Top 11 factors CEOs must look before hiring a Hybrid App Development Company

Updated on Apr 20th, 2021

Top 11 factors CEOs must look before hiring a Hybrid App Development Company

From being an alternative to the core force behind any business, software applications have come a long way. Nowadays, it has become mandatory to have an app showcasing your company’s goals. And now, since we have touched on the topic of app development; It won’t be out of context to discuss the kind of application you wish to get developed. 

Primarily there are two categories of mobile app development: Native & Hybrid.

In this article, we are going to emphasize on Hybrid App Development.

What is a Hybrid Application?

A hybrid application is an HTML5 based web app framed in a native container. This software is coded in JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3. Then the code is wrapped into a native Android, iOS, or some other platform by using a suitable wrapping technology. The major advantage of hybrid technology is that we don’t need to code separately for Android, iOS, and Windows. Only one source code needs to be deployed and maintained.

Now having gone through what a hybrid solution is all about; It’s time to justify the title and go through the must-have features a CEO should look for before hiring a hybrid app development company.

  • Research, research!

Hardly there is anything without competition, and app development companies are no exception! It is relevant to check out the competitors as they give better insight into market trends. The research will not only fetch inputs for design but may even guard you against upcoming pitfalls.
Which features are most accepted? What sort of design has the rivalry used? Additional functionality, and whatnot? Answer to all these questions is hidden in your mystical research. 

  • Focus on quality

An app designed with keeping money and not quality in mind doesn’t do very well in futuristic terms. These kinds of products do not withstand a brand that has paid attention to every nook & corner of the design. Your software may perform okayish in basic steps but won’t do much when the matter is of advanced functionality if the quality wasn’t taken into account. 

  • Check the portfolio

Portfolios are a reflection of an organization’s expertise. They showcase all the previous successful projects with brief descriptions. It will help you get a clearer picture of what type of software they have developed and more. Glancing through your shortlisted companies is a definite step before coming down to the final result. 

  • Reviews are important

Just like you check from a nearby relative or friend before purchasing from a vendor to avoid any frauds. Similarly, taking feedback from past clients is of uttermost importance. These reviews will help in inspecting the organization, which is going to be your future app-partner. 

  • How do they design?

Users are looking for nothing but a decent UI experience. For delivering a good UX, a CEO must enquire about the design practices a company leverages. Do they run beta tests for flaws identification? Do they offer auto feedback feature? All of these are essential traits for a robust and alluring design. 

  • Coding standards

Every organization follows a set of rules and regulations and similar holds in the case of mobile app development companies. The company you hire must have some standard coding methodology. Moreover, if you ever switch your project from one company to another, it will assist in the trouble-free transfer.

  • Communication

Interaction between the client and development team is the key to success in a project. Before selecting an offshore company, one must inquire about the communication channels they use. Mostly, PMs (project managers) communicate using phone calls, emails, skype, and messages. It is relevant that the app developers, PMs, or some middle party are available to talk to the clients on a regular basis during the development phase and maybe even after the software has been launched on the app store.

  • Is it affordable?

Costing of the app plays a very fundamental rule while deciding to hire an organization for development. Different firms would quote a different procedure for app development. One needs to compare the price and other relevant factors before selecting their app-partner.
An organization that maintains complete transparency and keep its clients updated about the progress on a daily basis is what you need. Do not hire the first choice you come across in the way. Spend some time on research and development(R&D) for shortlisting the right service provider.

  • Project Timeline

Your app partner needs to establish a proper project timeline and ensure they adhere to it. Since most of the development companies are working on multiple projects at a given point of time; thus, for long relationships and reputation maintenance, one needs to deliver the project on time. A guaranteed way to ensure is by allocating a skilled and experienced team for the project.

  • And yeah, don’t forget the legal documentation!

Legal documentation for software development i.e., an NDA( Non- disclosure agreement), is the best way for security & confidentiality of your app idea.
Mobile software is all about business ideas. Hence, it’s important to get an NDA with the software organization. One must sign the agreement before discussing any details with the second party.

  • Will they stick?

Once the software is launched on the play store, then from time to time, you are expected to release updates, fix bugs and errors, or even add some new features. Therefore, it is best to understand the support and maintenance facility of your app partner. One should also check the app maintenance fee hourly/monthly basis for continuous support.

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Boiling down to a perfect company fitting all your requirements is tough. One needs to dive deep into the ocean of companies before saying the final word. But no worries! With our guide on how to choose the best? One can easily traverse through the not so easy journey. 

A few more words, as one, begin with the quest. It is relevant to choose the one that agrees with your morals & instincts. Above mentioned features are universal, and they may come handy while making generic choices. But the final decision should solely be based on your company’s objectives. 

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