Top 9 Best Meditation Apps for 2020

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Something that’s supposed to mellow you out and leave you refreshed, Meditation can at times be very stressful. What is it ? How to do it properly? What is Mindful Meditation? Is there some app for it which can guide me throughout? If so, then which one is best? 

If you’re struggling with any of the above questions, then this read is penned for you!

The journey of meditation can be strenuous sometimes, and in this article we shall help you to pick your perfect meditating partner. But hush, let’s understand the basics first-

What is mindfulness meditation?

Mindfulness is the ability to be fully present in the moment. It is the basic human capability which makes us aware of our surroundings, and be in control of emotions instead of being overwhelmed by the happenings. Mindfulness is something that we all naturally possess, but in this hustling world our ability to manage our thoughts has somewhat faded. This is where meditation comes in.

What is meditation?

Exploration is meditation. It doesn’t empty your heads from thoughts, instead it creates a special in which every passing moment is momentous. When we are meditating, we are venturing into the workings of our minds such as sensations, emotions, and thought patterns. 

This is what results in mindfulness meditation. 

Mindfulness meditation helps us in suspending judgement and unleash our natural curiosity from the chaos of our minds. It helps us in approaching the experience with kindness and warmthness.

What are the benefits of meditation?

Studies have shown that meditation can help in- 

  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Improving sleep patterns
  • Alleviate some of the symptoms of depression
  • Betters memory 
  • Reduce stress
  • Increase self-compassion
  • Bolster the immune system

Josh Korda, podcaster, a meditation guide, and the author of Unsubscribe says that, “A few minutes of controlled breathing can activate the parasympathetic nervous system, result of which is the reduced stress symptoms and controlled serum cortisol levels,which in turn lifts our mood and strengthen our immune systems”.

So, how do you achieve all this? In our recommendation- give software applications a try. No really. Meditation apps can complement your mindfulness practice as they help you to continue meditation anywhere, anytime. 

Curious what all apps for meditation experts recommend for exploring the groove of your meditation? Here, after a lot of research- we have crafted the list of meditation apps; each one of which transforms your mind and body amazingly.

Go on, dig deeper!

Top 9 Meditation Apps

1. Omvana
2. Insight Timer
3. Headspace
4. 10% Happier
5. WhiteNoise
6. Gratitude Journal
7. Simple Habit
8. Buddhify
9. Inscape

1. Omvana

Android rating: 4.8 stars
iPhone rating: 4.4 stars
Price: Free with optional in-app purchases

Designed for acting as your personal meditation coach, Omvana takes you to different stages of meditation for various aspects of life.

  • 3-60 minutes tailored meditation guides
  • Claims to have a largest library 
  • Tracks by experienced practitioners
  • Both free and paid tracks available
  • Has music only options like an iTunes of meditation
  • And much more.

2. Insight Timer

Android rating: 4.8 stars
iPhone rating: 4.9 stars
Price: Free with optional in-app purchases

Take your meditation practice with the thousands of available guided meditations on Insight Timer. Browse into the app library and jump start your meditation routine with its cool feature set.

  • 40,000+ Free guided meditations
  • Hundreds of free music tracks
  • Variety of timer options
  • Discussion groups and community features
  • Milestones for tracking your progress
  • And others..

3. Headspace

iPhone rating: 4.9 stars
Android rating: 3.5 stars
Price: Free, offers in-app purchase
Price: Free with optional in-app purchases

Achieve a mental balance and calmness in your life with this popular app for meditation. 

Take help of the following features to achieve the same-

  • Try any of its 10 new sleep tracks before bed
  • Or avail 16 nature soundscapes
  • Offers personalized plans
  • Mindfulness techniques for daytime usage
  • And much more.

4. 10% Happier

iPhone rating: 4.8 stars
Android rating: 4.7 stars
Price: Free with optional in-app purchases

Based on the book with the same name by meditation advocate Dan Harris, this app is perfect for skeptics who aren’t very sure about meditation. 

  • Every week new content
  • Daily videos and guided meditations
  • Aimed for people struggling with sleep and anxiety
  • Premium version offers more than 500 videos and extra content
  • Offers a free seven lesson course
  • And much more.

