Top 6 Latest Restaurant Technology Trends to Watch Out in 2023 and Beyond

Updated on Apr 18th, 2024

Top 6 Latest Restaurant Technology Trends to Watch Out in 2023 and Beyond

Are you a restaurant owner or manager looking to thrive in an industry that’s constantly evolving? Well, then, these future-proof restaurant technology trends are for you!  

Innovation is the only thing constant in today’s dynamic world. Businesses, irrespective of their size and domains, are digitizing at a rapid pace, and the restaurant industry is no exception. In this fast-paced era, where customer expectations are at an all-time high, restaurant technology trends are emerging as game-changers, revolutionizing the way we dine out.   

Don’t you believe us? Here are some eye-opening statistics that support the adoption of the restaurant industry technology trends:  

  • According to a survey conducted by Toast, a restaurant management platform, 79% of restaurant customers agree that technology improves their dining experience.  
  • A report by Technomic, a food service research and consulting firm, stated that more than 50% of restaurant operators in the United States have implemented online ordering systems.  
  • In a global survey conducted by Oracle Food and Beverage, it was found that 67% of respondents believed the implementation of digital solutions and mobile apps could enhance restaurant operations.   
  • The global online food delivery market is projected to reach a staggering value of $200 billion by 2025.    
  • According to an analysis conducted by Statista, the number of food delivery app users worldwide is projected to reach approximately 754 million in 2023.

Well, now you can’t deny that adoption of these restaurant technology trends is the future of businesses operating in this domain. So, when most of your competitors are leveraging digital transformation services, why are you lagging?  

Discover a wide array of the latest and future-proof restaurant technology trends that will definitely help you innovate and earn whopping revenues with less effort. We will also list the top restaurant solutions that you can implement in your business for better growth and a higher CX.

  • Several restaurant technology trends are today benefiting global brands. 
  • Top technology trends for restaurants, such as the adoption of AI/ML solutions, investment in custom mobile app development, contactless ordering, chatbots for customer services, etc., have become the most popular in the market.  
  • The use of smart IoT solutions and data analytics for better decision-making capabilities are other restaurant technology trends that are promising in 2023 and beyond.  
  • You can connect with a top digital transformation service provider like Matellio to identify the best restaurant technology trends for your business and implement them seamlessly with expert’s assistance.

Top Restaurant Technology Trends that are Profitable in 2023 and Beyond


Here are the top result-oriented restaurant industry technology trends that have helped many companies and can help you, too, in gaining a higher brand value and better revenues.  

The Adoption of Restaurant Software Solutions and Apps

The foremost restaurant technology trend that accelerated in recent years is the adoption of restaurant management software solutions and mobile applications. As per a trusted source, the market for restaurant mobile app development market has already surpassed $25 billion in the USA alone. It will further exceed the mark of $40 billion by 2024!    

But why could be the reason for the adoption of these digital enterprise solutions in the restaurant industry? Well, there are several. To name a few, we have:  

  • Restaurant management software solutions help you automate mundane and critical tasks of your business ranging from accounting and report creation to inventory management and stock updates.   
  • Restaurant mobile apps and digital solutions allow your valuable customers to easily place orders, make reservations, and access loyalty programs. All of that improves their overall experience and increases satisfaction.  
  • You can even incorporate smart AI/ML features like chatbots, personalized recommendations, automated RPA solutions for inventory management, and more in a customized restaurant management system.   
  • Not just customers, but you can also track the working hours of your employees, make their salaries, assign them to work, and manage their leaves via a customized restaurant management software solution.   
  • Data analytics, which is considered the most important aspect of any business these days, can also be implemented in these digital solutions for restaurants. Restaurant software solutions and apps with data analytics module help owners make informed decisions based on the latest market needs, customer requirements, and the latest trends.  

Due to all such reasons, this specific restaurant technology trend is gaining momentum and is in the first place on our list. In fact, a study by Statista reveals that 67% of people in the USA prefer to use a restaurant app to order their favorite food, and 87% across the world search for nearby restaurants using their smartphones.   

