Top 9 Benefits Of Using Salesforce CRM For The Fintech Industry?

Updated on Jan 12th, 2024


It’s never been easy to run a Fintech business today. Since the count of financial services companies is exponentially growing, the resulting rivalry is putting a lot of strain on most businesses. Today banks, insurance firms, or capital markets face difficulties distinguishing themselves due to increasing rivalry in the marketplace.

Gone are the times when customers had to go to banks and complete each process in person. Today’s consumers trust financial service firms with their hard-earned money and demand safe transfers and a simple wealth management process. To lead a big financial firm, you must have a better customer experience every moment they use financial services. And this is where Salesforce fintech CRM solution steps in. Salesforce fintech CRM is robust CRM software that manages and addresses financial problems.

If you’re a bank, a corporate finance firm, an investment service company, or an investor, salesforce CRM software enables you to place your customer experience at the core of any activity. Salesforce CRM is capable of resolving and overcoming common issues in the fintech industry. It’s strong and adaptable software that allows businesses to monitor their clients’ performance in minute detail.

But, how is salesforce fintech CRM beneficial to the fintech industry? What are the challenges of the fintech industry that salesforce CRM solves? What salesforce CRM offers to the fintech industry.

In this blog, you’ll find the answers to the above-listed questions. Also, later in this blog, you’ll find the top features that salesforce CRM offers. So without taking much of your time, let’s quickly discuss,


What is Salesforce CRM? Quick Overview!

Salesforce CRM is a cloud-based application that assists businesses in streamlining their sales and marketing processes. Salesforce CRM is the biggest and most popular CRM software today. Salesforce’s setup is very basic and simple. Furthermore, the salesforce CRM system has continued to offer outstanding services and goods at a fraction of the price thanks to a transition to cloud computing.

The top services that it offers are:

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud.
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud.
  • Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud.
  • Salesforce financial services.
  • Salesforce Community Cloud.
  • Salesforce Health Cloud.
  • Salesforce Service Cloud.
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud.
  • Salesforce Analytics Cloud.
  • Salesforce IOT Cloud.

Moving on, let’s discuss,

What problems Salesforce fintech CRM Solves? Challenges Salesforce CRM solves in the Fintech Industry!

As we know, salesforce CRM software is best in all aspects. Fintech firms face many challenges while executing their tasks, analyzing cash flow situations, ensuring financial security, risk control, comprehending data, expenditures, future predictions, and plenty more.

Below we’ve listed, few other challenges in the fintech industry are!

1. Massive Volume of Data

Systems collect massive quantities of consumer data but fail to provide details that are easy to understand. For financial services firms, working through a massive amount of unstructured and fragmented data is a major struggle. Salesforce CRM compiles all related information into a data dashboard and uses Advanced Intelligence to provide meaningful suggestions.

2. Compliance

Compliance is a major concern for the finance industry. Compliance capabilities are abundant in Salesforce CRM. It promotes client contact, openness in cooperation, and the improvement of organizational controls. It also assists in customizing reporting depending on the institution’s compliance criteria. As a result, a great deal of time is saved.

3. Operational Risk 

Lack of regulation, mistakes, misunderstanding, inadequate procedures, and cybercrime may all lead to a slew of crippling risks for a financial institution. Simplified processes combined with custom salesforce CRM software will help you eliminate several data-related issues and keep the data safe, reducing variation and operational risk.

As we discussed potential challenges, now let’s move forward and discuss the features and functionality that Salesforce CRM offers.

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What Salesforce Fintech Business Solutions Offers? Features and Functionalities


The few features that salesforce CRM offers for financial firms and industries are mentioned below. Take a look!

  • Marketing Management – Send out multi-channel, multi-wave promotions to get the most value for your marketing investment. Create and personalize marketing ads, as well as tailor campaigns to the most relevant audiences.
  • Einstein Analytics – Einstein analytics produces enhanced data analytics that aids in the unlocking of complex sales and service observations. You will get to the next level quicker with Einstein Acts. This analytics also includes integrated dashboards that link users to revenue, operation, and group clouds. It displays information and analytics to employees and stakeholders regularly.
  • Opportunity Management – This allows you to see a history of your customers’ operations. This also illustrates the different phases of a contract, which aids you in making your next move. You will also see important information about the operation timeline as well as the company rivals. The ready-to-use models even make emailing clients a breeze.
  • Third-Party Integration – Highly specialized accounting and banking software also houses a lot of essential data. Look for a CRM that allows you to integrate third-party solutions with your business size. Salesforce CRM integration synchronizes data from various systems, marketing channels, and users, improving efficiency.
  • Contact Management – Salesforce CRM ensures easy contact management by providing connections to client key information and interactions. It provides a full image of the customer with insights and engagement-boosting tactics. Customers’ social data can be used to get a clear grasp of their actions regarding any goods or services.
  • Lead Management – Lead procurement and funneling tools are needed by banks, insurance firms, and other enterprises in the finance industry. When a lead is received, it must be forwarded to the appropriate agent, consultant, or administrator and then properly monitored.

