On-Demand Cook App Development: Benefits, Features, Cost

Updated on Jan 5th, 2023

On Demand Cook App Development: Benefits, Features, Cost

In today’s time, people are leading a busy lifestyle and are trying their best to maintain a balance between work and personal life. Amid this, finding time to cook is hard, although numerous food delivery applications have been developed to make life easier. But ordering food from restaurants cannot be a regular practice as it harms health and pocket. It is why on-demand app development services are coming into the picture, and people are considering the same.

So, it will not be wrong to say that this type of app development is going to be the next level of a start-up within the food industry. The market value of the food industry is expanding, as 2021 it was valued at $8,049,240m in 2021. This value is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 3.14% in the forecast period till 2025. The largest segment contributing to this growth of the food market is said to be confectionery and snacks. It is also reported that approx. 8.5% of the total revenue for this market will be generated through online sales. (Source)

If you want to learn how to develop this application, you must know about some of its significant aspects. Here, this blog will cater to you with the major concepts.

  • Stats also support the growth of market value for the food industry; thus, the investment done for developing an on-demand cook app will be fruitful.  
  • On-demand apps offer multiple advantages for your business, such as increasing business potential, adding value for the customer, and much more.    
  • Integrating advanced features such as in-app navigation, marketing tools, loyalty programs, and others will be a wise choice.  
  • Never finish your on-demand app development plan without considering the monetization model.    
  • Cost estimation for your on-demand cook app development is influenced by several factors which are considered to be crucial.

Why Should You Consider On-Demand App Development for Your Business?

On Demand App Development Benefits

On-demand cook application is gaining popularity as it is considered one of the most efficient ways to help users by offering them the chance to enjoy a home-cooked meal. Using this application, your customers can find and hire well-trained chefs or cooks. These applications are reliable, and cooks can reach the users at their location and serve them the desired meal. Leveraging this chef finder mobile app, users can enjoy delicious home-cooked food which is healthy.

Since the food market is expanding, there are food lovers all around us, and for the business owner, it can be a lucrative option to consider developing this application. Customized food application for on-demand services is useful for businesses. Have a look at the potential benefits that this type of application can bring to your business, and they are: 

Business-GrowthHigher the Business Potential

It is the era where every industry leverages mobile app development services. The businesses have understood that customizing applications dedicated to their services and products will help their growth. With the advancing technologies, customer demands have also taken a hike. Developing an on-demand application will help raise the business potential and let it match the frequency demanded by the users.  

SecuritySafety and Scalability

Taking care of the data that has been transferred between applications and your users is very significant. Every business needs to take care of its and the user’s data. It is the reason why both users, as well as businesses prefer on-demand applications. When you develop a cook finder mobile app or any other on-demand application, you can integrate high security and scalability features. It will protect the information inserted by the users, and you can scale the services or their prices per the market scenario.

Value-OrientationAdding More Value to Customers

The establishment of any successful business relies on several factors, reciprocation you receive from your customers is one of the crucial ones. Businesses take the help of multiple digital transformation services in order to have a clear connection with their users. The on-demand service application is also one such way through which customers can interact. It allows you to add more value to your customer by giving them an open communication channel. They can easily customize the services they need with the help of these applications. It motivates the customers to purchase their required products through the attractive deals these applications offer them. It will eventually enhance the potential of your business.

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Features to Integrate Within On-Demand Cook and Chef Finder Mobile App

On Demand Cook and Chef Finder Mobile App- Features

It is not easy to design an effective cook finder mobile app as it takes a lot more than just having an idea and capital money. As a business owner, before developing any application, you must picture its smooth working for all aspects. From requesting the services, and smooth payment to the security of the data, every step needs to be clear in order to launch the best application for any section of users. It is why feature integration is one of the significant portions that need your attention.

Here we have mentioned some of the major features that must be integrated during the on-demand cook app development:

In-App Navigation

Integrating the feature of in-app navigation is one of the most significant features. Using this feature, the users can locate the chef at their exact location. They can track them using a dedicated map offered as per their location setting. After the request is made and the chef is selected, there is an estimated time for their arrival. In-app navigation features help users to track the arrival of their appointed chef.

Chef or Cook Near Me

Integrating this feature during your mobile app development is very useful and determines the app’s smooth working. This feature allows the users to find the chef near them after they have set their location. Users can find the real-time locations of chefs or cooks and select the one nearest to their location. It helps the users to save time by booking the chef and avail their services.

Social Media Signup

This feature allows users to easily sign up for the app using the ID for any of their social media accounts. It does two things. Firstly, it makes the sign-up process easy. Secondly, it offers users the opportunity to share their desired posts on the social media platform. It is the era where people like sharing and posting their moments with the social media family they have. Food is considered the most posted section. Integrating this feature will help users to post on their social media with ease.

