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Updated on Mar 18th, 2024

Android app development is the most crucial requirement of the company and businesses Har continuously investing use amount over capable applications for streamlining the business. With the advent of AI, mobile applications have initiated a new era beer the applications are replacing human intelligence and making the attempt to assess the market trends and raising revenue. Non-technical stakeholders often feel very uncomfortable with the first step towards mobile application development, Android is not that complicated to start with and is seamlessly easy to integrate with the existing process. The simple step is just to partner with any company which has the potential portfolio similar to the nature of your business for hiring Android application developer with years of expertise over the platform.

Additionally, there are few tools that leverage the development of Android application and was of significant importance. According to data from Statista, the number of apps in the Google play store is more than 3 million, holding more than 85% of the market with around 7000 applications been published daily. The latest stats also show that there are around 12 million mobile application developers around the world where half of them are focusing over using the skill for the Android platform. Being an Android developer offers you an exciting future. For starting Android development you need to be comfortable with the basics of Android such as Android components, Java, and GIT version management. alarm set their tools must be in the Arsenal of Android App developer which is the task of development saves time and increases the professional dexterity of the applications.

Here in this article, we will discuss a few important tools that will point you in the right direction.

1. Android Studio

Android Studio is the most revered IDE ( integrated development environment) which has gradle-based support for building the application. The features of the Android studio includes APK analyzer, flexible Building System, intelligent code editor, visual layout editor, and real-time profilers. Android studio also supports NDK which leverage the native application development plus it supports kotlin language Java and C ++. Android studio shows the application project wise like module Google App Engine module and Library module.

Android studio please a crucial role, such as:

  • It offers a compiler, which allows creating a file system in order to arrange the project and develop multiple PK files.
  • The code editor helps in app development through Java, c++, kotlin, etc.
  • The steep learning curve for the developer and full access to unlimited support.

2. Stetho

Stetho is the favorite debugging tool for native Android apps, which offers a great debugging experience for developers. The open source platform carries the Facebook signature and shares the helping hand for inspecting SQL database, monitoring network operation and checking the view hierarchy. This is a must to have a debugging tool in developers Toolkit if working the exciting app like Starbucks.

3. Basic 4 Android

With the competition, what developers need is the speed And this tool excels in rapid android app development. B4A gives the ability to develop an android app using simpler procedural programming language and the visual editor that helps in manipulating the view as per your choice. The tool is such an amazing component for leveraging the rapid development process.

B4A (Basic for Android) is an event-driven and object-based language which has two files jar file and XML file, that is produced by a tool of B4A. The tool interacts using java libraries with the native APIs and also allows to create and share own libraries in java. It also comes loaded with innovative tools for speeding up the development.

4. IntelliJ IDEA

It is one of the most used Java IDE for mobile application development built by JetBrains which provides features like framework, language injection, developer ergonomics, unobtrusive intelligence, and productivity boosters. The tool analyzes code and looks for the connection between symbols. This information is used for coding assistance, error analysis, quick navigation, and refactoring.

5. Fabric

The tool helps the developer building a better application and grow business based on analytical data. Fabric offers the real-time app performance which empowers the application every stage and gives health status report for every developer of the development team. Through fabric, the developer also get to know the user activity and the area where users are most interested to interact with.


The integrated development environment leverages the development of real Android application directly on the Android devices is known for interactive coding lessons which make professional application developer for android app development company. The tool allows to design applications using the feature-rich code editor that caters exciting features like code completion, error checking real-time basis, intelligent code navigation, and refactoring. AIDE supports building projects using pure Java console application, c/c++ and Android NDK, and Java and Android SDK. Here developer can run the app with a single click and can find errors using Java debugger.

For beginners, AIDE offers the tutorials with highlighted code where a developer can test the code in real time on the mobile device. The tool is compatible with eclipse project as well.

7. Eclipse

Eclipse is java based, open-source integrated development environment which is written in Java for developing the application in multiple languages. The tool makes it possible with plugins such as Ada, ABAP, C, and C++, this is why it is used by thousands of professional developers for large projects and cross platform applications.

8. Source tree

The tool source tree is aimed to manage the easy to navigate versioning structure which makes mobile app develope’s work as efficient as possible over Git. Basically keep the Git cleanly organized so that you can visualize all the work changes, commits and forked branches through a simple structure. The amazing aspect is that all this version management is possible without the need of command line. It not only increases the productivity it also helps in the cleanliness of the project.

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