Some other features are:

  • Activity Monitoring.
  • Push Notifications.
  • Reminders.
  • Complete customer view.
  • In-app chat.
  • Client segmentation.
  • Task management.
  • Client management.
  • Case management.
  • Calendar integration.

As of now, we’ve discussed a lot about Salesforce CRM for financial firms, but why is salesforce CRM is best for fintech firms? Let’s find out!

How is Salesforce CRM beneficial to the fintech industry? Top Benefits!


The salesforce CRM is best for banking and financial institutions; below are some key benefits of Salesforce CRM. Take a look!

1. Boost your Customer Experience 

It cannot be easy to stay on top of a customer’s financial requirements at times. Once you have a clear vision, it can be a big job, particularly if you’re using an old CRM that doesn’t embrace integration capabilities. Salesforce financial cloud services will make it much easier to reach important data like financial targets, accounts, and customers. Salesforce CRM can retrieve each customer’s data and bring it into a unified dashboard for a simple view thanks to salesforce integration. Salesforce CRM enables customers to reach and connect with their financial institution without difficulty.

2. Boost Customer Engagement 

It can be challenging for Fintech companies to fulfill their customers’ needs on many levels. For example, if you’re a financial consultant, you’ll need to keep in touch with your customers periodically to ensure a great relationship. Salesforce CRM for financial professionals helps you keep track of client assignments, provide personalized and strategic business advice, get a full picture of each client, and establish a powerful clientele.


3. Easy Customer Segmentation

Financial companies can quickly distinguish between consumers by building separate categories for them with Salesforce CRM on the side. This allows the company to engage with consumers on their chosen medium and tailor financial services to the consumer’s investment goals. By using Salesforce CRM, consumer expectations can be accurately defined, and financial strategies can be delivered at the precise moment that the customer requires them. This client approach undeniably contributes to a substantial increase in the number of satisfied clients affiliated with the Fintech business.

4. Greatly Secured 

Financial services firms must protect against external hacking and ensure that customer information is not exchanged across departments. Salesforce CRM protection and support features are well-suited to these unique security requirements. Custom salesforce applications provide specialized security settings, strengthening customer retention when exchanging their most confidential data with you.

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5. Lowered Operational Risks 

Inadequate procedures, cyber-attacks, poor communication, mistakes, and a failure to comply can result in a slew of crippling risks for a finance company. Data issues can be avoided using necessary resources combined with automated procedures, which can be used to manage data while maintaining it safe. Financial institutions can prevent operating risk, data leaks, and errors that can damage their brand reputation in this manner.

6. Automates Daily Tasks and Activities 

Salesforce CRM helps in automating routine tasks with ease. This decreases workload, increases performance, and reduces the chance of mistakes. Emails, voicemails, call reporting, lead prioritization, scheduling appointments, and other routine activities can be standardized.

7. Dynamic Dashboard and Reporting 

Salesforce Dashboard Features offer a visual depiction of the company’s business success. Market dynamics can be identified, amounts can be clarified, and events can be calculated. Create your custom dashboard in Salesforce CRM by dragging and dropping icons. You can look at your team’s results right on the dashboard.

8. Offers Mobility 

Users can access salesforce CRM data anywhere at any moment with the Salesforce mobile app. Meetings, activities, and account alerts are all available at their fingertips. The software is also useful for making phone calls and taking notes during meetings. You can operate without internet access, thanks to the salesforce offline feature.

9. Advanced Reporting and Analytics 

Salesforce CRM makes data analysis easy, resulting in more accurate and effective reporting. It has built-in tools that make it simple to produce different reports, such as lead progress report and overall sales reviews. This gives you a clear view of how much money you’ve made and highlights places you can develop.

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Salesforce For Fintech

Final Words 

Each financial institution’s mission is to meet customers’ requirements and preferences. And, to thrive, business processes must be versatile enough to allow easy access to financial data. The benefits mentioned above are only a few of the many salesforce CRM can provide to fintech industries and companies.

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