Essential Guide to On-Demand App Development

Updated on Jan 2nd, 2024

“It was my best friend’s birthday a few days ago. While I remembered it till the last day of the 10-day countdown, the last-minute miss out took toll of the gift that I should have got by that day. And the worst thing was, it clicked me at 10:00 in the night.

Simply put, I was sure I was going to be screwed. Who forgets to get a gift on best friend’s birthday, anyway? So I was exploring some ways to draw her a sorry card when I came across an app that offered on-demand gift options. I tried my luck and guess what. It helped me deliver her awesome roses and her favorite cake midnight. She was delighted and so was I. Mine was mix of happiness due to security reasons though.

They certainly saved me.”

This was one of our friends, Sierra, talking to us when we asked her what she knew about the on-demand delivery apps when she approached her for the app development services in the same realm.

And anyone who has been using smartphones (we know we can count the number of those who don’t on fingers), will be aware of this gift of technology. These apps have been making our lives better in a lot many ways. The growing inclination indeed calls for app-preneurs taking an interest in on-demand app development, just like Sierra. If you are one, here’s a guide from Matellio experts to help you with the basic know-how. After all, for all the technical needs, we’re here for you.

First of all, what makes on-demand app arena so popular?

Starting merely as an on-demand ride sharing app, the concept on-demand services has now expanded beyond it, encompassing areas like grocery delivery to at-home maintenance services.

The convenience and ease offered by the on-demand mobile apps have made the category one of the most flourishing ones. No wonder it accounts for 86.5 million American users. Not only this, 22.4 million users spend around $57.6 billion on the on-demand services.

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The mark of these services is so deet that about

  • 60% of the users are ready to pay extra to get the products delivered doorstep on same day delivery mode (Source).

Now that makes it a great industry to explore while brainstorming some remarkable ideas to set the benchmark.

What are the major service categories of on-demand delivery apps that you can choose from?

On-demand apps encompass a wide array of service categories. Here are the major ones:

1. Food Delivery Apps

Food delivery apps are one of the most relished categories of on-demand services. After all, it combines the most cherished aspect of lives, food that is, with the convenience to deliver anytime anywhere. Working late nights does not have to worry you much, just because you need to get home and cook. You can order best delicacies, and you’ll have them delivered by the time you reach.

2. Grocery Delivery Apps

No time to buy groceries? Well, on-demand grocery delivery apps have got you covered. Consumers can select grocery items and order them in bulk to have them dispatched at the doorstep at the time that suits you the best.

3. Healthcare Apps

Ordering products is not where on-demand apps are limited to. You can also now order medicines healthcare expertise at home whenever you need. While these apps are definitely amazing for the ones who want to get expert help in emergencies, one of the most promising benefits of on-demand healthcare apps comes to the patients in remote areas.

4. Flowers and Gifts Apps

Forgot your partner’s birthday? Something you should not have done even in the dreams. But well, you have on-demand flowers and gifts delivery apps available to rescue. You can simply choose the best range of available options and have them delivered the very same day. Thus, you are safe.

5. Transportation and Logistics Applications

Shifting to another city was a big project in itself. Not just you have to get acquainted with the all-new place, you also need to transport your belongings to the new one and most importantly, safely. This is where on-demand transportation and logistics services come in. You can pick your smartphone and make a booking on the go. Not only this, it helps you avail round-the-clock tracking to make sure that your belongings are safe and sound.

6. Taxi Apps

We genuinely understand how hectic it is to get a taxi at the right time. But, that was the era before on-demand taxi app development. All you need to do now is to choose the pick-up and drop location and also set the best suited time to book a cab when you need it. You can also track the routes to ensure your safety. Do you think it was possible earlier? Certainly not.

7. Market Services Applications

Wanna get your landscape managed? The on-demand market has got you covered. Want to get your home cleaned up for an upcoming event. Again, on-demand apps have got your back. Think anything from the range of services, and you’ll have a mobile app for yourself. All you need to do is download, fill the required credentials and get started.

But before you start, here us what characterizes on-demand delivery marketplaces

  • Mobile-first user experiences
  • Fast product delivery
  • Cost-effective as compared to traditional services providers
  • Independent contractors working part-time
  • Frictionless payments
  • Actionable ratings and reviews

How Does a Typical On-demand App Work?

Irrespective of the vertical that your on-demand app operates in, there is a specific set of the process they follow. This process takes both the types of users into account, that is, the delivery requester and delivery provider. Here are the main steps that make this process:

1. Delivery Request

This is the first step where user requests for the service.

2. Pick up

This is an amalgamation of various stages. It begins by the request received on the service provider’s end. The automated system then assigns the delivery person accordingly and shares the required details with him. The agent then picks up the products from the service provider.

3. Real-time Tracking

Step three has two aspects associated with it. One, when the service provider is preparing the order. That is, dish in case of the food delivery apps, package in case of the grocery apps, etc. Secondly, once the order has been picked up by the delivery agent.