To leverage such golden opportunities, restaurants across the world leverage this excellent restaurant industry technology trend. So, why should you lag? Connect with a reliable software development company to learn more about restaurant software and app development.   

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AI-powered Chatbots and Smart Customer Service Solutions

The next big restaurant technology trend for 2023 and beyond is the adoption of AI-powered solutions. Today, whether we talk about suggesting food options, handling customers, managing inventory levels, or even delivering food, everything is managed by smart AI enterprise solutions. Well, the leading restaurants do!  

For instance, McDonald’s has placed AI-powered ordering kiosks in their restaurants. Del Taco is another brand that is using voice-activated AI-powered solutions for orders at its drive-thru. In fact, as per Capterra’s 2022 Restaurant Automation Survey, almost 76% of restaurants are using AI automation in three or more areas of their business.   

But why are they using smart solutions and AI development services for their restaurant business? Well, there are several excellent reasons for it. Here are some compelling ones:  

They-Can-offer-Personalized-Customer-Services-and-a-Better-CXThey Can offer Personalized Customer Services and a Better CX

We all know that AI is actively used in enhancing customer support operations. In fact, chatbots are today the most essential component for gaining a competitive edge. However, restaurant technology trends evolved a bit further. Today, many restaurants are using AI to analyze customer data and preferences and deliver personalized recommendations and offers. From the most ordered food through online means to the most picked item from the menu and the trending dish in the market, AI collects and analyzes data from various sources to enhance the dining experience and foster customer loyalty.   

AI Offers Better Operational EfficiencyAI Offers Better Operational Efficiency

AI is not just about enhanced customer service. In the real world, restaurants are leveraging technology trends and utilizing custom AI-powered systems to automate various tasks like order taking, reservations, and inventory management, improving efficiency and reducing manual errors. We have already seen the example of McDonald’s.   

Cost ReductionCost Reduction

By optimizing your resources, automating mundane tasks like customer support, order intakes, bill generations, etc., AI solutions can easily reduce your operational cost. You can also get services like demand prediction, data analytics, inventory management, etc., for your restaurant with AI solutions.    

Data driven Decision-MakingData-driven Decision Making

As a restaurant business owner, you can leverage this restaurant technology trend of using AI algorithms to analyze large volumes of data. All of that will help you to get insights into customer behavior, market trends, and operational performance, enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Due to such magnificent benefits, this restaurant industry technology trend is gaining huge momentum these days whether leading brands or startups, every company operating in the restaurant industry is leveraging AI development services to beat the competition.   

So, if you are also planning to implement AI in the restaurant business, we are here to help you. Connect with our experts over a free 30-minute consultation call and get a free quote for your custom AI solution!  

Contactless Ordering and Pay-at-Table Solutions

Another amazing and result-oriented technology trend for the restaurant industry is contactless ordering and pay-at-table solutions. Well, this specific restaurant technology trend is not new. However, its benefits have lured many companies across the world to adopt it for better customer services and growth in revenues.   

But what exactly are contactless payment and pay-at-table solutions, and how are they helpful?  

Well, contactless payment is a digital transaction method that uses near-field communication (NFC) technology or mobile wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay to enable the customer to pay for the services leveraged by them.   

On the other hand, pay-at-table solutions enable restaurant customers to settle their bills directly at their table, typically using a tablet. With this solution, the customer’s order and bill are digitally transmitted to the device, allowing them to review the charges and make payment securely without the need to hand over a credit card or cash to a waiter or visit a centralized payment counter.  

So, if you leverage this restaurant technology trend for your business, you can streamline your financial operations, improve order accuracy, enhance customer convenience, reduce wait times, and potentially increase table turnover rates.   

In short, these solutions, when integrated with your custom point-of-sale (POS) system, facilitate seamless synchronization of orders, billing, and inventory management. So, contact a trusted software development company that can help you with the development of these two brilliant restaurant solutions! Fill out our free consultation form to get started today!  