Content Management System

You would be aware that content is the king, and it is also applied for the success of your on-demand application. Using the feature of CMS, you can manage the content available within your platform efficiently. The content on your application should be well-categorized, so the users do not get confused. The users must also feel engaged after scrolling your application, so all this can be possible if you manage the content properly using this feature.

In-App Calling

With this feature, the users can easily call the chef they have selected via the on-demand cook and chef finder mobile app. The chef and the users can interact with each other through the calls made within the application. Before calling the chef for their services, the users have to find out about the per day charge of the chef, or the chef can ask about the meals the users want them to cook, etc. These conversations can be made easy with the help of this feature.

In-App Chatting

Not every time do users have enough time to call the chef and share vital information. Well, in that case, the in-app chatting feature can be used. Using this feature, the users can communicate directly through messages to the desired chef they want.

Making Payments

People are going cashless now, using multiple digital tools to pay directly. So, it is very important to integrate the latest payment methods into the applications. Sometimes, users choose to pay before the service is delivered or even want to pay after the chef appears at their doorstep. In any of the scenarios, this feature will enhance the user’s experience.

Marketing Tools

Do not forget to integrate this crucial feature within your on-demand app. Using the marketing tools such as promotional emails, calls, texts, and other is useful if you wish to attract new customers. It also helps in retaining the existing ones by keeping them engaged.

Loyalty Program

The on-demand cook app you develop should offer loyalty programs after a specific time interval. It means you need to form discounts, vouchers, and coupons for the users who are loyal to using your application. It also helps in retaining customers and motivates them to place an order.

On-Demand Cook & Chef Finder Mobile App development

Monetization Opportunities Bagged After On-Demand Cook App Development for your Business

The techniques you choose for business monetization are one prime factor that will support the future of every startup. The on-demand cook app development offers a fresh yet innovative idea to businesses as it will determine the future of food choices that people will have. So deciding the monetization model is also one of the vital steps you must consider before developing any such application. Your monetization model should be scalable, sustainable, and lucrative, as the business can only run long with a good amount of revenue return. Here we have mentioned some of the effective monetization techniques that can be used for your on-demand cook app idea:


It is considered one of the easiest monetization techniques used out there by several businesses. It is the way through which income is generated by charging a certain amount of commission or a specific percentage over each sale. But it is smoothly applicable to businesses that allow users to transact directly using their platform. For example, Uber is one of the major on-demand businesses which has the work model of B2C and C2C. So, we can say that setting the business model for using commissions as your monetization model is also crucial.

Feature IntegratedFeatured Listings

Another common yet effective monetization strategy that helps app owners generate huge revenue is featured listing. The on-demand cook and chef finder mobile app will usually have features where users can choose the chef, they want their service from. You can choose the chefs for being at the top for this section; in return, a specific amount is charged. Many chefs are willing to pay to be in the featured listing in some particular location.

Third party AdvertisementsAdvertisement

You would be well aware of this term as advertisement is considered one of the most popular ways multiple businesses monetize their mobile application. As per the survey, the consumers also accept mobile advertising relevant to their needs. In the case of an on-demand cooking application, you can generate revenue by integrating advertisements related to kitchen equipment, food products, recipes, and others. These relevant ads can keep your users engaged, and you can receive a pre-dedicated amount for those ads in your app.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Mobile App Development

After learning about the features and monetization model, it is time to check on the cost that you have to have for on-demand cook app development. But before we talk about money, let’s discuss the factors that can influence your budget for this development. Here we have jotted down some of the major ones for you:

Type of the Business Model

A crucial factor that influences your budget for mobile app development is the business model you follow. For example, you might develop an app serving the B2B model or B2C model. In that case, the target users, services required, and many other essential data changes. Thus, the application’s functionality also changes, influencing the development cost.

Developers Location

Another vital factor over which the budget of your application depends is the location of the developers you choose for your app development. The charges of the developers depend upon the time zones and the physical architecture of their development firm.

Feature Integrated

Features integrated within the application make it functional for the users. The success of any application depends upon the features it offers to its users. The users can enjoy the seamless rendering of the services via the application only due to its features. Now, as the features advance within your application, the cost of its development process will also increase.

on demand cook app development


You must remember that the cost of developing an on-demand cook & chef finder mobile app will be directly proportional to certain factors mentioned above. Now, as per our expert’s estimation, the development cost of an on-demand app can range between $25,000 to $40,000 or even reach up to $100000. This price is just a ballpark number, as the budget can fluctuate depending on the features you want for your application.   

Post-COVID digitization can be seen within every industry. Digital transformation is chosen to build the solution that offers your business a strong base amid competitors. After scrolling through this blog, you will have a good idea about the aspects driving your on-demand app development. Remember to choose the best developers to ensure perfection for this project.

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