Top 11 Factors CEOs Should Consider While Hiring a Cross-platform Mobile App Development Company

Updated on Apr 20th, 2021

Top 11 Factors CEOs Should Consider While Hiring a Cross-platform Mobile App Development Company

Smartphones have become quite crucial and have been turned into a significant part of various businesses. 

From retail, hospitality, transportation, education, healthcare, marketing, manufacturing, as well as many other industries, etc.

And the mobile apps are often preferred by most of the business leaders. The prominent goal behind the development of the mobile business app is to maximize the reach of the business with much more user engagement. 

The effective way to seamlessly run a business to reach the target audience is through mobile apps. Here smartphones play quite an essential role in customer interaction. 

What is Cross-Platform Mobile App Development?

The cross-platform mobile app development is the development of mobile apps that can be used in multiple mobile platforms. It consists of creating a code base for the products supported on different operating platforms. Initially, it was quite complex to develop new mobile apps, the reason being it was challenging to build a backend that would work on multiple platforms. 

The trend of cross-platform was established from the mobile application. Cross-platform mobile development could either involve the event that is going to allow the app to be sent to several native platforms or developing an original app on a native platform, for instance, Android, Windows, and iOS.

The following are significant advantages of cross-platform mobile development:

1: It is Cost-Effective:

The cross-platform mobile app has turned out to be economical for most of the organizations by operating on different platforms on a single code base. Because of the development of the cross-platform mobile app development, companies need to invest once now, to get their app developed. This is better as compared to earlier when one had to spend a lot of resources to create new tools and technology instantly. 

The companies do not need to develop new applications separately for each platform. Although the code is produced once, the programmers can translate it to several other programming languages. 

2: One Can Use Reusable Codes:

One more benefit of the cross-platform mobile networks is, the codes can be used in repetition. Programmers do not need to design new codes for each platform they develop, and they could reuse the code for all the platforms. This not only saves time but the resources as well, as it eliminates repeating the same task of developing systems. 

Software developers have also used the reusing of codes, and everyone can attest to the benefits of reusing systems in software development. 

Reusing codes minimizes the task of deploying and maintaining them, thus it decreases the repetition of the tasks. This is beneficial to the company as they save both time and resources.

3: There is Uniformity:

The user’s experience is the most crucial consideration of any application. The cross-platform mobile development app ensures that the overall look of the application is maintained across multiple platforms.

 At times it is quite complex and inefficient to use the methodologies to access a similar app across the different platforms, for instance, Android, iOS, Windows, etc.

Hence, it is also the function of a cross-platform mobile app development company to make sure that they provide a better look for the app by using a single code base used for developing cross-platform applications. 

4: It Is Ideal For Prototyping:

Developing a fully functional prototype is a heroic strategy for product companies who wish to see their idea in the market. Cross-platform mobile app developer works hard to make sure that the product is created as quickly as they can, which offers them the opportunity to get feedback from the customers.

This is beneficial as it helps the product to secure a place in the mobile market. Moreover, It is e product hits the market first to that nobody can seize your opportunity. Providing feedback about the platforms to the mobile app development companies helps them to rectify mistakes they may have left during the app development or add more features to satisfy their consumers.

5: Easy Access to Plug-Ins:

Providing easy access to the plug-ins is the best trait of any cross development mobile app development. It simplifies the entire development process. 

Recently, in the technology sector, there has been a lot going on. For instance, PhoneGap or Appcelerator can be used to access some plugins easily. 

These technologies provide a cross-platform solution to any mobile app development company in order to make changes whenever and wherever required. 

This means that standard links, like, API can be used on multiple platforms, and modifications can be done quickly. This is an advantage as it is the utilization of resources and translating them into different platforms, which makes it relatively easier to sync updates across all mobile phones.

Factors CEOs Should Consider While Hiring a Cross-platform Mobile App Development Company:

Let’s begin with the factors which could help you find the most excellent cross-platform mobile app development agency:

1: B2B Rating and Review Platforms:

Numbers of search results available on Google make it complicated at times to decide which mobile app development agency to hire. 

To shorten the process, various B2B rating and review platforms like AppFutura, Clutch, and GoodFirms do a survey and provides a list of top app development agencies across the globe. 

Hence you can go through such lists to enhance the process.

2: Location:

The location plays a vital role and makes a massive difference in the decision process. The difference in location causes a change in time zones, which affects the entire communication level. 

Moreover, some locations are having the most excellent developers who provide cost-effective mobility solutions. while there are some countries where the developer is expensive and offers average services. So, it would be wise to consider the location as well. 

3: Portfolio:

It acts as a window to the experience and expertise of mobile app and website development agencies. Due to this, you get a clarity of the type of applications they have developed since the tech stack they have already worked with, the industries they have served, the ROI gained, something which could eventually help you to predict the future of your app idea while hiring the company.

4: Expertise and Experience: 

Expertise and experience is a crucial element which CEOs must keep in mind while selecting a mobile app development partner for themselves. And the reason being, an app development company with such expertise in creating apps for a platform or using any specific technology can provide us better insights and the best quality of the services. 

Besides, more experience in the industry shows that the company has faced and mitigated various challenges related to the development process. Something that can assure you that the app developers can handle all the critical situations and, are able to deliver you the best mobile application development services.

5: Client Feedback:

Getting the right services is not enough when it comes to selecting an app partner. Having a smooth and long term relationship is very crucial. To know what type of business relationship the mobile app development agency maintain, it is better to have a word with their previous clients. After all, they can provide you with the inside scoops.

6: Team Size:

Team size is a two-way process, wherein some companies assign a dedicated team for your business app project, whereas some companies allocate multiple projects to the same team. In such cases, the communication level, as well as the quality of applications, gets compromised. 

So, prefer a well-established app development company with a broader team and the one who assigns a dedicated individual team to your app needs.

7: NDA Agreement:

The Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) allows the CEOs to find the right app development partner. The reason being the NDA is a legal document, and no fraud company would agree to sign it.

In case, any company is giving you unacceptable reasons to overlook the need to sign an NDA, leave them right there. Instead, go for a mobile application development agency that themselves introduce NDA agreement at the beginning of a partnership. 

8: Involvement:

Nobody is aware of your project as you are. Therefore, your participation in the project is substantial. You need to ensure that the company takes enough input and feedback for the development of the apps and provides you with the wireframes and prototypes. Try and Understand the project clarity from the company about the number of iterations. 

9: Timeline:

App development agencies are required to establish a project timeline and hence, convey it to their clients. Because most of the app development companies are working on multiple projects at a given point of time. It is of utmost importance for long term relationships and maintains reputation at the same time. They should deliver your project on time. We can ensure this by allocating skilled, experienced, and dedicated team for the project. 

10: Design:

As we know, coding and Design are two deciding factors of any mobile application. The company you selected for your app development has to be proficient with the functional design aspect of the app while keeping user interface and user experience in mind. Few Mobile App Development Companies also provide the design mockup and prototype during the proposal phase. 

11: Release:

It is essential to know the app submission guidelines and the policy of the company. The professional mobile app development company will guide you or walk you through the process. 

The app development company stays with their clients throughout the app development cycle and even after that, unlike many other companies who leave once the initial development is completed.


You would probably have plenty of options for app development in the market. Hence, it is to do thorough research about the company you are planning to pursue business with. In order to build an enterprise-grade app, you’ll need to find a top Mobile App Development Company that has technical expertise, as well as excellent communication skills, proven track record, energetic team to assist you in building a successful mobile app. At Matellio, we understand your need for a successful mobile app, and so we implement design and development strategies to build an app as per your preferences.

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