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IoT-based Restaurant Solutions

Next on the list of top restaurant technology trends for 2023 and beyond is IoT in the restaurant industry! A report by Oracle reveals that around 53% of foodservice operators have already implemented IoT solutions in their businesses, and 78% of them believe that IoT will be critical for their future success.   

In fact, leading restaurant brands like McDonald’s and Domino’s have embraced IoT-enabled devices such as smart ovens, connected kitchen appliances, and digital signage to streamline operations, optimize energy consumption, and enhance customer engagement.   

But why is this specific restaurant technology trend the future of the industry? Well, here are certain reasons:  

IoT in the Restaurant Industry – A Game-Changing Move

In short, this future-ready restaurant technology trend for 2023 and beyond can lead to improved operational efficiency, cost savings, enhanced customer experience, and data-driven decision-making. Hence, this can be your game-changing move to be a step ahead of your competitors by implementing a custom IoT-based solution for your restaurant.   


Drone Food Delivery Systems

Another important technology trend in the restaurant industry is drone food delivery systems. The concept of drones is quickly gaining pace in today’s competitive market. Whether in photography, monitoring, or food delivery, companies are making use of drone systems to gain a competitive advantage and lure more customers.   

As per trusted sources, the global drone package delivery market was already valued at is projected to grow from $1.5224 billion in 2021. The market will further surpass $31.1887 billion by 2028. Hence, restaurants around the world are leveraging this specific restaurant technology trend to gain better brand value. And why not?  

After all, there are several excellent benefits of adopting drone solutions for food delivery:  

Faster Delivery TimesFaster Delivery Times

Drones can navigate through traffic and take direct routes, resulting in quicker food delivery to customers.

Reduced Delivery CostsReduced Delivery Costs

Drones eliminate the need for traditional delivery vehicles and manpower, leading to cost savings for businesses.

Expanded Delivery CoverageExpanded Delivery Coverage

Drones can reach remote or inaccessible areas where traditional delivery methods are challenging or impractical.

Improved Efficiency and AccuracyImproved Efficiency and Accuracy

Automated drone systems ensure precise delivery coordination and minimize human error.

Enhanced Customer ExperienceEnhanced Customer Experience  

Prompt and efficient drone deliveries provide convenience and satisfaction to customers.

Reduced Traffic CongestionReduced Traffic Congestion

Drones bypass road traffic, reducing congestion and enabling faster deliveries for all modes of transportation.

Minimized Carbon FootprintMinimized Carbon Footprint

Electric-powered drones emit zero or low emissions, contributing to environmental sustainability.

Effective Contactless Delivery OptionEffective Contactless Delivery Option

Drones enable contactless delivery, mitigating the risk of physical contact during the delivery process.

Ability to Reach Remote or Inaccessible AreasAbility to Reach Remote or Inaccessible Areas

Drones can facilitate deliveries to areas with limited infrastructure, enhancing accessibility for customers in those regions.   

Hence, you should also follow the league of successful brands of your niche by leveraging this restaurant industry technology trend for 2023 and beyond! If you need any assistance or a tailored drone solution, then we are always here to help you.   

Cloud and SaaS Applications for the Restaurants

Last but not least, we have the adoption of cloud and SaaS applications as our final restaurant technology trend of 2023 and beyond. Well, cloud and SaaS applications are not new to the restaurant industry. However, their significant benefits, especially in terms of costs, time, data security, analytics, improved custom experiences, and accurate demand prediction, made them the hottest restaurant technology trend for 2023 and beyond.  

Cloud migration and SaaS development services eliminate the need for on-premises infrastructure, and the data is stored remotely, thereby reducing operational and infrastructure costs. They also help businesses to analyze large chunks of data, which especially focuses on the latest market demands, customer requirements, preferences, and future demand forecasts. Restaurants can leverage this technology trend to accommodate business growth, enable remote accessibility and collaboration, ensure data security and backup, provide automatic updates and facilitate seamless integration with other applications and platforms.  

Here are a few other ways by which you can enjoy the benefits of cloud and SaaS application development services:   

Data-StorageData Storage and Management

Cloud storage allows restaurants to securely store and access large volumes of data, including menus, customer information, sales records, and inventory details.

