How to Develop Solar CRM Software: Top Features, Development Process, and Cost

How to Develop Solar CRM Software: Top Features, Development Process, and Cost

Are you struggling with organizing leads, allocating tasks to employees, performing financing, communicating with customers effectively, or keeping your projects on track? Look no further. Solar CRM software is the solution you’ve been searching for.  

In today’s competitive solar energy sector, businesses face hurdles in streamlining operations and ensuring customer satisfaction. With the rise in demand for renewable energy solutions, the need for efficient solar business management software has never been more critical. With Solar CRM software development, you can resolve all these issues.   

In fact, Solar CRM software can boost your productivity and conversions by almost 300%. Well, that’s what Finances Online says!  

But how can you create such a custom enterprise solution that perfectly caters to your specific business requirements and matches your business growth? Well, an off-the-shelf solution is definitely not an answer. That’s where custom Solar CRM software development steps in!  

Yes, you can create a custom solution that resonates with your long-term business goals and needs. In this blog, we will guide you through the essential features, tech stack, and an in-depth development process for creating custom Solar CRM software. Whether you’re a small-scale solar entrepreneur or a large solar energy corporation, this software can transform the way you do business, making your processes smoother, your customer interactions more meaningful, and your projects more successful.

  • Solar CRM has today become an indispensable element in the Solar business market due to its ability to manage leads, sales, customer support operations, employee tasks, projects, and much more.  
  • You can enjoy benefits like automated operations, better customer engagement, more employee productivity, transparent communications, and better revenue opportunities with custom Solar CRM software. 
  • You can include features like predictive analytics, automated lead scoring, chatbot-driven customer support, inventory management, billing and invoicing, and more in your custom CRM software.  
  • Always choose a reliable CRM consultancy that can offer end-to-end CRM consulting, including API integration, strategy creation, development, testing, UI/UX, etc. That will eventually help you leverage multiple services and resources under one roof.

What is Solar CRM Software?

In the dynamic world of solar energy, managing customer relationships, tracking leads, and ensuring seamless project management are not just challenges but opportunities. That’s where Solar CRM software steps in! It is a solar business management solution that empowers your business, ensuring that every customer is satisfied, every lead is pursued, and every project is a success.   

With this custom solution, you can manage every customer interaction, every lead, and every project in an organized and simplified manner in one place.   

You can effortlessly manage customer relationships, understand their needs, and provide timely, personalized services. With Solar CRM software, you don’t just manage your customers; you build relationships that last, ensuring customer satisfaction at every step. Tracking leads becomes a breeze. Solar CRM software helps you prioritize leads, identify the most promising ones, and tailor your approach. It’s not about managing data; it’s about converting opportunities into successful projects.  

Furthermore, with CRM for solar companies, automation becomes your secret weapon. Imagine automated communications that keep your customers in the loop, enhancing their trust in your services. From project updates to important announcements, Solar CRM software development ensures that your communication is not just prompt but also personalized, fostering strong customer engagement.  

And when it comes to project management, Solar CRM software is your guiding star. It helps you organize tasks, schedules, and resources efficiently. No more confusion, just clarity in every project.

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Why Invest in Solar CRM Software Development?

Well, these advantages clearly indicate why Solar CRM software development is essential. However, there’s more than just these benefits. Companies implementing CRM can get much more than just better lead tracking and customer support.

Benefits of CRM for Solar Companies

The above stats clearly indicate that CRM software development is indeed the most effective investment a business can make for better growth and revenues. However, that’s not it! Here are the reasons companies like Tesla and SunPower use a CRM solution:  

1. Enhanced Lead Management

Solar CRM software facilitates the systematic organization of leads, allowing businesses to prioritize potential clients, track interactions, and optimize their sales strategies.

2. Improved Customer Engagement

By automating communication processes, solar businesses can engage with their customers effectively, providing timely updates, personalized offers, and valuable information about solar products and services.  

3. Efficient Project Management

Solar CRM software streamlines project management tasks, ensuring that solar installations are completed on time, within budget, and in adherence to quality standards. It enhances collaboration among team members, leading to smoother project workflows.

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4. Optimized Sales Performance

Solar CRM software equips your team with valuable insights, helping them understand customer needs better. With detailed data analysis, you can identify trends, preferences, and customer behaviors. This knowledge empowers your sales strategies, ensuring you offer what your clients need. It’s not just about selling; it’s about selling smarter.  

5. Streamlined Installation Monitoring

With Solar CRM software, monitoring solar installations becomes a seamless task. Real-time tracking and reporting features allow you to keep an eye on project progress, ensuring timely completion and adherence to quality standards. Instant notifications about any issues enable quick resolution, guaranteeing smooth workflow. By ensuring every project is efficiently monitored, Solar CRM software guarantees not just completion but flawless execution, leading to satisfied clients and a stellar business reputation.  

Which Features Can Ensure a Future-Proof Solar CRM Software Development?

