Mobile App Vs Mobile Website: Which is Better Option?

Updated on Apr 23rd, 2021

The feats of the IT industry are not getting enough and the businesses are impressively adopting every change the IT gives as it moves a bit forward. Started from a simple website two decades ago is now transformed into the smartphone-based marketing maneuvers.   There is an app for everything, you see and use and every task has its automated propeller stored in your handheld device. The business processes are no shrunk inside the smartphones and can be managed through just a few swipes of thumb over the smartphone screen. There are many enthusiastic stakeholders who love to stay upbeat with the tech-turns but still, a large portion of the population gets tangled into the dilemma to choose between Mobile website and Mobile app.

Both the mobile apps and mobile website development are made to market the business but still contains a large distance between their meanings. The large businesses and small startups both make use of apps, which are meant to interact with the customers in an engaging manner. This way you can share the updates of your business and keep the user engaged with the push notification of your discounts and new offers. The product based companies allow the user to purchase and order the products through the app and offer them a fully functional ecommerce shop inside the app. It provides additional features that are not readily available via an Internet browser, like geolocation information for your mobile device, which allows an app to identify your location and then provide access to nearby services. An app is installed over the smartphone and can be accessed then without network as well, though with limited functionality.

Mobile websites are the websites which run over mobile in a similar manner as they run over the desktop. These websites are made responsive to behave according to the screen with shrinking and hiding the components and can be accessed only through the network. The website can be anything from simple informative web page to complex e-commerce portals. However, the consistent proliferation of mobile devices and developer tools proffered service providers an opportunity to create their very own mobile applications that the users download and install in their devices. But each of the above two laid out, different kinds of advantages so choosing between the app and the browser is not easy.

Factors deciding a selection between Mobile website an mobile app:

1. What is your target demographic?

The imperative part before executing the development of a project by mobile app development company, demographic diversification plays a game-changing. It would be a waste of money if you don’t analyze the fundamental behavior of customer extending their reach to you. The vital factor relies on the extension of marketplace and medium of communication which implies an expeditious analysis of market extension either a mass market or a specific area. Furthermore, the selection of the medium of communication routes successful penetration among potential consumers in a pre-determined location.

2. Do you need the capabilities that are only available in a mobile application?

The rational decision to unearth required capabilities like click to-call capabilities, providing information or services based on a user’s locations, push notifications, local processing power, and integration with text messages shove you towards a mobile app. Usually, it functions best for specific activities and tool that are domain specific and can reap advantages of the device capabilities more than an Internet browser. On the other hand, mobile websites are outstripped mobile app in browsing catalogs, delivering information and making purchases. So one may vacillate on cherry-picking, and ends with a  question, what is your budget for development and maintenance?

Mobile website: Why is it so critical for businesses?

The unexpected exponential augmentation in mobile phone users over the past years has witnessed an increased demand for mobile-friendly contents specifically for rich user experience. Additionally, the introduction of responsive design which displays proper mobile content with only one set of code and translates it without pitching a problem of mobile devices. It cant be abstracted only with it, so there are several other features which ameliorate user experience:

1. Easy To Read & Navigate:  The easy readability of mobile content cherishes the purpose of a mobile website with utmost chances of conversion, but if it becomes irksome for a user to read the content then it portrays more probability of losing potential consumers and unclustered navigations sections make users click on option so facile.

2. Simple Development: Mobile website development proved as a relatively simple process as there are different free or paid readymade templates through WordPress, Wix, Joomla, etc for building the desired website. The groovy part is that one must not be required to be a programmer or developer for creating a mobile website on these platforms. On the other hand, while programming languages like CSS, HTML, and XML are declarative and you need to learn these if want to execute it from scratch. Furthermore, the task of writing a web resource or creating mobile websites is comparatively easy to native app development.