Inventory ManagementInventory Management

With cloud technology, you get real-time tracking, stock control, and automated replenishment capabilities, improving efficiency and reducing waste.

Faster Delivery TimesOnline Ordering and Delivery Platforms

Cloud-based delivery platforms enable restaurants to manage online orders, track deliveries, and provide real-time updates to customers, enhancing the overall delivery experience.

Analytics and ReportingAnalytics and Reporting

Cloud-based analytics solutions provide insights into sales trends, customer behavior, and operational performance, aiding in data-driven decision-making and performance monitoring.

Collaborative CommunicationCollaborative Communication

Cloud-based collaboration tools facilitate seamless communication among staff members, ensuring effective coordination, task management, and enhanced productivity.  

In short, adopting cloud integration services can be your best choice to digitally transform your business and make use of next-gen technologies, including AI, ML, IoT, and Big Data.

Restaurant Technology Trends

Why Do These Restaurant Technology Trends Matter for Your Business Growth?

Well, this can be the most obvious question for our readers, especially those who are new on their digital transformation journey. Well, we all know that the market is constantly evolving, and the restaurant industry is no exception. For instance, a few years ago, an automated solution that could not only analyze your customers’ preferences but also suggest to them the best dishes based on their taste was only a sci-fi concept. But today, not only has AI made it possible, but the restaurants using recommendation systems are generating whopping revenues. This is also a prominent restaurant technology trend.   

In fact, all such restaurant industry technology trends are important for this business growth. They are vital to meet present-day customer demands and beat the competition. Anyone who opposes or does not follow these restaurant technology trends will soon fall off and become a thing of the past. Why?  

First and foremost, technology can significantly enhance operational efficiency. By implementing advanced systems and tools, restaurants can streamline processes, automate repetitive tasks, and reduce human error, leading to smoother operations and improved productivity.  

Additionally, these top restaurant technology trends enable restaurants to meet evolving customer expectations. With the rise of online ordering, delivery apps, and contactless payments, customers now expect convenience and efficiency when interacting with restaurants. By adopting these technological advancements, restaurants can cater to these preferences, enhance the customer experience, and stay competitive in the market.  

Additionally, technology trends in the restaurant industry can provide valuable data insights for informed decision-making. Technologies like Big Data and AI can be a boon for your business as they help you understand customer preferences, track sales patterns, and identify areas for improvement.    

That’s why a trusted source reveal that the restaurant digitization solutions market size will surpass USD 6.56 billion by 2026. So, when your competitors are digitizing, when should you lag? That’s where Matellio comes in!  

How Can Matellio Help You Digitize Your Restaurant Using the Best Restaurant Technology Trend?

As a leading restaurant software development company, we can help you cater to all your business needs with our transformative digital transformation services. Whether you need cloud migration services, UI/UX consulting, legacy system modernization, a restaurant app, and software development, or IoT and AI development services, we are your one-stop solution.  

We have partnered with leading food brands across the globe and resolved their concerns via our cutting-edge technology solutions. In fact, platforms like Clutch recognize our efforts and professional services by awarding us several titles.  

Here is a glimpse of the companies that we have worked with in the restaurant and food industry.   

White Lotus – An eCommerce Website for Farm and Dairy Products  

What We Did?

We created an online store for the client using Shopify that enables them to sell various farm and dairy products online to different people across the globe. Features such as product availability, customized order, product tracking, and more let the client manage their business more effectively.   

Food Dudes – An On-demand Food Delivery App  

What We Did?

We created a custom food delivery app for the client that has features like online ordering, an online menu, rewards for customers, food delivery, live chat, and gift cards. This custom app enabled the client to take their business online and earn revenues from different locations. We used technologies like Java, Swift, and MySQL for app development.

Hence, we have previously resolved the top concerns for these clients, and we can do that for you too. Simply contact our experts for a free 30-minute consultation and get answers to all your problems. From identifying the latest restaurant trends to creating business-focused solutions, we have everything your business needs to succeed and earn whopping revenues.

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