Reasons why clickfunnels are better than a traditional website?

Updated on Apr 20th, 2021

Reasons why clickfunnels are better than websites

It is a little more complicated than it sounds-what to choose, and what not to choose. All of this simply depends on your needs, sales, and of course experience.
Being online for acquiring customers is not everybody’s cup of tea. If you have been part of it, you must have asked yourself this question: Do I need both clickfunnels & website?     

Before diving deep into this comparison, we first need to dig into this term called clickfunnels.

What is ClickFunnel?

Clickfunnels is a Drag & Drop software that allows the creation of sales pages, landing pages inside the sales funnel. Using this, people navigate to take a specific action such as purchasing or joining the email list.

Certainly, after reading this definition, one more question might have popped up in our reader’s mind: what exactly is this sales funnel?

The sales funnel is a step-by-step process of leading the potential customers closer to your products. Companies leverage this methodology for increasing sales using various techniques. These techniques in the sales funnel, depends on the type of sales model your company utilize. 

The Clickfunnel is a service provider which allows sales funnel related services. They have pre-designed funnels to support different types of businesses. You have to pay them a monthly fee for the service. 

Features of ClickFunnels:

ClickFunnels has loads of features but we are highlighting the best ones: 

#1: Drag and Drop Editor

Owning and running a firm is all about sustaining the balance between spending cash for making somebody else do your job and learning how to do it yourself. This editor is a perfect balance. Want a button. Drag here? Want a picture. Drop? Want to adjust something? Click. 

#2: Native Integrations

Clickfunnels possess some integrations like Stripe and Salesforce, but most of the integrations arrive from their APIs. 

#3: 24/7 Support

Clickfunnels has an exceptional knowledge base apart from 24/7 support. They have articles, traditional videos, articles and how to use the product tips. Their training manual are phenomenal and covers a huge number of issues in-depth.

#4: Affiliate Program

ClickFunnels has a huge number of affiliates for advertising their products. Through their affiliate program, affiliates make somewhere between 38-118 dollars per month when they get someone to sign up beneath their affiliate link. 

#5: Actionetics

Actionetics is ClickFunnels’ native email system. Using this, one can create a workflow of  follow-up funnels, autoresponders and text messaging services. The notion of this email system is similar to ClickFunnels in the sense that it has “what you see is what you receive” email builder and templates.

Benefits of ClickFunnels over Websites

Now you wish to take your business online, and the first thing that strikes is a website but stop right there. Before proceeding, quickly glance through the reasons of why one should opt for a clickfunnel and not a website for generating sales!

1: Minimize Distractions

A website usually consists of 5-20 content pages including about us, contact us, services or products, and sometimes a page for blogs. The analogy is that the home page can be compared to a multiline highway; the different pages on a website corresponds to highway entrance and exit ramps.
Continuing with the highway analogy, if a website is a multilane freeway, a sales funnel is more akin to a one-way road. Everything is designed to guide website traffic in a single direction: getting a deal. To achieve this, sales funnel minimizes distractions like outgoing links or share buttons. Every single page of sales funnel prompts the user to purchase by highlighting the company’s varied services.

2: One Piece at a time

A website has too many calls to action, which gives a feeling of peeling back the layers of an onion. With each new call-to-action, there seems there’s another and another and another. Instead, a sales funnel present the audience with one piece at a time, in an ordered manner.

3: Use Analytics

AB split testing involves creating two different versions of the same page & running traffic to find which converts better. Though performing split tests on websites is possible, but it’s very cumbersome. Clickfunnel, with the help of analytics, ease this whole process. It lets you have a full-funnel conversion view at one place. This facilitates a lot of clarity on the sequence & the ability to select/edit plus develop a consistent experience for the visitor.

4: Better Conversions

Even so, one can always get conversions from a website, it’s been proven that landing pages help in better conversion. Clickfunnels has specific design options for converting visitors. Imitating this on the site shall take a lot of time and may even possess huge technical constraints. Websites are inept at getting conversions as their core purpose is to keep the visitor glued.

5:  Funnel Order Changes

Clickfunnels allows you to change the funnel order on the fly. One can easily change different funnel steps with nothing but a few clicks. Imagine doing all this at the code level. Changing funnel order on a website is extremely cumbersome as it involves code changes on every page, and that would be a nightmare for troubleshooting.

6: Replicate and Share

On clickfunnels, you can replicate a funnel or page with a click. Not only this, but it even allows sharing the whole funnel with another user. This is entirely unimaginable on a website. Websites are Too Hard to Change If You’re Not a Designer or if you’re not a developer, for that matter. And in many cases, you’ll find that a good developer or designer can be hard to come by. In these kinds of situations, click funnels come handy as one can almost do whatever they like. No complex coding involved.

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Ultimately, both a traditional website builder & ClickFunnels allow you to create web pages without having an expert’s knowledge of coding. But evaluating the one with more advantages is complex as it depends on cost & sales. Usually, businesses begin with a website since it’s a cheaper option & allows leveraging organic traffic from search engines. Nevertheless, if you wish for higher sales from the very start then go with ClickFunnelsClickFunnels enables you to test, target, and optimize your sales funnel. You can even expect more conversions, mainly from the paid traffic.

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