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Matellio offers cutting-edge law firm software solutions and services to small, medium, and large legal enterprises. Drive-in more profits, innovation, and efficiency to your legal business with our software services for law firms.
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    What is

    Get Business-specific Solutions for Your Law Firm

    Seek technological help from our experts, specifically catering to the types of legal firm you own.
    Small Law Firm
    Small Law Firm

    Accelerate your legal business by handling various case-related documents securely in a digital solution.

    Medium-sized Law Firm

    Handle multiple clients efficiently without comprising the quality of your services with litigation software.

    Large Law Firms

    Stand apart from the competitors and gain customer-trust with automated litigation software.

    Get Custom Law Firm Solutions

    Get Superior Client Satisfaction & Better Revenues with Law Firm Software

    Consolidate all your parties' information, case-related proofs, witness records, and invoices in a centralized platform with law firm software. Offer quick case updates to your multiple clients from multiple devices and enhance your customer satisfaction. As a leading law firm software development company, we aim to offer you cutting-edge solutions and services that help you redefine your business' capabilities. Better efficiency, team collaboration, efficient time tracking, and digital billing benefit your legal business by investing in law firm software development.
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    Smart Contract Development
    Smart Contracts

    Streamline your process of creating multiple legal documents by accessing the in-built templates of various legal forms.

    Mobile Access
    Mobile Access

    Deliver information about the cases to your clients even sitting remotely with cloud-based data storage functionality.

    Progress Tracking
    Activity Tracking

    Track every move made in your law firm with a centralized dashboard and robust features of your law firm software solution.

    Highly Collaborative Team
    Team Collaboration

    Schedule hassle-free meetings by accessing the master schedule of your law firm & inviting everyone digitally with a few clicks.

    Distinctive Features of a Custom Law Firm Software Solution

    Discover a wide range of advanced and user-friendly features to ensure the complete success of your custom Law Firm software development.
    Document Management
    Document Management

    Efficiently manage all your business-related documents, retrieve them easily when needed, and share them instantly with our law firm software solutions.

    Activity Tracking
    Activity Tracking

    Automatically record all your business's activities for each client, such as litigation, billings, contracts, and more, with efficient activity tracking.

    Account Management
    Account Management

    Track and monitor every single penny spent on your business activities and manage your expenses effectively with Matellio's efficient law firm billing software.

    Group Scheduling
    Group Scheduling

    Never miss your meetings and dates by scheduling each one of them and adding several users for a group scheduling with a result-oriented law firm software solution.

    Contact Management
    Contact Management

    Legal business involves dealing with many contacts, including clients and staff, and managing them seamlessly for better client management & in-house team management.

    Court Diary Management
    Court Diary Management

    Court dates are meant to be taken seriously, never miss your court date or an important meeting with our best-in-class law firm software solution development.

    Mailing And Messaging
    Mailing And Messaging

    Handling teams efficiently is an important aspect of Law business, mail or broadcast your message to your team efficiently with our custom law firm solutions.

    Business Intelligence
    Business Intelligence

    Getting reports about your business activities are important and the getting detailed reports becomes easy with smart analytics and comprehensive business reports.

    Case Management
    Case Management

    Law businesses often deal with many cases and handle every aspect of your cases, from dates to billings, with ease with Matellio's robust case management software.

    Let's Kickstart Your Law Firm Software Development

    Get in touch with our experts to discover advanced features and tech stack and get a free expert consultation today!
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    Our Law Firm Software Development Services

    Explore a wide range of software development services that promote growth and innovation for your legal business.

    Other Legal Software Solutions that We Can Develop for You

    Frequently asked questions

    1. How many development resources do you usually assign to a law firm software project?

    It depends on the requirement and the complexity of your project. Our experts determine your project needs from a basic level and validate the scope. Depending on the features, tech stack, and project timeline, we assign a finite number of resources to your project. However, the number of resources is not limited throughout the development process; it can be increased or decreased as per the need.

    2. What are the types of Law Firm software solutions you can develop?

    We can develop an efficient law firm software/app for your business as a reliable software development company. However, from a legal business’s point of view, we deliver different types of software/apps that fit perfectly with the legal industry, such as:  

    • Case Management Software  
    • Virtual Law Firm Solutions  
    • Legal Mobile App Development  
    • Litigation Support Software
    • Courtroom Technology Modules
    • Law Firm Integrations
    • Any custom requirements.

    3. How long will it take to develop my law firm software?

    Development of software or mobile app takes time, but it totally depends on the features and functionalities you want to integrate into your project. When you share your requirements with our experts, they will explain to you the dynamics of software development, analyze the project’s scope, and make suggestions to further improve your project! What are you waiting for? Book a call with our experts today!

    4. How secure is my data with your firm?

    Matellio has been serving clients worldwide for more than a decade, and we can proudly say that our client retention rate is much higher than other firms. We take security issues extremely seriously and ensure that none of your data is leaked anywhere. Only authorized personnel have permission to access the sensitive data of the project development. We sign a strict NDA to ensure you that none of our management members, or employees, leaks any kind of data.

    5. Will I have access to all the reports related to my law firm's software development?

    Yes! You will be included in all the meetings and reporting meetings where each stage’s development status will be delivered to you. We value your ideas and make sure to develop best-in-class software for your law firm.

    6. What engagement models do you offer?

    As a trusted software development company, we understand your business needs better than anyone else. Keeping your budget in check is difficult, but it can be easily managed with our flexible engagement models. Whether you are a start-up or a Fortune 500 company, our flexible engagement models the best suit your business needs. See our engagement models:  

    • Turnkey model   
    • Time and material-based model   
    • Dedicated developer model
    • Custom hiring model

    7. What is the cost of law firm software development?

    Our developers create law firm software for businesses of all sizes but to determine the cost, we need to analyze several parameters such as features, technology, development method, number of resources, and more. To get an estimate of your law firm’s software development and validate your ideas, book a 30-minute consultation call with our experts!

    8. Do you provide development system documentation?

    Indeed. Matellio delivers detailed SRS documentation, which has comments to facilitate easy comprehension. Our complete documentation is self-explanatory and in an organized flow to better understand.

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