The Role and Benefits of Business Intelligence in Real Estate

Updated on Apr 18th, 2024

The Role and Benefits of Business Intelligence in Real Estate

Considering the ever-expansive potential of the real estate market, implementing business intelligence software in your real estate business can unfold in tremendous benefits. The global real estate software market stood at USD 9.34 billion in 2020 and is expected to rise with a 9.7% growth rate from 2021 to 2028. Business intelligence tools in the real estate market allow investors to maximize profit and combat bottlenecks.  

Various industries like finance, healthcare, transport, and logistics are willing to invest in business intelligence software development to unravel the potential growth of their business. So, what are the benefits of business intelligence for real estate businesses? Does a real estate business intelligence software solution count?   

In today’s article, we will list the advantages of BI software solutions in the real estate industry.

  • Business Intelligence helps real estate firms streamline their business operations, gain useful insights, make more informed decisions and stay ahead of time.  
  • The BI real estate software is beneficial not only for brokers and sellers but also for buyers.  
  •  The global real estate software market stood at USD 9.34 billion in 2020 and will grow at 9.7% from 2021 to 2028.  
  • The benefits of business intelligence in real estate include improved sales, a convenient home-buying process, effective decision-making, and financial management.

Real Estate and Business Intelligence

The real estate industry is a complex deal. Every day, you must march towards massive operations and their complicated details. Data has an important role to play in this subject. While reading through the information is an uphill job, someone has to do it one way or another. That’s where real estate business intelligence software comes into play!   

A custom BI, real estate solution not only analyzes the vast information generated from smart tools and systems but also helps you identify the KPIs of your organization.  

Commercial real estate can also leverage custom BI solutions to generate new revenue models. When combined with ML algorithms, real estate business intelligence software creates actionable data insights to help investors manage their portfolios.  

The absence of a solid data interpretation concerns the lack of valuable information and insights. It reciprocates with a loss of scope that could otherwise have been yours to use. Reading and interpreting data rewards you with effective decision-making and paves the road for higher ROI and reduced costs with the proper use.  

As you further your approach and optimize your plan to grow your business more efficiently, you can take a hand from business intelligence and data analytics. There is no newness to the fact that real estate counts on business intelligence software solutions. After all, they bear a huge relief for real estate companies, sellers, investors, and home buyers.  

Let us move on to catching up on the most common advantages of business intelligence in real estate.

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Benefits of Business Intelligence in Real Estate

Benefits of Business Intelligence in Real Estate

Ease With Property Hunt

Business intelligence brings a good deal of help in real estate when it comes to searching for the right property. Thanks to business intelligence, people who want to analyze real estate data do not have to devote hours. If clients like a property in a particular location, the BI tool can offer them a view of other nearby properties, which helps them compare their choices and make better decisions.

Fuss-free Property Listing

Gone are the days when property listings used to be run-of-the-mill. Real Estate platforms that employ business intelligence software invite potential home buyers more effectively. By providing useful information about the properties to their prospective buyers, sellers and brokers can help them take their call on the purchase. The business intelligence tools also help tackle tons of data related to users’ search history, shortlisted properties, and preferences, allowing agents to create offers for these properties. 

Seamless Selling Process

Your investment in business intelligence real estate software development will unfold profitable returns for sellers and brokers in the long run. Both sellers and brokers can benefit from BI tools. The real estate market is huge; thus, keeping up with every layer of evolution is not feasible. While you can hire staff to look after this, it will come at a consistent expense. With BI tools, you can monitor previous market performance numbers, including sales in a specific region, and assist sellers in setting a competition to ask price.

Easy Property Buying Process

One of the excellent benefits of using BI software in real estate businesses is that it encompasses functions like tracking. With tracking, you can keep an eye on industry performance stats, such as property sales in a particular location. As you analyze them, it only gets easier for sellers to set competitive prices per the market. Moreover, business intelligence software in real estate can also help you close more deals and profitable marketing – thanks to the trends it provides. On top of that, business intelligence tools are more cost-effective and rewarding than the conventional way of handling it all – hiring resources.

