Top 7 Reasons to Choose Salesforce Commerce Cloud over SAP Commerce Cloud

Updated on Jan 12th, 2024

Top 7 Reasons to Choose Salesforce Commerce Cloud over SAP Commerce Cloud

As a key figure in the global market, e-commerce is gathering momentum. It is true that the shopping online is rising rapidly relative to conventional markets. As wood frame stores are not adequate to provide for bulk sales, this makes it extremely necessary for any organization to create a robust online presence.

Are you seeking to find the most appropriate eCommerce platforms for businesses? The Salesforce Commerce Cloud (Earlier Demandware) and SAP Commerce Cloud (earlier SAP Hybris) are concerned primarily among the leading players when it relates to eCommerce platforms for businesses.

Although both solutions are fantastic with comprehensive and indigenous features, it could be daunting to decide for your company which one is better.

In recent decades, there is an increasing preference between various companies for the Salesforce commerce cloud. Don’t worry; in this blog, we’ll provide observations into distinctions between the above solutions based on multiple criteria. A few of the key reasons why the salesforce commerce cloud offerings should be preferred over the SAP commerce cloud.

So, let’s start with some basics first.

SAP commerce cloud is designed and intended for the broader organizations, and it is far more appropriate for SAP-heavy

Whereas the Salesforce Commerce Cloud helps to create customer interactions that are both intelligent and interactive. It also allows organizations and businesses to gain useful insights into the different marketing channels and improve user interaction. And comes with various other services like salesforce marketing cloud, salesforce sales cloud, and salesforce service cloud.

Hybris was purchased for 1.5 billion dollars by SAP on August 1, 2013, whereas Salesforce reported the completion of its takeover of Demandware for 2.8 billion dollars on July 11, 2016.

Moving on,

Well, let’s discuss

Reasons for choosing Salesforce Commerce Cloud over SAP Commerce Cloud

Want-To-Switch-From-SAP-Commerce-Cloud-To-Salesforce-Commerce-CloudHere are a few primary reasons why the Salesforce commerce cloud offerings should be preferred over the SAP commerce cloud.

1. Offers Unique Features and Functionality

A variety of additional functionality comes with the Salesforce Commerce Cloud. In contrast to the SAP commerce cloud, Salesforce provides organizations with much user-friendly functionality. The SAP Commerce Cloud offers Agile Loading features, consumer money management, management of subscription orders, flexible records management, and integrated simulation of pricing. But at the other extreme, lead generation, localization, consumer segmentation, local targeting, catalog management, AI-powered customization, and A/B testing are the features provided by Salesforce. Many useful features such as targeted promotion management, sequence or consumer pricing, real-time reporting, choices for one-touch payment, and more are also offered.

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2. Support Service 

Once it comes to client service, Salesforce retains a distinctive advantage over SAP. Via mail, phone, live chat support, practice, and tickets, consumers can contact Salesforce, whereas SAP customers could use text message and mobile alone.

The most significant part is that Salesforce Commerce Cloud is mighty, including purchasing to delivery to post-sale service, streamlining business processes, and consolidating consumer experience.

The negative part about SAP Commerce Cloud is that it embraces English as the language. However, many others, including but are not restricted to English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, and Swedish, are supported by the robust Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

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3. Customization 

This other advantage of going for the Salesforce commerce cloud is the customization of customers. A noteworthy functionality recently launched in the Salesforce Commerce Cloud is Predictive Sort. By using functionality, consumers can indeed be encouraged to reach the vast worth of the mechanism of artificial intelligence that tests the analysis, organize the information based on it, and propose selection. This allows success-driven businesses to optimize consumer experience by delivering a friendly user experience. In contrast to this, Predictive Sort makes a big difference in finding opportunities based on purchase habits and customer behavior for repeat business and cross-selling. But at the other extreme, by following Salesforce’s moves, SAP Commerce Cloud is still attempting to get into the rhythm.

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4. Pricing 

The solution or system you would like to use depends on the amount. On a money pricing model, Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s price is provided. Based on the portion commission on online purchases, Salesforce charges you a licensing fee. Even so, based on a subscription-based licensing plan, SAP Commerce Cloud is available. For regular and advanced versions, it has goals. This is focused on your company’s demands, like integration points, implementation models, stakeholders, and application dynamics.

5. Layout

Traditionally, whenever it comes to the Administrator GUI, Salesforce Commerce Cloud has a significant benefit against SAP Commerce Cloud. Salesforce is an impressive and user-friendly tool for newcomers and seasoned users when it comes to day-to-day activities. SAP Commerce Cloud has recently made significant adjustments to its Backend Administration Dashboard, but they are not enough to help it top the list. Even so, SAP Commerce Cloud was able to organize the number of components of the admin panel that existed in older iterations. Through enhanced Product Content Management, it has placed all data sources into a streamlined and adjustable back-office UI platform.


6. Industry use cases 

There is no one-size-fits-all Salesforce Commerce Cloud solution. It can be applied across sectors and diverse sizes of companies. This software generates more customized shopping experiences. On the other hand, for larger companies, the SAP Commerce Cloud is relevant and has simple ecommerce functionality.

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7. Scalability

If your ultimate aim is to turn your e-commerce profitability and enhance business performance, then scalability is an essential feature when selecting an e-commerce system. As among the most excellent cloud-based products, Salesforce Commerce Cloud can deal without any interruption with massive traffic surges. Besides, Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s multi-language, multi-currency, and inter support helps you quickly ramp up your e-commerce business throughout all geographical regions. Even so, for quasi users, SAP Commerce Cloud is indeed flexible, but it is quite costly and challenging to use.

Moving on, here are some advantages of the salesforce commerce cloud. Take a look.

How is your business going to benefit from the custom salesforce commerce cloud software?

In addition to offering the data with interoperability and security, the cloud-hosted Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform provides a range of organizational advantages and business tools like:

  • Offers unique marketing tools.
  • Ensures useful data analysis.
  • Enhances shopping experience.
  • Improves mobile experience.
  • Provides advanced customer segmentation.
  • Have Omni-channel abilities.
  • Offers machine learning-driven reporting.
  • Provides personalization through Einstein AI.
  • Offers cloud support.

salesforce commerce cloud b2b

In a nutshell

Doubtlessly, whenever it comes to giving their clients a more customized customer experience, Salesforce Commerce Cloud would be a far better pick. In the fiercely competitive market setting of today. It would help if you had a tool like Salesforce Commerce Cloud in a high-demand consumer environment to remain competitive and get ahead. Businesses will achieve significant results in an intense competition period with this system.

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