Top 8 Benefits Of Salesforce CRM For Law Firms

Updated on Jan 12th, 2024


Legal firms handle a wide range of clients with varying requirements, so it’s expected that they’ll need a more structured approach than spreadsheets at some point. If you’re a corporation or a legal firm, the secret to success in your line of work is to build positive relations with clients. You ought, to begin with, a significant positive impression, which would be, of definition, excellent customer service, in hopes to develop a stable link and give your client another enriching experience! Furthermore, providing more streamlined and hassle-free services to your clients means that not only have you increased your chances of getting repeat business from that client but also the chances of them recommending your services to someone else.  

Many aspects make a legal firm well-known and valued, and the forefront is undoubtedly client satisfaction. To compete better in today’s world, legal firms must collect information and provide all information in a common source for each context of business growth and customer service inside the corporation. That’s where Salesforce CRM for law firms is beneficial. 

Lawyers will have valuable tools and information in the fields of marketing, advertising, client management, and many more if they use an automated approach like Salesforce CRM software. By using an automation solution, attorneys will have helpful tools and resources in sales, marketing, and customer service. Salesforce for legal firms is a software application that allows you to control your business’s operation, maintain information organized and secure, and standardize your practice. 

Due to its many benefits, many major law firms and corporations are investing heavily in finding the perfect Salesforce CRM developer to build their custom solutions. But if you are still not sure how a Salesforce CRM tool will help your legal business, then this is the blog for you. In it, we discuss top eight benefits of CRM software for law firms and also, how how salesforce CRM can revolutionize law firms, legal industry and increase lead generation. 

But before we get to that, let’s take a brief detour and learn a little about Salesforce CRM and its basic functions.

What is Salesforce CRM? What Does it Offer?

For the uninitiated, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. 

The key function of such management tools is to help companies better maintain their relationship with their clients. Salesforce CRM software streamlines a business’s communications with current and future customers. To strengthen strategic partnerships, it analyses data from the communication of clients with the firm. Salesforce CRM assists law firms in maintaining relationships with prospective clients by promoting interaction. With data processing and report automation, they optimize their efficiency and produce more profits through structured and simplified marketing campaigns. 

Furthermore, by using the Salesforce mobile app, legal firms will be able to change how they communicate with their clients. Salesforce legal CRM ensures lawyers and employees have access to the entire overview of their reports and similar topics to meet critical company networks to drive more significant interaction, whether they’re in the workplace or on their personal computers. 

With perfect knowledge of each customer on a unified platform, Salesforce CRM offers a strategic edge to legal firms in two ways: 

  • Clients should be communicated in a tailored way. 
  • Helps to make strategic decisions, led by effective reporting and statistics. 

Salesforce CRM minimizes the sum of documentation between the firm’s clients and the jury for law firms. It has a range of user-friendly tools for the unique monitoring of documentations, as processing vast volumes of sensitive information is exceptionally hard. Once all of the documentation is thoroughly systematized and collated into a user-friendly database server, the business’s staff would have a much easier time locating the details they require. 

Law firms can discover so much about their clients with the salesforce CRM system’s aid and suggest advice customized to their preferences. Several law firms use custom salesforce CRM software to provide their customer base with improved and good repeatability. But how to find whether salesforce CRM is right for your law firm? Read on, 

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Why use Salesforce CRM for Law Firm? Why do You Need it? Top Reasons! 

Here are a few reasons to use Salesforcepowered law firm CRM software. 

1. Hard to Assign Tasks and Activities 

Law firms often struggle to keep up with the vast quantities of work they have to deal with regularly. In such instances, these companies would certainly benefit from a Salesforce legal CRM software system that allows them to prioritize tasks and problems, making the overall process much smoother. Salesforce CRM for law firms offers easy accessibility to your region’s clients, consultants, and other professionals, who could help you overcome those issues. 

2. Recurring Scheduling Conflicts 

When arranging schedules, you must weigh all aspects of the situation. And even though you try to do your best, this would not ensure that such customer partnerships can succeed. Your client may miss the schedule, or you may face severe difficulties in preparing documents. All these problems will evolve, which can prevent you from providing quality and satisfactory services to your clients. However, if you use the scheduling feature that comes in-built with the best Salesforce legal CRM software, you can be assured that you can make headway, regardless of external factors. 

3. Lacking Crucial Data and Insights

A robust and multipurpose system for managing customer relationships can allow you to join, organize, and systematize all your details accurately. All the details about your case scenarios will be processed in the same spot. You will not be ripped among various datasets. To hold things in order, an integrated Salesforce CRM solution is what you’ll need. After introducing the Salesforce legal CRM, you don’t have to compare information from multiple repositories and to check for customer data on an ongoing basis. 


4. Effectiveness 

Strong customer care will indicate that the rest of the work is completed smoothly and more efficiently than usual. If the customers know that they are valuable to you and consider their concerns, they can open to you instantly, and then the work is much simpler and split in half. In any industry, productivity is essential, and performing smart is preferable to completing tasks. As a consequence, ensure that your client is in a comfortable and safe environment. 

5. Business Resilience 

If you give your clients satisfactory services, you will not only have high client retention rate, but will be able to boost the influx of new clients which will help you build up good business resilience. It will also lead to more revenue, and all this around each other means that the business will evolve and be powerful for a while. You’ll do well if you treat clients well – they do have a say in the direction your company operates in the future. 