Financial Management

Financial management is yet another advantage of using BI software in real estate. When you have BI software, you need not rely on complex reporting processes to gain insights into the financial aspects of your business. With the help of business intelligence in real estate, you can rest assured as the data from your systems travels directly to a dashboard and is visualized. You can glance at the real-time status of your balance and cash flow statements in the dashboard. You can connect your financial data to the core business data and obtain crisp analysis and forecasting techniques.

Smarter Decision Making

You can benefit from real estate business intelligence software development regarding profitable goal setting. The software also keeps you informed about the happenings in all segments of your business. The software combines various data sources and yields useful insights to empower your decision-making process.

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Easy Way Setting the Right Ask Price

You can count on business intelligence integrated software for a convenient way of setting the right asking price for the property, whether you are a seller or interested in buying the property. As you analyze the trends provided by BI real estate tools, you pave the way for more amazing and effective sales.   

Quick-paced Deals

With business intelligence software for real estate, closing deals is no longer a time-consuming errand. When it comes to commercial real estate operations, spreadsheets have always been in active mode. But business intelligence is now transforming the way the process is carried out. Considering the scalability of commercial real estate, it’s just a matter of time, and you can lose incredible opportunities. Business intelligence software solutions allow brokers to access top-notch data layers, which guides them to a profitable future. When the change comes in the guise of useful graphs and charts, you cannot leave your chance at identifying and closing the deals. Right?

real estate business intelligence software development

Features of Business Intelligence Software That Back Real Estate Operations

Features of Business Intelligence Software

Provided the number of benefits of real estate business intelligence software, it sounds like a viable reason to look for business intelligence real estate software development services and get started with the process with many perks waiting in the future. But how does it work? And, what functionalities does it provide? Let’s explore that!  

Here are some key functions of BI real estate software:  


Reporting and trends allow you to tap into the parameters of your business operations that could do better or need more effort. Whether your marketing strategies or your sales team’s performance, you have much to understand about your business with BI. Moreover, you can use a ranking function to better understand the performance by viewing them in rankings.


Hypothetical scenarios can mean a lot for your business. When you want to view your company’s future, you can apply the what-if approach in your decision-making process and reap more practical results. You can practice this using historical data, and you’ll be able to come up with the possible repercussions that could be waiting for you. That’s the magic of business intelligence software in real estate; you can leverage what-if analysis tools to gain an analytical glance at the costs and benefits related to the possible decisions. The final outcome? You will be more proactive than ever.  


When planning to develop business intelligence software for your real estate business, a dashboard is a feature you’d not want to miss out on. The dashboard brings performance summaries, graphs, stats, chats, and many other facets of reports that give you exactly what you want to check. It boosts the level of organization in reporting and saves you from juggling multiple hillocks. The noteworthy side of this feature is a real-time summary which allows you to keep tabs on the status of your company. It sums up in more informed decision-making and proactiveness.  

Customization and Metrics

What makes investing in a BI real estate software development worthwhile? Above everything is the ability to streamline things per your business goals and needs. Isn’t it? Given the opportunity you have to develop business intelligence software for your business, you design the metrics that go with your business. You have different business goals from your competitors. Thus, shifting your plan from a standardized design to a customized one is imperative. The set of custom metrics will allow you to focus on what you are supposed to be monitoring and make the process convenient.  

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Real Estate Business Intelligence Software

Final Thoughts

It is clearly evident how real estate companies are burgeoning in the business world today. However, the implementation of emerging technologies and inventive solutions are still in progress. Some enterprises are leveraging the power of data. Moreover, many innovative resources are making their way into rendering useful insights to businesses. Thus, companies are exploring more possibilities on the horizon.  

Business intelligence in real estate is emerging as a powerful weapon for businesses to wipe out the gap between an in-depth understanding of the market and forecasting. In addition, the technology enables a smooth transition of leads into happy customers. While BI real estate software solutions are a fresh subject, it has not come without a promising potential for the real estate market growth. From sellers to buyers, it is only here to make lives easier.   

So, if you are planning how to develop business intelligence real estate software, you can count on Matellio. We will help you extract the most revolutionary technologies with a big-fat package of BI real estate software development services. Our team of engineers and experts bring their expertise in the real estate market to the table, and that is where the journey begins.  

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