Top 8 Successful App Ideas for Real Estate Business

Updated on Jan 12th, 2024

Top 8 Successful App Ideas for Real Estate Business

Who thought that virtual reality tours and 3D videos would work in buying the property? But, today, it has all become a reality! Real estate is a rapidly growing sector of the global market. People are investing in the real estate business more than ever, and with the advent of digitization in real estate, the sector went to par. 

People in today’s digital world spend more time on their smartphones and that generated the concept of mobile applications. Real estate apps are a live example of one such type of enterprise apps that have brought ease and effectiveness into the lives of common people. Today, whether an agent, a buyer, or even a seller, everybody is benefiting because of the tremendous benefits of mobile apps in the real estate business

Apps like Zillow, Trulia, and many more are making huge profits and all thanks to their advanced and incredible features and benefits for the users. 

Are you also planning to invest in enterprise applications for your real estate business? Search no more! In our today’s article, we have covered the top eight most incredible real estate app ideas that are sure to make success in 2020 and the coming future. 

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1. Property Listing App

Property Listing App

The first and foremost type of real estate app that is attracting many big leaders of the market is the property listing app. For all the users, who are either in search of buying a property, or selling one, can leverage this kind of real estate app. Not only that, but the investors can also benefit from property listing app by knowing the rates and available deals at different locations.

Furthermore, to make your property listing app a hit in the global market, you can empower the user’s search with a smart calculator, and ML tools. The smart calculator can predict the current value of the property, whereas the ML tools can personalize the services for all your users. You can even include some robust features like search filters, add a property, agent list, favourites, and so on to make your property listing app more engaging and useful for your real estate business. 


  • AI Smart Searches
  • Property Listings
  • Search Filters
  • Push Notifications
  • Add to Favourites

2. Buying and Renting App

Another most effective and profitable app idea for your real estate business is the development of a buying and renting app. As the name suggests, this kind of real estate app is solely meant for the buyers and tenants. It is often seen that buying a house or renting it is often a tedious process that involves a lot of site visits, paperwork, communications, and so on. 

To add further add, the communication is often not very effective, and if so, is very time-consuming with manual ways of searching a property. That’s where a buying and renting app comes to play!

With this type of real estate app, the buyers and the tenants can seamlessly browse through hundreds of properties of their preferred area and can select the best one. You can even provide them with the videos and details of the properties, along with nearby places, to help them make the best purchasing decision. 

The users can ask all the questions directly from the agent or the seller using this kind of app for your real estate business! That will not only improve their user experience, but will even engage and attract them more towards your real estate app. 


  • Contact Seller
  • Nearby Places
  • Images and Videos
  • AI Searches
  • Smart Calculator 

3. Virtual Tour Mobile App

VR and AR technologies have gone a long way to cater to the different needs of the industries in the past few years. Virtual tour mobile app is a robust application of virtual reality. Virtual tour app is a powerful virtual solution that helps your real estate business to build success. It is an amazing tool that leverages VR technology to beautifully present the virtual scenes of properties to your customers.

 A virtual tour app has the capability to present a real 360-degree world with panoramic view and excellent user-experience. With amazing sound effects and high quality images, you can seamlessly improve your customer services and can also increase your client base. 

It’s a complete marketing solution for those who want to enhance their marketing presence and make a long lasting impression. It helps the marketers to create the most amazing real estate experience for their customers.


  • Integrated Maps
  • VR Tools
  • 3D Models
  • Hotspots and Buttons
  • Social Sharing

4. Smart Calculator App

Smart Calculator App

A most common phenomenon that creates hassle amongst all the buyers and agents is the calculation of different types of costs associated with a property. That may be mortgage cost, taxes, repair costs, or anything else, the calculation process consumes a lot of time and valuable resources.

That’s where a smart calculator app comes to play. A smart calculator is a robust enterprise application specifically built for the real estate business, to simplify all the complex calculations. Whether a mortgage calculation or the repair cost, a smart calculator app can predict you the right amount within no time on your smartphones.

Moreover, it can even predict the true value of the home or any property by accurately calculating all the costs and taxes with just a tap on your phone. You can view the reports, or can send them directly to the clients via email, or through other social ways. 