What Salesforce Legal CRM Offers? Features and Functionality 

It ought to be easy to optimize redundant activities and increase research times with salesforce CRM for law firms. Below we’ve mentioned a few of the features and functionality you can use to streamline your law firm’s daily operations. 

Here are a few law firms’ Salesforce CRM functionalities that can strengthen relations with customers and build your legal firm. Take a look!

  • Lead tracking.
  • Repository for contact information.
  • Source tracking.
  • Content tracking.
  • Reminders.
  • Notes Keeping.
  • Automate tasks.
  • Scheduling.
  • In-app Chat.
  • Referral/Discount Management.

  • Email Integration.
  • Push notifications.
  • Templates.
  • Custom templates.
  • E-signatures.
  • Account management.
  • Client management.
  • Calendar integration.
  • Billing.


We hope now you’ve been cleared with the reasons to use it and how it simplifies operations through its features and functionality. Moving on, let’s move forward and discuss, 

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Top Benefits of using Salesforce CRM for Law Firm

There are numerous significant benefits of using Salesforce CRM for law firms. A few of them are: 

1. Helps Keep Records 

You may not be the only lawyer who deals for a specific law firm in certain instances. Often, to collaborate on cases concurrently, multiple colleagues are required. With a Salesforce legal CRM solution, even without repeated data input and redundant messages, this condition can be handled. Your lawyers won’t have to determine who might contact the client and what details will be put into the centralized repository. Any information entered into the CRM solution would be immediately deduplicated, so you’ll be capable of monitoring the messages sent to clients. 

2. Easy Case & Contact Management 

Customers are gradually contacting lawyers via online networks. As a consequence, it’s essential to streamline communication and respond quickly to all client queries. As a response, using the right Salesforce CRM for law firms to streamline support services has become vital to delivering excellent client support and building client loyalty. Besides, the Salesforce legal CRM will make it possible to create all your connections and communities in one location effortlessly. By adding filters to your legal CRM system, you can monitor all communication with consumers from numerous mediums and pay particular attention to urgent cases. 

3. Best for Marketing Operations

You can use your details and Salesforce’s marketing tools like Salesforce Marketing Cloud to deliver personalized emails to clients that have a connection with your company. Salesforce custom development allows you to build a CRM software that you can use to recognize how a customer deals with your company. This will help you send alerts about their renewals or others or to cross-sell extra services. 

By streamlining these marketing campaigns, you will ensure that your clients get the right message at the right moment while also optimizing the manner your company communicates with them. You can quickly simplify campaign activities with a strong Salesforce legal CRM, so your employees won’t spend much of their time on irregular activities. It will potentially save your time for prospecting, for instance, which will effectively allow you to reach additional prospective consumers reliably. 

4. Easy Reporting and Offers Advanced Analytics 

You could make informed choices and use detailed reporting to gather knowledge into the consumer records if your data is easily accessible from anywhere. You can link information from diverse sources, generate reports, and genuinely comprehend information through advanced analytics by using salesforce CRM as the perfect software for law firms. 


5. Ensures More Client Retention and Satisfaction 

At all periods of the day, your customers have to get in touch with you, and it is your responsibility to be as attentive as possible. To receive a favorable recommendation for your legal firm, client satisfaction, interaction, and retention are essential. Salesforce CRM software simplifies the process by guaranteeing that you react to emails promptly and that all customer data is kept in a separate and accessible database. When all you have is a spreadsheet of numbers, such methods are practically not sustainable. 

6. Makes Easy to Plan Tasks and Activities

When you encounter a potential client, this aspect is doubly vital, so you want to make sure to do a thorough follow-up. You may set reminder points with a salesforce legal CRM to reach him or her and set timelines and goals. Thus, by reviewing the client record, you could explicitly verify the follow-up’s success. As your business expands and eventually catches up with the increased influx of assignments, custom Salesforce services are hugely beneficial. 

7. Easy to Create Templates

You could also use Salesforce CRM report templates to construct surveys, initiation forms, and partnership letters, among other items. A prototype will help you save time and effort by allowing you to draft your report easily. Quickly add a draft, including a Note of Hearing, leave particular areas empty, and auto-fill the answers by combining each matter with the paper. Salesforce CRM software makes all these tasks easy. 

8. Ensures Easy Invoicing

It’s essential to keep track of your invoices and accounting records. It allows you to make the right decisions. The Salesforce CRM system speeds up the process and keeps track of data like the number of users and their credit score. Other resources will assist you in keeping track of your payment time, place, and practices. Right from the application, you can transfer funds, make payments, and a lot more. 


Wrapping up

The need for custom CRM systems in the legal industry is rising rapidly. We hope through this blog you can now realize the value of Salesforce CRM software for law firms. With custom salesforce CRM legal firms will link their data like documents, journals, spreadsheets, and many others that were once stored in various systems. 

If you are looking forward to integrating salesforce legal CRM for your law firm and looking for assistance, Matellio is the perfect technology partner for you. Our Salesforce development services are highly scalable, cost-effective, and designed to cater to the needs of businesses on various levels. If you want to get started with your development process and learn more about our offerings, contact us today. 

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