Now that you are all set to proceed with the development process of Solar CRM software let us quickly explore one of its primary aspects – the features! Features play a crucial role in determining the scope and ROI of your custom enterprise solution, and Solar CRM is no exception!   

You need to have the right mix of basic and advanced features that can not only resolve your business issues but also make you a future-ready brand. But we know that is a tedious task. Well, not for an experienced software engineering studio like us!   

Here, we have listed some prominent features that you can consider during Solar CRM software development:   

Lead Tracking and SegmentationLead Tracking and Segmentation

Your custom Solar CRM software should allow you to track leads from various sources, segment them based on criteria such as location and preferences, and tailor marketing campaigns accordingly.  

Automated Communication SystemsAutomated Communication Systems

Automated emails, SMS notifications, and in-app messages keep customers informed about their solar projects, upcoming maintenance schedules, and relevant industry news, fostering a strong and lasting relationship.  

Document Management and E-signaturesDocument Management and E-signatures

This feature of Solar CRM offers seamless management of documents related to contracts, permits, and customer agreements. Integration of e-signature features expedites the approval process, reducing paperwork and enhancing efficiency.  

Task ManagementTask Management

With this feature, you can efficiently assign tasks, set deadlines, and monitor progress, ensuring projects stay on track. Your team can collaborate seamlessly, ensuring that every aspect of the project is meticulously planned and executed, which eventually enhances team productivity and project efficiency.  

Customer History TrackingCustomer History Tracking

You can maintain a comprehensive record of customer interactions, allowing quick reference for personalized service with the Customer History Tracking feature of Solar CRM. Detailed customer history tracking ensures that every interaction, from inquiries to purchases, is recorded and easily accessible.   

Billing and InvoicingBilling and Invoicing

If you want to generate invoices, track payments, and manage financial transactions, then this functionality is for you! This feature of Solar CRM software streamlines financial operations, ensuring accuracy and timeliness in payments. By automating these processes, you can minimize errors, reduce administrative overhead, and maintain a transparent financial record.  

Inventory ManagementInventory Management

The inventory management feature keeps track of solar equipment and materials, ensuring availability for ongoing and upcoming projects. By monitoring stock levels, tracking usage, and predicting demand, you can prevent shortages and wastage, optimize your resources, avoid delays, and maintain a competitive edge in the market.  

AI-driven Predictive AnalyticsAI-driven Predictive Analytics

With this AI-driven feature, you can easily analyze customer behavior patterns to predict future needs, enabling proactive engagement and personalized offerings. This proactive approach allows you to engage customers with targeted offerings, enhancing their satisfaction and increasing the likelihood of successful conversions.  

Chatbots for Customer SupportChatbots for Customer Support

Chatbots are essential in today’s competitive market to tackle customer support operations in an efficient way. The AI-based chatbot in your custom Solar CRM software can provide instant responses to customer queries, provide product information, and assist with issue resolution, freeing up your support team to focus on more complex tasks.

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Lead ScoringLead Scoring

This robust feature of Solar CRM automatically assigns scores to leads based on their engagement level, helping prioritize high-value prospects for focused efforts. Prioritizing leads in this manner improves conversion rates, optimizes sales efforts, and maximizes your ROI.  

Performance AnalyticsPerformance Analytics

You can monitor the performance of marketing campaigns, sales efforts, and customer interactions, allowing data-driven decision-making for strategy improvement with this feature of Solar CRM software. By analyzing key metrics and performance indicators, you can identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.  

Automated Follow upsAutomated Follow-ups

Last but not least, we have automated follow-up emails and messages to keep leads and customers engaged, improving conversion rates and customer retention. These automated interactions nurture leads, address concerns, and reinforce your brand presence. By staying in touch with your audience, you increase conversion rates and customer retention.

Need More Exclusive Features for Your Solar CRM Software

Solar CRM Software Development Process – A Step-by-Step Approach

So, we are at the most awaited section of our blog post – the process for developing custom Solar CRM software. Developing a custom solution requires an in-depth knowledge of various technical aspects, market trends, and software development processes. Furthermore, you are also required to have a dedicated team of developers, testers, designers, project managers, and so on for a smooth and streamlined journey.  

Well, that is daunting even for companies that have a basic knowledge of all these things because finding the right talent is a long process. That’s where outsourcing comes into play! Leading companies outsource their project to a reliable software engineering studio like Matellio that assists them from ideation to final product development.   

Here’s how you can follow these simple steps to get started with Solar CRM software development using expert assistance:   

Identify Your Business Requirements and Market Trends

The first step you must follow is to understand your business requirements. Any investment calls for a proper strategy and understanding of business goals, and Solar CRM software development is no exception!    

For that, you need to ask yourself questions like:   

  • What processes need optimization?   
  • How can custom Solar CRM automate your business operations?   
  • What features will be required that will also resonate with your future goals?   
  • What resources do you need? Do you also need to outsource your project like other companies do?   
  • Is next-gen tech integration beneficial?   

