Top 5 Reasons Enterprises Should Opt for Bespoke Software Development Over Off-the-Shelf Alternatives

Updated on Apr 20th, 2021

Custom Software vs Ready-to-deploy counterparts- Choice has been haunting enterprise owners ever since, and till now, there’s no clear answer for many of them. 

Off-the-shelf software can be easily installed on systems while custom software is tailored exactly as you need. The two technologies are diversely different in terms of performance, functionalities, and usability. Weighing down the pros and cons, our experts have finally given their vote.

The clear winner is- Custom Software Development

And why not? It keeps most of the technological challenges for enterprises at bay, and without compromising with their need to automate seamlessly. Here we have highlighted some of them for you.

Let’s go through them one-by-one.

1. Complexities in Systems Integration

Various business areas need different tools for efficient operations. While one off-the-shelf software may be efficient with billing and invoicing, others could deliver cutting-edge financial management.

For one or more systems to work in sync, it is required that the data interaction and communication between multiple systems is seamless. Your technology ecosystem needs to work as a single streamlined unit and deliver value across the enterprise. 

This is where system integration comes in. However, when multiple systems are involved, complexities creep in. Each system may have its technology infrastructure requirements, development methodologies, as well as various levels of implementation support, let alone the architectural differences.  

Clear enough, integrating systems manufactured or developed by various vendors is not a cakewalk. Considerable efforts are needed and that singlehandedly outweighs the advantages offered by these systems. 

How Custom Software Development Solves System Integration Problems?

Custom software Development

Custom software is designed and developed by the bespoke software development companies, closely according to your requirements. The suite of enterprise applications includes just the features that your organization requires- even if multiple operations are to be performed by a single software. Clearly defined to fit the objectives of your businesses- custom software follows common standards in development and execution, thereby stimulating flexible and interoperable enterprise technology stack.

2. Scalability Restrictions

Ready-to-implement enterprise software is often advertised for its par excellence scalability. However, the real testing times come when your organization processes demand flexibility beyond the software scope. Evitable to fail, the software isn’t able to cope with the growing demands, and you are left with expensive software that is not up to your enterprise’s standards. 

Well, that’s just another area where custom enterprise software development can be a major game-changer in your technology ecosystem.

How Custom Software Development Solves Scalability Problems?

Components of a custom software are built keeping specific business objectives in mind, and these are not just standard to industry requirements. And that’s how when scalability requirements arise, a custom software is capable of accommodating the unique business demands and process workflows. Moreover, most of these systems can be upgraded as needed without having to be restricted in the vendor’s terms and conditions concerning the software. The best part- all this without posing challenges for the teams already working on such systems. 

3. Future-Readiness 

Well, the formula for growth is pretty clear.

Digitalization + Innovation = Right Strategy that keeps you ahead of the competition curve.

Higher is your innovation, greater are the chances of satisfying diverse business requirements and consumer demands. Expensive and ready-to-deploy software solutions offer limited dimensions for innovation. As an enterprise, you have no option but to wait till the software vendor comes up with the desired innovation or upgrade your plan to add any feature from their catalog. 

But, is there enough room for innovation. Clear NO.

And so, is there a great opportunity to grow. Absolutely, NO.

Answer- Well, of course a custom software.


How Custom Software Development Opens Your Doorway to an Innovative Future?

Assume this: You are an eCommerce brand somewhere in the initial 2000s. Consumer demands were limited and it was okay if products were simply listed. Buyers would still come and buy stuff from you. 

Not so late, things changed. And today, consumers would rather call out to their smartphones to find them a great Red dress for the prom. 

Times change and with that innovation reaches a new arena. If you fail to reach the consumer’s expectations, you are evident to fall flat. 

That’s where custom software development comes it- Yet again.

It gives you a new arena for experimentation and brings on more innovative concepts faster without depending on the technology vendors for you to do it. This builds you greater market competence and hence, revenues. 

4. Strong Support

Many times, business’ investments in digital solutions are driven by market trends. That can anytime lead you to a stage where technology may just need a few tweaks and upgrades to get you desired results. And for most of the vendors, it is a new software that a totally new commercial off-the-shelf software can provide. Bringing in new systems can not just pose problems mentioned above, but can also mark the beginning of a huge amount of efforts to maintain existing software that serves other core business processes. 

How Custom Software Development Supports Your Dynamic Requirements?

When businesses go for custom software development, they have the liberty to build new capability on top of existing enterprise applications and hence saving considerable effort in development as well as reducing cost escalations. Having a team to customize existing software is a better alternative than engaging one to implement a third-party solution from scratch and then follow it up with expensive customizations to further suit your business requirements and objectives.

5. Compliance with Standards and Processes

Even cutting-edge digital solutions from leading brands may fail to comply with standard industry rules and processes. While vendors may have considered the recommendations, there is a high chance of losing the track to design and develop out of the box. That often leads to core processes and standards being subject to deviations. 

When third-party digital solutions are directly brought into such deviation prone business scenarios, there will be issues with compliance policies and standards. This is also true when government and other geopolitical influences require custom standard or compliance implementation rules to be followed by enterprise applications. Areas such as data privacy and consent management would be under multiple legal and judicial networks.  A region and a third-party digital solution may not be flexible to handle such variances.

How Custom Software Development Solves Compliance Issues?

This is yet another scope for custom software development to take center stage and empower businesses with the flexibility to meet their unique compliance requirements. Any technology implementation done today should be closely linked to business objectives, and enterprises need to have a clear idea on the business use cases that a particular technology could solve. With custom software development, it is possible to have a clear picture of the quantifiable value every investment in enterprise application development is made.

Ready for Custom Enterprise Software Development?


Well, even if you aren’t, don’t worry. We’re here to help. 

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