Resource and Staff Augmentation Guide for Service-Based Industries

Staff augmentation has gained much popularity with people looking to augment IT teams from around the world. The cost-benefit is major, but it’s not just saving on the salary; it helps businesses cover the skill gap, which is crucial for many projects. The service industry especially has been reaping the benefits of resource and staff augmentation, and the demand has been ever increasing.  

If your company provides a service, and you plan to augment staff for your IT operations, you are at the right place. We will tell you the benefits of the same for a service-based business, and then you can choose how you want it to be. When it comes to hiring through staff augmentation, there are various things to choose from. This guide will help you with everything you need to know about resource and staff augmentation for the service industry. 

  • You can save a lot of money when you choose staff augmentation over hiring permanent staff.  
  • Major benefits include fewer skill gaps, no geographical boundaries, and improved team scalability.  
  • Various staff augmentation companies offer different models to hire, making overall offerings diverse with something to choose from for everyone.  

What is Staff Augmentation? 

Staff augmentation can be comprehended as an outsourcing service from an external vendor. With this, you can hire skilled resources to fill positions in your team and cover skill gaps while saving on permanent employment costs. IT teams are usually readily available for your niche with a staff augmentation service provider; all you need to do is choose the hiring terms, sign the contract, and onboard the staff.  

Why Staff Augmentation is Essential for the Service Industry?

For most businesses in the service-based industry, it’s tough to gather the right IT resources. The simple reason for it is the lack of how-to and who to, and that’s where staff augmentation comes as a blessing. Apart from the simpler reasons, there are various benefits that come with staff augmentation.  

Specialized Skills 

Even if businesses can acquire people with certain skills, most of them are still not able to find the ones with specialized skills. Staff augmentation allows service-based businesses to find resources with niche skills to manage their IT operations or help them advance their digital transformation. 

If we take a closer look, there are so many operations and processes for a business operating in the service industry. That’s what makes it even tougher to find the right resources and to find them in the given time. So, hiring through staff augmentation makes all the sense for them to fill the skill gaps in their teams. 

No geographical boundaries 

When we talk about geographical boundaries, there are various factors to weigh in on that are affected by them. Not only does the cost to hire IT experts differ significantly from place to place, but the experience and the skill of the developer also vary.  

Hiring at your specific location limits you to the skills of developers present in the area while hiring through staff augmentation opens you up to the global resource pool. Not only would you be able to leverage lower prices, but get the best resources in the world specific to your business niche and hiring requirements.  

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Saves Cost 

if you are a business based in the USA, Hiring IT staff will not only cost based on the salaries but also in terms of the benefits have to offer to employs you hire permanently. With staff augmentation, you would be able to hire the IT staff you require at much lower prices with almost no commitment compared to hiring permanent employees.  

Whatever your project may be, and however many resources you require, the right team augmentation will help you save costs in either of the cases. When you weigh in the office setup costs, rent, and the HR teams, you would be easily able to determine how much you would save if you simply choose staff augmentation.  

Increase/Decrease Team Size 

For any IT project, scalability is one of the biggest factors concerned when choosing a team building pathway. Whether you require five developers or 100 developers, the right development partner will be able to augment the team as you need. Specialized contracts can be built stating the need for scalability based on your requirements.  

Comparing this to hiring a team of 100 employees only to lay them off in a few months doesn’t sound like a plan, right? With staff augmentation, you won’t have to worry about that; you can keep as many developers for as long as you like. It is literally the way to go for all service-based businesses as their major requirements for IT usually are in months, while they only need a few developers for support and maintenance permanently.  

Simple Hiring Terms 

When you choose staff augmentation, you don’t need to worry about anything that comes with hiring permanent employees. Everything regarding that is managed by the company providing staff augmentation services, all you need to do is pay per hour or a flat for the entire project, and it’s done.  

Once you are done with the project, you don’t need to fire employees, as the company that employs them simply places them someplace else. For the service industry, as we discussed above, all you will need in the long term is maintenance and support; the rest of the employees have to go after a time, whether you like it or not.  

Saves Time 

Hiring employees on your own from scratch takes at least a month if you aren’t the luckiest person. The HR resources spent and time alone makes up for hiring through the staff augmentation model. You are looking at starting your project as early as next week, as all you need to do is submit your requirements and negotiate the price and contract terms.  

This point has encouraged many businesses to try out the staff augmentation model, and many of them are very happy with it. Suppose you are planning to start your project immediately, rather than wasting time finding the right resources and building a team. In that case, you can augment a team while availing all the benefits that come with staff augmentation.  

How to Hire Through Staff Augmentation Model? 

Now that you know the benefits of staff augmentation as a service-based business, you will need to figure out a few things for hiring the IT staff.  

List out Projects 

You don’t actually need to do this if you have a single solution or project in mind, but if you have multiple, it is best to take a moment and think through the requirements. Most long-term projects would require some permanent staff to keep things running, and you can use the same for negotiating a better and finding better-suited staff augmentation partner.  

Identify Talent Gaps 

Before approaching team augmentation partners, identify the talent gaps within the team you already have. You may find it fascinating, but many people have to replace their existing teams with completely augmented staff once they see the cost benefits and difference in the quality of work. Plan out for this by adding scalability in the contract you sign with the staff augmentation company  to leverage your position to the fullest.  

Find the Right Staff Augmentation Partner 

To be on the safer end, it is best to get quotes from multiple staff augmentation providers and compare them to find the best one. But don’t just rely on per hour prices alone; you need to make a thorough decision based on various factors. We at Matellio offer various developers skilled to work in various service-based niches. If you are planning to hire, you should certainly contact our consultants to ensure you don’t miss out on the best.  

Ready to Hire the Perfect Resources?  

We hope the blog has shown you the reasons why staff augmentation is a perfect fit for the service-based industry. Many people are still thinking twice before it and wishing they had known about such services before. While you do, you can enjoy all the benefits listed above while producing solutions or improving business a notch above than you would have with an in-house team.  

If you are looking forward to hiring IT resources, all you need to do is contact us, and we would love to have a chat about how our staff augmentation services can help your business grow. Don’t worry; the quotation and consultation are on us, and we offer the best packages for businesses operating in the service industry. Request a quote from the form below and we will take it from there; you can hire your dream team as early as next week and start on your project’s development 

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