3. SEO & Brand Visibility: Nowadays mobile optimized websites are accumulating greater brand visibility and accelerated web traffic with the proper use of SEO. With the help of the feature when the primely related keyworded are entered on website content, then website accessibility waxed and shown on the first page of the popular search engines. On the other hand, mobile apps are searched in the specific marketplace and position in available search engines relies on heavy user ratings.

4. Lesser Susceptibility to Continuous DDoS attacks: In recent times many websites encountered with the DDoS attacks which maliciously attempts to disrupt normal traffic of a targeted server, service or network due to the expeditious growth in harmful software. The probability of survival of these attacks easily surged for dedicated apps due to fewer botnet resources.

5. Cost-Effective Mobile: Website development would cost much less than developing a similar app for mobile app development company due to no need for separate versions for Android and iOS.Additionally, cost-effectiveness solidifies the decision of developing a mobile website to deliver superior content and establish an extended market presence instead of a dedicated mobile app.

Why do you need to develop mobile apps — The advantages of mobile app development


In present scenario of intense competition, for aiming loyal customer and providing additional features apps by a credible android app development company can lead to competitive advantage. Furthermore, more than 178.1 billion consumers downloaded mobile apps to their devices, which is expected to rise 258.2 billion by 2022 and that rejuvenates the need for developing a mobile app. It is now appropriate to specifically list the things that define great mobile applications.

1. Startup Time: Quick startup time is a prime feature of mobile applications because users use mobile devices frequently for short durations and it becomes imperative to have a quick startup time in the mobile application for unwanted interruptions. As mobile applications keep short session times, so it is critical to have shorter startup times use them intermittently.

2. Intuitive Interface: Usually for seamless completion of multiple tasks, an effective and intuitive user interface is needed. It empowered users with astounding mobile experience who are also accustomed to specific features and promising functionalities. It also paved a tenacious process of developing a mobile app for a particular platform so that they experience what they expect.

3. Leverage Device Capabilities: The optimum utilization of special features of smartphones like cameras,  GPS indicators, sensory panels, accelerometers, etc becomes possible by dedicated mobile app platform. For enriching customer experience, a traditional mobile application significantly offers standard functionality opt by customers like processing sensory gestures. A survey by Cisco reiterates that context and its relevance wins digital consumers by improving the customer experience through Push notifications, Device alerts, Instant, and automatic updates, Tap to call or mail, etc.

4. Focused Purpose: The mobile applications should have a predefined set of things to be done instantly with a minimum number of clicks, taps or other users’ gestures. Basically special buttons for specific tasks like the button to view schedules, button to scan the bar code, etc exemplify the importance of the focused purpose of mobile devices. The mobile application must identify the common tasks for making it as easy as possible using the high level of features of the application.

5. Customer Engagement and Branding: The mobile application encompasses own interface environment that enables whimsical customer experience. Contrary to mobile websites which allow users to interact with the same text and images, apps integrate dynamic features for enhancing customer engagement and conversion rates. furthermore, Mobile apps are an extension of users’ brand and it is an illustrious way of ensuring further promotion and the proposed extension of their targeted audience. Gradually, with that standard marketing approach a mobile application successfully enters into user’s device and maneuvers its own value.

Which Is the better option?

The right choice between a mobile website and app development depends on the predetermined objective of your business. If the primary goal is to offer mobile-friendly content to a large number of people, then it is suggested to embrace mobile web development option, otherwise, for better engagement and interaction with the potential customer, a mobile application is an unparalleled choice. In many exceptional cases, it becomes best to keep two-pronged approaches for achieving a business goal.

Choose Matellio for Mobile website and mobile app

Whether you need a responsive website or the mobile app, the functionality, smooth navigation, amazing, user engagement, and user behavior depends over the success. Businesses need to pay proper attention to their tech initiatives and choose a credible mobile app development company for the project. Matellio has a long roster of testimonials by stakeholders, who have got immense success through capable apps. The comprehensive solutions exactly reflecting the nature of your business is the identity of the company, where the developers are leveraging years of experience and delivering the scalable and powerful apps and websites over different platforms.


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