Answering questions like these will help you understand your business and plan for the next steps effectively.     

Furthermore, you should also do market and competitor analysis to know what is trending in the market, which technologies are gaining momentum, and what your competitors are doing.    

All that can be tedious, but not if you opt for end-to-end business and technology consulting services from a trusted consultancy!    

Focus on the Features and Tech Stack

The next step is to select suitable features and tech stack. You need to include some prominent features that can resolve your business issues and make you a future-ready business. For that, we have already listed the best features of Solar CRM in the above section.   

Talking about the tech stack, it solely depends on the type of features you are considering for Solar CRM software development. However, here is a basic idea of the tech stack that can help you hire dedicated developers for your project:

FrontendReactJS, Angular, AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3, VueJS
Back-endJava, NodeJS, PHP, Python
DatabaseMongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL
Cloud IntegrationAWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure
AI/MLTensorFlow, PyTorch, NLTK, SpaCy, Scikit-Learn
DevOpsGit, Kubernetes, Docker
Email MarketingMailchimp API, SendGrid API
MessagingTwilio API, Plivo API, Clickatell API
Geolocation ServicesGoogle Maps API, Mapbox API, Leaflet API, OpenStreetMap API

To get an exact tech stack for your project, you can connect with our experts and share your requirements over a free 30-minute consultation call. Simply fill out the form to book a slot!  

Go for End-to-End CRM Consultancy

Once the requirements are analyzed and the roadmap is created, it is time to begin software development. But what about the team that will bring your ideas into reality? What services will you need to accomplish your goal? That’s where end-to-end consultancy comes into play!  

With a trusted CRM consultation, you can not only identify the business gaps but can even find ways to bridge them using the best tools and services. A reliable CRM consultancy will help you with API integration and other services that will not only help you create a basic Solar CRM but also a complete business solution automating various spheres of your company.     

Hence, choose a company that has expertise in creating CRM solutions for various industries and that can offer every service and resource under one roof.   

For instance, at Matellio, we provide our clients with a wide range of services, such as DevOps consulting, cloud migration strategy, cloud integration services, business and technology consulting, software development, UI/UX, prototype development, MVP development, testing, and many other services for efficient software development.   

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Choose the Agile Methodology for Solar CRM Software Development

The next big step for Solar CRM software development is choosing the best methodology. Now that you have hired dedicated developers and explored the best designs, features, and technologies, it is time to combine all those to frame a future-ready solution. That’s where the Agile methodology comes into play!   

With the Agile methodology, you can easily monitor your project in real-time. You can make changes and ensure a business-focused digital product without hampering the overall development time and cost. That’s why leading companies across industries prefer the Agile development methodology for enterprise solutions development. So, why not you?   

Hence, always choose a development partner that follows the Agile methodology for developing Solar CRM software.    

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Test and Deploy Your Custom Solar CRM

So, we have reached the final step of creating Solar CRM, which is testing. Testing service is one of the most crucial aspects of enterprise software development. It ensures that your digital product is glitch-free and performs optimally under all situations and for all preferred devices.  

It even detects even the minutest of the bugs that were left unidentified during the development process. Hence, you should always opt for automated or manual testing to ensure that your products perform optimally after the launch. That saves downtime and helps you build a trusted brand. Remember, a trusted custom software development company always offers testing services as an integral part of their software development package. Well, at least Matellio does. Hence, choose your development partner carefully!

Solar CRM Software Development

Challenges and Solutions in Solar CRM Software Development

Like every coin has two sides, so is true with Solar CRM software development. Well, there’s no doubt that by following the steps mentioned above, you can easily streamline your CRM software development journey. However, there are certain aspects that you need to consider for a glitch-free CRM experience.  

CRM Integration Challenges 

You may have existing systems in place, so integrating this Solar CRM can be tricky. You can ease this by carefully assessing compatibility and using robust APIs. Partner with a trusted CRM consultancy that has mastery of working with various CRM APIs and can easily integrate different processes in your CRM, making it a complete business solution! Just like we do for our clients at Matellio – ensuring data flows smoothly and functions synchronize seamlessly.  

User Adoption Issues

Getting everyone on board with new software can be tough. You can resolve this issue by offering comprehensive training, easy-to-use interfaces, and responsive customer support. By making this solar business management software user-friendly, everyone can use it effortlessly, ensuring its full potential is realized.  

Data Security Concerns

Protecting customer data and business information is paramount. You can easily tackle this issue by partnering with an experienced custom software development company that has expertise in implementing encryption protocols, regular security audits, and access control mechanisms to safeguard customer data and sensitive business information.  


Solar CRM software development is a dynamic process that demands a profound understanding of both technology and solar industry intricacies. By adopting tailored CRM solutions, solar businesses can optimize their operations, engage customers effectively, and stay ahead in the competitive landscape of the renewable energy sector.

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