Top 5 Insurance Agency Management Software

Updated on Apr 20th, 2021

Top 5 Insurance Agency Management Software

Setting specific priorities and establishing enduring business relationships are critical components of a successful insurance company’s Management. The first thing that will come into view when operating an insurance firm is effectiveness and efficiency. With the growing number of insurance policyholders, it is becoming difficult for insurance companies to manage daily activities, such as filling out paperwork and arranging multiple policy pages and many other documents.

Also, advertising activities such as engaging with consumers, follow-up leads, etc., become time-intensive and complicated when and when the insurance firm expands. For a business that offers insurance plans, its customers are the most significant assets. These businesses must make every effort to fulfill the needs of consumers and improve their connections with them. This, in turn, will ensure the consumer base is extended, and the company will boost sales and profits.

Insurance agency management software plays a significant role here. It supports insurance companies by driving up their business operations, improving customer services, and hitting their sales targets to increase their quality and productivity. Besides that, it is challenging to approach internet-savvy consumers in this age without deploying software that meets their requirements.

The insurance agency management software has been one of the practical approaches that could be used on a specific instance basis in an insurance company’s divisions. It helps agencies of all sizes track and sustain customer relationships, enhance marketing & sales activities, and track their business’s sales performance. Besides, these resources provide back-office features such as automated processes and commissioning to promote the agent’s work. In this blog, we’ve listed the top 5 insurance agency management software, but before you go through it, let’s us brief you about,

  • What is the insurance agency management software?
  • Benefits of using IAMS for business.
  • Features to look-out for in IAMS.
  • Top 5 insurance agency management software.

So, without taking much of your time, let’s get started.

What is the insurance agency management software?

Insurance agency management software is designed to consider the unique needs of insurance companies, agents, and insurance policyholders. It is an excellent mix of CRM software and ERP software, which guarantees it is being used by insurance companies to support your customers, streamline business processes, and simplify your business processes. It allows you to stay one phase ahead of your competition by providing you, your team & your customers with the documentation, details, and ease of getting tasks finished rapidly and correctly.

This software will help you keep track of policies and claims data on the admin side, control the teams, and much more. This software also has a customer part, allowing the customers to sign in and do things like review their policy records, fill out paperwork and make online transactions.


Benefits of using Insurance agency management software for business 

Specialized custom insurance agency management software will give the insurance provider several advantages across more conventional work, including paper and a pen or spreadsheets. With a software framework in place for insurance, you may expect.

  • Improved performance in processes – It will save the company a lot of time by storing all the information in a conveniently searchable database and simplifying repetitive payment or reporting processes.
  • Increased protection for data – Important consumer or carrier data in easily crack-able word documents should not be kept. The functionality of encryption and authentication mechanisms contained in insurance software will keep your data secure.
  • Better observance of legislation – By manual processes, keeping on top of ever-changing legislation can be an enormous time drain and result in substantial errors. Insurance apps can automatically emphasize any places which need your attention.
  • Fewer communication breakdowns – Apps like task management, automated alerts, and contact monitoring will ensure that the gaps operating with clients, carriers, or otherwise do not fall into something.
  • The capacity to offer superior service – Insurance buyers, depend on you until you provide simple, reliable assessments of their circumstances and the abilities to create self-service demands at their own time. Technology for insurance will allow for this.
  • Other benefits – There are various other benefits of using insurance agency management software like:
    • It improved client data management.
    • It has enhanced data security.
    • Improved data storage & compliance.
    • Boosts retention.
    • Better customer retention.
    • Maximizes profits and efficiency.

Features to look for in ideal insurance agency management software

Must-Have Features

  • Policy management.
  • Claim management.
  • Third-party Integration.
  • Advance analytics.
  • Underwriting.
  • Task management.
  • Real-time information.
  • Clients tracking.
  • Auto premium alerts.
  • Reporting.
  • Rating.
  • Client portal.

We know that it could be daunting to find the best insurance agency management software precisely perfect for your agency. Now that you know the features to check for within the software of an insurance agency, it would indeed be useful to select the best software for insurance agencies listed below.