4. Payments and Proof of Delivery (POD)

This will ensure that the user has convenient payment options handy. Along with this, the option serves by letting the users have a copy as proof of delivery.

5. Ratings and Feedbacks

High scores and good feedback are vital for the success of an app. After using the app, customers can leave positive or negative feedback based on their delivery experience.

What Features to Include in an On-demand App?

An on-demand app caters to various user categories. They include:

  • Service Requester
  • Service provider
  • Delivery agent
  • Admins

Thus, while you aim to develop an on-demand delivery app, you need to brainstorm features intelligently taking care of each user category. Here are the features that you can think of:

Features of Requester-facing on-demand app

1. Product Dashboard

This would give the users a comprehensive view of available products. You can think of segregating products in various categories and subcategories for enabling the best view. Make sure that you do not make the process complex and provide the users with the hassle-free user experience.

2. Product Search

A search bar would help the user to look for the products in their mind. You can combine the same with smart filters where users can have the list displayed according to the product type, price, delivery options, etc.

3. Offers and Discounts

This is the best way to keep your users glued to your on-demand delivery app. You can welcome them by the most profitable range of offers and discounts. Here, you can also consider offering huge discounts on bulk ordering.

4. Delivery Scheduling

Consider the busy lives of the users and help them relish a wide range of delivery scheduling options to consider. This can include time slots of your choice or on-time delivery as per the user’s convenience.

5. Cart Management and Easy Checkout

Once the users have decided to purchase certain products, help them to get the products at fingertips via cart feature. From here, they should be easily able to check out after choosing the payment options.

6. Swift payment

Don’t bother users with inflexible and slow payment options. You can consider having an extensive range to choose from comprising of cash on delivery, eWallets, net banking, credit and debit cards, etc.

7. Reviews and ratings

Once the user receives the orders, garner their reviews and ratings to enhance your service proposition. Let them provide brutally honest reviews and rating for the products and delivery agents.

8. History management

This will help the users to keep track of their order history. History management would include all the order details regarding the purchases made by users in the past. The details include Order ID, particulars, payment details (amount and mode of payment), delivery location, etc.

9. Cancel order

Many times, users change their mind due to specific reasons. Don’t bind them to buy something just because they have ordered it, even if they no longer need it. A cancel order feature will help you with the same.

10. Returns and refunds

At times, users do not love the product or would like to return it for specific reasons. Make sure you have a scope for easy returns and refunds in the on-demand mobile app.

11. Real-time order tracking

Real-time order tracking is something that keeps the fun alive. Users love to see the status of their orders soon after placing.

12. Shortlist products

This will allow the users to choose products that they wish to view/ buy later.

13. In-app Chat

This feature enables the users to chat with each other regarding the orders and products.

Features from the Service Provider’s Perspective

1. Order dashboard

An order dashboard will enable the service providers to keep track of the current orders in the list, the fulfilled orders, and also the upcoming orders. Make sure that the dashboard provides users with an easy to use the mechanism with smart filters like order date, order type, etc.

2. Check and track payments while tracking revenue

This feature will allow users to stay abreast of the payments made and track them in real-time.

3. Start and end service

Once the service request is received, the service provider shall be able to mark when they start pursuing it and mark an end when they are done.

4. Choose availability

Just because they are there on your mobile app, they need not be bound to work 24/7. Let them mark the hours they are available for work.

Features of Agent-facing on-demand mobile app

1. Check assigned orders

A push notification would serve best here. Once the request has been assigned, the agent should be notified using best-in-class notification features. The order screen should also make sure that all the order particulars are also available with the agent so that he can check them before picking up the delivery.

2. Accept or reject assignments

We all are humans, and at times, we get stuck into something that swaps the priority orders. Once the work has been assigned, the agents should be able to mark it accepted or rejected based on availability.

This also combines with the task of the assignment being made to another agent seamlessly without the user having to face complex issues. Because a worried user means worry to you as well.

3. Mark Deliveries

Once the order has been delivered, the agent must be able to mark the successful deliveries. This would keep the system updated, and all the users will be notified of order completion.

Features to Consider in the Admin-facing mobile app

No matter how many features you put in, the app is incomplete without an Admin panel. After all, they are ones who manage all the users. The features that are must include in an admin-facing app are as follows:

  • A matching algorithm to match the requests with service providers
  • Order management
  • User management. This includes all the users that make the system.
  • Manage pricing, commissions, offers, discodiscounts.
  • Analytics and reports

On-demand Mobile App Development Knocking Your Door…

On-demand apps are growing among the users, and rather than being merely a wave of future; they are here to stay. At least that’s what the trends suggest. As the entrepreneurs reap amazing profits out of these, the apps also add value to the economy.

Users are growing busier every coming year, and this sets a perfect stage for the on-demand app development. If you are one considering making it big in the arena, it is a great time to hire a mobile app development company and launch your idea.


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