What are the top benefits of Hybrid App Development?

Updated on Apr 23rd, 2021

What are the top benefits of hybrid app development?

A powerful extension of utilization of smartphones in past years resulted in increasing mobile phone website traffic to 52.2% approximately in 2018.


What is a hybrid app?

Hybrid mobile app development is among the hottest discussion of today. Every business house desires to develop a hybrid mobile app for them. Just in case a business house is strict on budget and desires to establish their existence over the mobile network, then a hybrid app is just the right alternative for them. A hybrid app relates to the one which blends components of the web as well as native applications.

Hybrid apps are highly budget-friendly as well as less amount of time is consumed in its development which makes it highly versatile to function on more than one platform like Android or iOS.

Features of hybrid apps

Stated below are some of the most important features of hybrid apps which make it an excellent alternative for app development.

  • Portability: Hybrid apps are highly portable as they make use of a single side platform and can easily function on various mobile platforms.
  • Make use of different features of the device: Hybrid apps can easily approach various software as well as hardware properties of the device on which it is functioning with the help of various plugins.
  • Budget-friendly: A hybrid app is a very reasonable and budget-friendly alternative for developing a mobile application.

Frameworks for development of Hybrid mobile app

There are several kinds of framework present across the market to build a premium Hybrid mobile app. Here are some of the highly versatile and trust-worthy frameworks for the development of hybrid apps:

  1. Appcelerator Titanium
  2. Framework 7
  3. IONIC
  4. Intel XDK
  5. Kendo UI
  6. JQuery Mobile
  7. Mobile Angular UI
  8. Onsen UI
  9. PhoneGap
  10. Sencha Touch

Examples of hybrid apps:

Some of the leading examples of hybrid apps are as follows:

  1. Evernote
  2. Amazon Appstore
  3. Twitter
  4. Gmail
  5. Khan Academy
  6. Uber
  7. Instagram
  8. Apple app store

The benefits of hybrid app development are as follows:

Hybrid app development

  • Improves user experience: Hybrid apps offer a user-friendly experience for all browsers and platforms. User experience is an essential element which creates powerful and long-lasting relationships with customers.
  • Advanced speed: The speed at which mobile application runs is the chief element of ascertaining its success. Hybrid apps have faster downloading potential and even download massive documents and files within no time.
  • Simple to maintain: Application maintenance stands out to be an important facet, for offering powerful functionality to the app. Hybrid apps are famous for being very simple to maintain.
  • Integration: For bringing together the inbuilt properties of applications like camera, GPS and such hybrid apps make use of internal programming system of the device. It performs this by overlaying and wrapping. The integration of apps is very essential to offer excellent service to the user.
  • Accessibility: Hybrid apps are available at iOS and Google Play Store can be easily accessible and have a swift downloading process. Business can effortlessly access their potential customers with the help of a hybrid app.
  • Pocket-friendly: The expenses of mobile application development depend on the time taken to develop it. Hybrid app developers usually charge a fee on an hourly basis which implies that if an app will take less time automatically the user need to pay less. Additionally, the developer need not make individual versions of the same app for different platforms. This makes app testing much less time consuming which is a huge difference between native and hybrid app.
  • Simple to develop and extend: As a matter of fact that hybrid apps depend on cross-platform apps, the user can build such kind of apps on multiple platforms including iOS. This is one such facet which makes the hybrid more beneficial than native apps. It can be quite simply developed and extended. The extension is an easy task because of the technological as well as framework elements. Moreover, this offers ease to developers as well. The codes can be reused which eliminates the need of writing them again and again.
  • Offline assistance: Hybrid apps make use of API of smartphones for protecting essential data. This greatly enhances the potential of the user to store essential information and boosts up the connectivity element.
  • Easy to maintain and use: Hybrid apps are slightly different to web apps, a hybrid app is developed to utilize each and every feature of the device on which it is functioning such as a camera or a microphone. However, the native application also makes use of all the prevailing properties of the device on which it is running, but maintenance of a native app offers the user as well as a developer a tough time. The application architects have to check out the latest updates to come up with a new version and the user have to go keep on updating the app to avail the benefits of the latest version of the app. A hybrid app eliminates these issues and makes the maintenance process very simple for the user as well as developer. The user simply requires to update the web page on which the application is running. This makes hybrid apps highly versatile option for app development.

Let’s wrap up

Hybrid apps are an awesome alternative for all those who:

  1. Desires to have apps which can function on multiple platforms.
  2. Desires to extract merits of device potentials like camera, microphone, replication and much more.
  3. Desires to build an application which offer great and swift offline assistance.

A hybrid app development company makes use of web technologies which imply that a huge amount of web developers are well-equipped with the appropriate skills and techniques to develop a hybrid mobile app. For ease of development check out Matellio which effectively caters to the need of hybrid app development.

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