  • Social Sharing
  • Built-in Calculator
  • Report and Analysis
  • Mortgage Calculations 

5. Lead Management App

Managing leads and organizing them efficiently is a tedious task for almost all the realtors and agents these days. They have to manage the leads and send them emails and follow-ups, and at the same time had to manage their existing clients. To solve all those issues, lead management app is the required solution.

A custom lead management app is a robust tracking tool for the real estate business that helps the brands to capture more leads seamlessly. With a lead management app, you can fetch all the details of the leads and can engage your customers more efficiently with personalized messages and deals. The app enables you to generate leads from social media platforms , IVR, webchats, or even websites. 

From automatic emails, task reminders and appointments, to lead qualifying and segmentation, a customizable lead management app does it all.


  • Record Management
  • Data-driven Insights
  • Team Collaboration
  • Marketing Automation
  • Lead Handling

6. Online Auction App

Auctions are a great place for all the investors and real estate businesses to generate sales and multiply wealth and profits. But, how can you get the information about all the auctions that will take place in your area? Simple, with an online auction app!

An online auction app is a pretty simple yet useful app for the real estate business. With this type of real estate app, you can seamlessly share the details of the latest auction with your customers, that is happening in their preferred area. The user only needs to sign-up using a unique email id and password, and they are good to go!

You may even offer the subscription models for your valuable customers so that they can get the notifications and other details of the auctions/property while sitting at their homes. That way, you would also be able to generate some extra revenue!


  • Subscription Models
  • Push Notifications
  • Social Sharing
  • Online Video

7. Document Management App

Another crucial aspect of any sort of business is document management. Whether a real estate business or an educational institute, documents are the most critical asset for any organization. In the real estate sector, documents deal with the client’s personal details like bank accounts information, personal contact number, and so on. 

Even the slightest mistake in handling those documents can result in huge losses and a decrease in brand value. That’s why a document management app is a best and most vital app to invest for a marketer. 

A document management app not only keeps all your client’s papers safely but even manages all your on-going project details. With a document management app, your real estate business can provide personalized and fast services to all the customers and can seamlessly outgrow other competitors. 


  • Log In/Sign Up
  • Document Management
  • Search Filter
  • File Sharing
  • Version Control

8. Locality View App

Last but not least, we have locality view app for real estate business. In today’s digital world, the real estate market is expanding so drastically. New projects are being made and people are investing readily in the property whether commercial or housing. In such a scenario, a common and most often aspect that is overlooked is the nearby places and locality!

For all those who are planning to buy their home have a common issue of the locality, and in that different people have different opinions. For instance, many people prefer to have locality where there are many shops, many other houses, parks, and so on. Whereas there are some who prefer to have less crowd nearby to their homes. 

Whatever your client requirements are, you can seamlessly satisfy their needs with a dedicated locality view app. This kind of real estate app is specifically built for real estate business so that you can offer a locality view to all your clients of their preferred properties. The clients can view 360-degree view, and can even watch the real-time videos of the property they are interested to buy.

All that significantly enhances your user-experience and engagement of the clients in your real estate business! 


  • 360 degree View
  • Social Sharing
  • Property Management
  • Custom Maps
  • HOA Management

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So, those were some of the incredible app ideas for your real estate business. To conclude, we can say that, the world today is moving fastly towards the mobile platforms, and any business that fails to match the speed of the market, will lag far behind. Mobile apps today have immense power to transform your real estate business into a revenue generating machine. 

With detailed user and market insights, virtual tours, online auctions, and many more, a real estate app is the sure-shot way of building success for your brand. That’s why nearly every leading real estate brand is investing heavily in mobile apps. Examples are Zillow, Trulia, and so on. 

Do you want to become a part of the same community? Do you want to build success for your real estate brand? Think no more! 

With years of experience in building smart software solutions and mobile apps for a multitude of industries, we, at Matellio, offers you a custom range of solutions. Whether a virtual tour app or a document management app, our certified and reliable developers can help you build any sort of real estate app at cost-effective prices. We have so many portfolio and case studies to that speak of our work! Reach us today, and transform your real estate app idea into a reality. Plus, get a free consultation on your business idea from our real estate experts. 

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