The 7 Best Period Tracking Apps

Updated on Dec 13th, 2023

The 7 Best Period Tracking Apps

Let’s agree on this; we all have been there- buckets of ice cream, heating pads, painkiller capsules, hot water bags, and super-aching backs.

Our periods are round the corner;

Or, maybe they’ve already banged the door!!

If you too are one of those women, who dread the first day cramps, and don’t like the surprise visit of your Aunt Flo (or period chums- whatever you like calling it)- then perhaps this is a perfect read for you. 

Remember when you’re caught off-guard by your menstruation and slowly realize why you’re in a horrible mood all day? 

What if we tell you that your monthly cycles are never going to be a surprise again? To go a mile further, we can even prevent those surly symptoms before they have a chance to creep up on you? This is the point where a Period Tracking App comes into the scene!

Period Tracking App


A period tracking application helps in following the progression of your cycle all over the month. It aids in monitoring symptoms and emotions for obtaining better insights. We have crafted the list of best period tracking apps present in the market. Hence, if you wish to know when to hit your favorite supermarket for snacks and napkins, then Keep Scrolling! 

Best Period Tracking Apps

1. Period Calendar
2. Flo Period Tracker
3. Eve Tracker App
4. Period Diary
5. MagicGirl
6. Cycles
7. Clue

1. Period Calendar

Period Calendar

Android: Free 4.9 stars
iPhone: Free 4.9 stars

Keep an eye on your period cycle, and the chance of conception. It provides detailed information on your potential ovulation date and fertile window. It helps a woman both in conceiving and controlling birth. Period Tracker is very beneficial in both situations, whether you have a regular or irregular cycle. Easily record your BMI, cervical mucus, weight temperature, sexual activity, moods, or symptoms with your diary. It will eventually help you be in shape and stay healthy.

  • Customizable reminders for your Pill & Periods.
  • It helps in predicting menstruation cycle dates. 
  • Check your odds of conceiving every day. 
  • Detect the symptoms of Pregnancy. 
  • Body Temperature chart for determining the ovulation date. 
  • A chatty community for exchanging ideas about various topics. 
  • Integrate with Google Account for backing up & restoring data.

2. Flo Period Tracker

Flo Period Tracker

iOS – 4.8 stars
Android– 4.8 stars

It is a password-protected period tracking application that doesn’t even let your family or close friends know anything about your cycle unless you tell them yourself. Featured in Glamour, Vogue, Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan, Wall Street Journal, The Guardian; the app has helped around 10 million women in conceiving.

  • Track your menstruation cycle and PMS.
  • Check out the flow intensity and fertile days via the app. 
  • Find out the days favorable for conception
  • Analyze your past cycles, flow cycle, and fertility. 
  • Log the ovulation test results be it positive or negative. 
  • Provide daily insights based on the provided data.
  • Track the basal temperature with the calendar.

3. Eve Tracker App

Eve Tracker App

Android:  4.4 stars
iOS:  4.7 Stars

The cute application has loads of features like a daily Cycloscope, a horoscope like forecasting feature depending upon where you’re in the cycle. It also presents daily sex quizzes and has a community to discuss issues like nasty cramps. 

  • A free period tracker with love, sex, and relationship tips. 
  • View your health data and symptoms of PMS via charts
  • Forecasts your fertility and ovulation cycle via beautiful charts
  • Fast and easy logging at any time of day or even night. 
  • Deliver insights, cycle scopes, and fascinating health topics. 
  • Learn from the women who have been there before.

4. Period Diary

Period Diary

Android 4.5 stars
iOS 4.8 stars

Period Diary is a free period tracker, and a general fertility and female health monitor. The app covers all the basic functionalities, be it, tracking mensuration or taking some pills to avoid pregnancy. The app is password protected and allows you to have complete control over the cycle.

  • Has 30 plus PMS symptoms and 20 moods. 
  • Display all your notes and signs on the calendar
  • Offer period and fertility notifications
  • Synch with your phone for better operations
  • Predict your ovulation, period, and fertility.

5. MagicGirl


Android: 4.5 Stars

If you’re new to these menstrual flows, then the thought of tracking periods might sound intimidating. MagicGirl is designed with teenagers in mind, which makes the learning cycle quite easy. For luring teens, the app comes with a bright interface and a full-fledged feature set. The latter also results in attracting adults.

  • Quickly learn about hygiene products
  • Chat with other girls for period advice
  • The app is loaded with FAQs, videos, for better insights. 
  • Predict the dates of the menstrual cycle. 
  • Check out the history of pregnancies and past menstrual cycles.
  • It offers a diary for taking notes along with the password lock.

6. Cycles


iOS: 4.6 Stars

No longer surprises or weird feelings about your reproductive health. Cycles is an ultra-customizable period tracker application that even takes your partner in the loop. This way, your partner can be aware of all your weird cravings and mood swings.

  • Soothing colors and simple graphics.
  • Track your monthly cycle in a glance with a cyclic view.
  • Predict your most fertile days, helpful in conceiving. 
  • FaceID or optional passcode for providing privacy.
  • Share your menstrual information privately with your partner.
  • Receive tailored predictions on the upcoming variations on your body. 

7. Clue


Android: 4.8 Stars
iOS: 4.8 Stars

Approach your periods with a scientific, empowering, straightforward, and no-pinkish approach. The analysis and predictions of the Clue app help in detecting the irregularities related to your menstrual cycle, birthing control, skin health, sleeping, and much more. The app provides average stats based on the provided data for women to have better insights.

  • Predicts your menstruation for your upcoming three cycles.
  • Reminders for the ovulation, future periods, and PMS symptoms. 
  • Predicts the repetitive symptoms like pains, cramps, headaches, etc.
  • Easily set up the birth control pill reminder notifications.
  • Thoroughly analyze your cycle to observe patterns and irregularities. 
  • Insights and fertility tips for better female reproductive health.
  • answers your edgy period and sex-related questions.
  • Clue’s podcast (Hormonal) dives deep into the menstrual and hormonal topics.

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