Insurance Agency Management Software Development Company

Top 5 Best insurance agency management software

1. Velocity 

Velocity is a robust insurance agency management system that serves the needs of MGAs, Program Managers, Sellers, insurance carriers, reinsurers, and retailers, specialized in the property & casualty industry. With the aid of its modular features, architectural design, and scripting features, it also can manage the entire workflow. It is a customizable application that allows you to control the way you want your business processes.

Features Velocity offers:

  • It empowers you to evaluate, quote, and issue policies for insurance.
  • Helps with mass requests & renewals.
  • Facilitates Management of claims.
  • Allows attachments & Emails to be drag/dropped.
  • Comprises standardized scripts for workflow.
  • Could even monitor sales and provide reports & viewpoints.
  • Facilitates sales and prospecting.

2. AgencyBloc

AgencyBloc is software for managing life and health insurance companies that aim to increase the efficiency, performance, and cost control of businesses in today’s dynamic marketplace. The system includes a cloud-based organizational and flexible agency management system that tracks legislation, handles agents & commissions, and offers operational efficiency monitoring reporting tools.

Features AgencyBloc offers 

  • It also offers record management functionality that allows sensitive documents and electronic scans to be processed at one centralized location by agents and much other staff.
  • The agent may provide notes or records to individual accounts for rapid recovery.
  • It offers a 360-degree view of each account to users, from touch to policy, continuing communications and documentation available from wherever online.
  • AgencyBloc lets you find any commissions which have not been earned so that what you expect can indeed be received.

3. NextAgency

In an insurance agency management system with CRM and incentive management solutions, NextAgency saves time, resources, and clients for health and life brokers, plus the opportunity to exchange profit data with their clients. NextAgency allows large and small organizations to automate activities, monitor commitments, and organize their information, whether groups or individuals are their priority. NextAgency is developed for organizations in life and health, but P&C and many other policies can also be monitored. Perhaps better, NextAgency is incredibly scalable. This helps agencies to adapt the software to meet the needs of their organizations better. The framework comes with handy pipelines, for example. Everyone can be edited or removed, however. And users can have their development.

Features NextAgency offers:

  • Auto-assign emails to customers and prospects.
  • Grow sales with robust CRM tools that control leads.
  • Access records in the personal library of your agency where and when you need them.
  • Bring high client value by offering free profit portals to your clients.

4. NowCerts 

NowCerts is regarded as a smart, reliable, and comfortable management system for insurance companies with flexible features that allow you to streamline your activities and serve your customers better. It makes it possible to incorporate extremely creative and revolutionary applications into your 10+ favorite tools, offering outstanding features. It helps to track payment plans for commissions, fines, and interest rates. Before investing, you can test this app for 30 days for free to get the result you need.

Features NowCerts offers: 

  • Provides easy to use forms for marketing.
  • The clients are capable of issuing their certificates.
  • Offers automatic updates of policy details directly from insurance carrier databases.
  • Task managers provide the ability to delegate tasks to agents and control their efficiency.
  • Enables secure storage of records and files.

5. Sibro V3

Libro is the most comfortable and most straightforward software specifically designed to handle edge to edge insurance business. It helps keep track of all policies, statements, and installments and informs you of renewal dues and follow-ups. Not only does it make the job quicker and easier, but it also allows you to remain organized, scale better, and grow much faster. It simplifies dual work so that in future acts, the system will automatically prefill it when you have filled out that information. This prevents you away from headaches, mainly when the number of your customers is high. The software’s distinctive feature is that it enables you to send an email straight from the software to insurance firms and clients. This allows you to stop flipping between multiple tabs and saves you a lot of time and effort.

Features Sibro V3 offers:

  • Control of Prospecting & RFQ.
  • The Administration of Policy & Renewal.
  • Control of claims & TPA.
  • Managing Accounts & Reports.
  • Reminders for Follow-ups & Renewals.
  • Mailing & WhatsApp Integration built-in
  • Login Business Portal.



Your company needs to choose the best insurance agency software, affecting your operations, sales and marketing, and customer support. And it has a high effect on the support and welfare of internal employees. It would help if you also had the right tools to tackle this issue to control your insurance agency’s customers. And as you know, in this blog, we’re talking about the list of the best software for insurance agency management that lets you handle & maintain your operation. Now it’s your choice to choose the right one that suits your needs. If you are looking for custom insurance agency management software to get developed, contact us, and we would love to build it.

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