Fintech Software Development
Build scalable and cost-effective digital finance solutions and make your business more agile, efficient, and sustainable.

What are Fintech Solutions?

Fintech or financial technology is an emerging technology platform that aims to improve the processes, management, and services of financial institutions. It is an excellent platform that uses high-end technologies like cryptocurrency, payment apps, digital banking software, etc. to improve economic activities.
Fintech solutions make financial services more accessible to the common public and enable businesses and customers to manage their financial operations easily using mobile apps and specialized software. Fintech solutions are readily used by banks, insurance companies, finance companies, credit unions, and much more to speed-up their business growth.

Our Expertise

Matellio offers secure and cost effective solutions to scale your business to great heights.


Core Banking Services

Robust fintech solutions integrated with corporate systems that enable the businesses and the users to manage and organize their personal finances, financial data, daily expenses, and much more effectively.

Omnichannel Banking Systems

Financial Solutions

Secure Payment Services

Corporate and Legal solutions

Insurance Software


Digital and Mobile Banking

Dynamic mobile apps enable your valuable customers seamlessly handle their daily banking operations on the go and to provide them personalized user experience.

Internet Banking Apps

UI/UX Component

Secured Transactions

Contactless Payment Systems

Intuitive Dashboards


Blockchain Technology Solution

Blockchain Technology Solutions to streamline your business operations and to ensure safety and more savings in your financial services.

Cryptocurrency Operations

Smart Contracts

ICO Launch Support

Identity Management

Enhanced Security


Digital Wallets

A powerful digital tool that offers secure and reliable digital payment options to your users to meet their everyday financial needs.

Funds Exchange

Digital Payment options

P2P Payments

In-app currency

Money Transfer


Financial Analytics

Scalable and secure data warehouses and AI algorithms that aggregate and analyze a tremendous amount of financial data.

Financial Reporting

Predictive Analysis

Fraud Management

AI-based Algorithms

Market Trends

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Frequently Asked Question

The cost of building a finance software usually depends on some critical aspects like platform selected, the technology used, features included, etc. You can send us your ideas to get an accurate estimation of your product pricing.

We deal in all sorts of financial solutions like Banking CRM, Accounts and Finance Software, Insurance Apps, Asset Management Software, Expense Management Software, Digital Banking Apps, and so on.

Matellio has years of experience in developing robust solutions for different industry verticals like Finance, Healthcare, Retail, Construction, Real Estate, and so on.

It is possible to manage your accounts using spreadsheets and papers. However, when you start handling more transactions, accounting software will make your work efficient. And when you use software from day one, then it automatically becomes much easier to handle that thing.

Yes. In general, the reputable cloud-based service providers invest a lot in making their software secure and keeping their client data safe. So, make sure that you choose a trustworthy service provider that uses data encryption (SSL certification) while developing software.

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