Node.js vs Go: Which Is Better for Backend Web Development?

Updated on Apr 23rd, 2021

Node.js vs Go: Which Is Better for Backend Web Development?

There are massive alternatives available with app developers concerning an advanced programming language for web and mobile platforms. The choices are feasible for both, backend and front end developers.

In the list of popular programming language, Go manages to remain in the Top 15 as per GitHub, whereas, the survey of Statista states that approximately 49.6% individuals are still using Node.js web development.


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In a layman’s language, node js web development is a cross-platform and open source JavaScript run time environment which implements JavaScript code on the server side.

Characteristics of Node.js

Mentioned below are some essential characteristics of Node.js that makes it the best framework to work upon.

  • Speed: The library of Node.js is extremely speedy in code accomplishment as it was developed using the V8 JavaScript Engine of Google Chrome.
  • Input and output is event-driven and allochronic: The Application programming interface of Node.js library is allochronic. In this case, a Node.js server doesn’t have to stand by for API to send back information. The server tends to proceed to the succeeding API, then with the help of a node.js, events of notification system the server acquires the answer from the preceding API, this is what makes Node.js a speedy framework.
  • Individual thread work: Node.js works on an individual thread model along with event looping.
  • Extendable: Node.js can be easily extended as each and every event system supports the server to answer in a non-obstructing manner
  • Eliminates buffering: Node.js takes up relatively less time for processing uploading of sound and video files as it eliminates buffering of any sort of data. It just outputs the data into small proportions.
  • License: MIT is the license under which Node.js is launched.
  • Open source: Node.js functions in an open source society which generates several premium modules to enhance its potentials.

Merits of Node.js

The merits of Node.js are as follows:

  • Extensible: For most developers, it is quite simple to extend applications in vertical and horizontal directions using Node.js. Simply by attaching extra nodes to the current system, it can be extended horizontally and by attaching additional resources to single nodes vertical extension can be performed.
  • Simple to comprehend: As JavaScript stands out to be one of the most famous programming languages; it is very simple to initiate the use of Node.js as it requires less amount of time to work on.
  • A single programming language: Node.js facilitates developers for writing server-side apps in JavaScript, without the requirement of learning another server-side programming language.

Demerits of Node.js

The demerits of Node.js are as follows:

  • Dynamic API: Most of the developers struggle to work with a dynamic Application Programming Interface.
  • A weak library support system: JavaScript doesn’t possess to have a powerful programming language which makes it utterly hard for developers to execute common programming task with Node.js.
  • Asynchronous Programming Model: In order to develop an extendible application, it is essential to validate the asynchronous programming model which offers developers a tough time.

Go web development company

Go web development companyGo refers to an open source programming language by with systematic and authentic software can be easily developed through a Go web development company.

Characteristics of Go

Mentioned below are some essential characteristics of Go, which is also known by the name of Golang:

  • Concurrency: Go is well-known to offer excellent concurrency primitives which simplify its execution of concurrent mechanism.
  • Clarity and uniformity: Go is an easy and clear language and was developed with an utterly minimalistic attitude. It has a standard library which includes most of the stuff like a web server.
  • The Compiler: The compiler that Go is using is very speedy. It simply compiles huge files and programs within no time. The language is drafted in such a way that it can be simply coded without the requirement of any kind of tables for symbols. Go is statistically associated with implies that the assembler consists of a linking point in the final level which settles every library references.
  • Pointers: Go strives to offer contemporary identical features of C in most of the facets and it is because of Go that pointers have seen a come-back. Most of the contemporary languages do not tend to offer pointers. However, experts’ opinion and support in settling most of the common problems and have a front role in functions like memory layout and for developing a new level mechanism equipment.

Merits of Go

The merits of Go are as follows:

  • Simple to learn: The syntax of Go resembles most of the other programming languages which makes it easy to learn and execute.
  • Concurrency: Concurrency for Go web app services is quite simple and manageable being it an open source programming language.

Demerits of Go

The demerits of Go are as follows:

  • Underdeveloped: Developers may have to draft libraries themselves, as Go is still under development. Moreover, there isn’t much study material available to clarify doubts.
  • No manual memory management: Manual memory management is essential and the absence of it results in overhead debris.
  • Straightforward: Straightforwardness of Go made it quite ostensible.

Comparison between Node.js and Go

  • Maturity: Go is mature and powerful while Node.js is mature but it has a dynamic API.
  • Performance: The performance properties of Go resemble C or C++, whereas because of the unstable nature of JavaScript, Node.js is not able to access the raw performance of the CPU.
  • Extensible: Go has fantastic execution on grounds of being extensible and concurrency while some claim that Node.js has some issues which make it hard to extend.

Closing thoughts

Both these languages have their own set of merits and demerits, which makes it difficult to select one wholeheartedly winner for Go vs Now-level the choice solely is based on 2 elements

  • Type of development required.
  • The extension required for network services

And a company like Matellio can provide the best of both worlds.


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