5. WhiteNoise

iPhone rating: 4.8 stars 
Android rating: 4.7 stars
Price: Free

Going by its name, the app avails white noise for masking any distracting sound that a user may encounter while meditating, and results in a relaxed mind. 

  • Use white noise for a quality sleep
  • Has 40 pre-recorded white noise sounds
  • White noise sounds like bubbling rock, falling rain, ocean waves
  • Mix sounds for creating your personal soothing music
  • Doesn’t offer any guided meditation.

6. Gratitude Journal

iPhone rating: 4.6 stars
Price: Free

This is not exactly a meditation app, but Gratitude journal helps in achieving what a mindful meditation would do. 

  • Makes it easy to log things you’re grateful for in life
  • Personalize the journal with a distinct feel and look. 
  • Add photos or audios in your personalized journal
  • Reminders for reminding you to make entries in journal
  • And much more.

7. Simple Habit 

iPhone rating: 4.8 stars
Android rating: 4.7 stars
Price: Free, offers in-app purchase

Simple Habit offers 5 minute meditation sessions from top mindfulness experts for achieving a stress-free and composed lifestyle.

  • Classic guided meditations and bedtime stories
  • Track your meditation progress 
  • Access the app offline with premium version
  • Sessions designed for daily life problems
  • Perfect app for a busy lifestyle.

8. Buddhify

iPhone rating: 4.8 stars
Android rating: 4.1 stars
Price: $4.99 for iPhone

Powered by more than 200 meditations, Buddhify teached you the method of reducing stress, anxiety which in turn helps in managing complicated emotions and promotes quality sleep.

  • Mindfulness exercises for practicing in your daily routine
  • Guided sessions of different lengths (3-40 minutes) 
  • Solo timer for an established meditator
  • Range of experienced mentors to choose from
  • Access advanced features set in the premium version to further your practice.

9. Inscape

iPhone ratings: 4.7 stars
Price: Free, offers in-app purchases
Inscape is a meditation studio in New York city, and the app is nothing but an extension of the zen room in which mentors guide you through mindfulness practices.

  • Focus of the app is to reduce anxiety and achieve better Zzzs.
  • Music, mediation  exercises show up as per goal, and timings
  • Provides a completely personalized experience
  • Music playlists are even tailored with the names like Study Chill, Tinder Troubles
  • And much more. 

So you must be wondering how we crafted this list of Best Meditation Apps!

Hundreds of meditation apps on the app store claim to reduce stress and better sleep patterns. But, here in this article, we have only focused on the app that helps in achieving mindfulness through various ways be it meditating or logging into a journal. We considered following factors to choose the best out of rest:

  • Several Meditation Options

We checked out the application that fulfill a wide range of requirements be the user is a beginner or an established meditator. Varying mediation lengths, guided meditation sessions, shorter sessions that can be taken on the move are some of the features that have helped an app to make it to this list. 

  • Soothing App Design

If an app is expected to be visited by the user on a daily basis, then it must possess a soothing and pleasant design. Afterall, what you see has a direct impact on your mind. 

  • Novice Courses

A good curriculum involves everything, and it is must for any app to be widely accepted in the market to have courses for newbies. We checked out the apps that didn’t have long guides which a newbie would be overwhelmed by. 

  • Free Trial

Free trials are again a must as they tend to help a user decide whether the app suits them or not. Before jotting this list, we included the ones which tend to offer a free trial.

  • Device Compatibility

It is important to have an app compatible to your device be it an iPhone or Android. Most of the apps included in the list fulfills this criteria. Though there are few which don’t, and they have been included because of their uniqueness and usability.

These were the basic criterias apart from checking the in-app functionality and other factors which were taken into account before penning this blog.


Did we miss your favorite meditation app?

Go on, shoot your suggestions in the comment box below. 

Also, if you’re some monk or an entrepreneur who wishes to get a meditation app developed of his choice, then feel free to reach us! Our experts would be happy to help. 

Till then, Happy Meditating!