with the perfect software engineering firm by evaluating their services, portfolios, customer reviews, and other key offerings. Make sure they have expertise with next-gen technologies to help you implement AI/ML in your marine accounting software.

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Selecting the Suitable Features and Tech Stack

Once you have gathered the requirements and consulted with a reputable software development company, it is now time to choose the most suitable features for your custom marine accounting software. Now we have already mentioned the most important features in the section above. You can explore many more features by connecting with our experts.  

So, coming to the tech stack, here’s is what you need to work with for marine accounting software development:  

Programming Languages  Java, C#, Python, JavaScript 
Frontend Frameworks  ReactJS, HTML5, Angular, VueJS, CSS3,  
Backend Frameworks  NodeJS, Java Spring Boot, .NET Core 
Database  MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB 
Cloud  AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform 
Web Servers  Apache Tomcat, Internet Information Services, Nginx 
ML and AI  TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, Scikit-learn 
NLP Services  NLTK, SpaCy, Gensim 
Fraud Detection  PyCaret, Scikit-learn, XGBoost 
Data Analysis  Google Cloud Natural Language API, IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding API 
Data Integration & Processing  Apache Kafka, Apache Beam 

However, you must remember that the above-mentioned tech stack is not an exhaustive list. The exact technologies and frameworks will depend on your ideas and business requirements.  

Hence, being a top-rated AI development company, we can help you select a modern tech stack for your project. Contact us to get started!  

UI/UX is Important

When it comes to the success of your custom marine accounting solution, it’s not just about the features and tech stack—it’s the UI/UX that can truly make a difference. In software development, these terms hold immense significance as they reflect your solution’s design and user experience. An intuitive and captivating UI incorporating the latest UI components and effortless navigation can elevate your solution to the next level.   

When end-users can easily grasp and navigate functionalities, your solution achieves the coveted status of offering the best UI, resulting in heightened user experience (UX).   

Hence, you should actively invest in hiring the best UI/UX designers and adopting the latest UI trends for marine accounting software development. Create multiple prototypes, then select the best fit your business needs. 

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Creating the Solution Using the Agile Methodology

So, now comes the most important step – developing marine accounting software. By now, you will have a dedicated team of professionals who can turn your ideas into reality using the most advanced features, designs, and tech stack. However, one thing that you must consider to ensure business-focused software product development is to follow the Agile methodology.   

That’s because the Agile development method allows you to break your project into manageable sprints. It also offers you a timely update about your project’s real-time status after each sprint release so you can make changes without affecting the overall development time. Hence, select a development partner that follows the Agile method for marine accounting software development. 

Testing is Critical

Last but not least, carry out comprehensive testing throughout the development lifecycle. This includes functional testing, performance testing, security testing, and usability testing. That’s because testing ensures that your software runs seamlessly under different situations and for multiple platforms. Hence, ask your development partner to test your solution and thoroughly validate the system against use cases, data integrity, compliance, and user acceptance criteria. Well, Matellio offers testing as an integrated software development service. Thus, choose your development partner wisely!


How Can Matellio Help You with Marine Accounting Software Development?

So, that was all about marine accounting software development. In this blog post, we explored various benefits and top features of a marine accounting solution. We also discovered the advanced AI features and the tech stack required to create such solutions. However, one thing that was required at every step was expert assistance.   

That’s where Matellio steps in!  

As a leading enterprise software development company, we have experience in delivering custom and top-notch fintech solutions to various companies globally. Whether you want a custom accounting solution from scratch or want to modernize your existing legacy system using next-gen tech, we can be your trusted partner. Not to mention, we also offer free 30-minute consulting, market and competitor analysis, and a no-obligation quote for your project. So, do not miss this opportunity. Fill out our contact form to get started today!

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