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    What is

    Benefits of Availing Matellio’s System Integration Services

    Our system integration services focus on helping you grow as an enterprise and build connected experiences within and for users. From B2B to Enterprise Application Integration, we have you covered in all aspects. The engineers at Matellio have exclusive expertise in working in different industries and have gained specific experience from each over the years. Explore the possibilities when you connect with one of our systems integration consultants and feel the difference in what we offer at Matellio.
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    Greater customer satisfaction
    Greater Customer Satisfaction

    Enable better interactions and communications with our system integration services.

    Reduced operational costs
    Reduced Operational Costs

    We bring down your operational costs by connecting and automating your systems.

    Superior network security
    Superior Network Security

    Leverage the best in network security with our experience in building robust systems.

    Higher application availability
    Better Availability

    Get up to 100% uptime for all your services when you choose Matellio for your integration.

    Our System Integration Services

    Planning to Build a Robust System for Your Business?

    Avail of our systems integration services to enable a 360-connected experience for your on-premise and cloud solutions.

      What is

      Our Success Stories

      Air Fusion

      Air Fusion is a cloud-based SaaS solution offering turbine managers exceptional monitoring and analysis capabilities.
      Automated Damage Detection

      The system automatically identifies the damages and risks associated with wind turbines.

      Custom Reports

      The users get custom reports based on the suggestions offered by the system & the analyst.

      Smart Analytics

      AI offers detailed analytics, including damage type, its main cause, and the severity level.


      An online SaaS-based directory system to help Siemens employees locate a skilled partner matching their requirements.
      Digital Directory

      Users get search filters, including region, country & vertical, for locating a suitable partner.

      Centralized Database

      The data is stored on the cloud for easy information access from a centralized platform.

      Data Encryption

      All the data is encrypted so that there are no leaks and frauds affecting the brand’s reputation.

      Survey App

      The survey app is an excellent consultation platform that offers accurate results on asbestos and other building materials.
      Asbestos Planning

      The users get detailed insights on Asbestos for their projects and other building materials.

      Insights on Earthquake

      Keep your building safe & compliant by getting accurate info on the regulations for Asbestos use.

      Data Security
      Data Security

      The app offer data encryption services to keep user’s data and business plans safe and secure.

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      Explore our wide range of industry-specific offerings and choose the ones suitable for your business

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. What is systems integration?

      Systems integration combines different subsystems or components into a single, cohesive system to achieve a common goal. It connects different technologies, processes, and data to form a unified and seamless solution. The purpose of systems integration is to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the system and to enhance the user experience.

      2. What are the benefits of system integration for B2B arrangements?

      Systems integration allows for a seamless electronic data interchange, enabling a range of possibilities in business-to-business arrangements. Businesses from different niches can avail of its benefits, and the information transfer is nearly real-time.

      3. Can legacy systems be integrated with modern systems?

      As a system integration services company, it is one of our most popular services. The integration process usually involves updating the legacy system, using middleware to facilitate communication between different systems and components, and developing custom connectors to bridge the gap between the old and new systems.

      4. What is system integration testing?

      System integration testing is a type of software testing that verifies the interactions and data exchange between integrated systems. It is performed after the individual components of a system have been tested and integrated to ensure that the solution meets the specified requirements and that the data flows work perfectly.

      5. Which type of system solved the integration problem the best?

      No one type of system can be considered the “best” solution for solving the integration problem. The best solution depends on your specific requirements and goals. Different systems may be better suited to different types of integration problems, and the choice of system will depend on factors such as the complexity of the integration, the amount of data to be transferred, and the level of integration required between different systems. As your systems integration service provider, we aim to help you build a custom system fitting your specific needs.

      6. Can systems integration facilitate electronic data interchange?

      Yes, systems integration can facilitate electronic data interchange (EDI). Integrating different systems within an organization allows data to be automatically shared and exchanged between those systems; improving efficiency and reducing the risk of errors are the major goals of EDI, and we can help you achieve them by building a robust system for you.

      7. How can integrated systems improve the customer experience?

      Integrated systems can improve the customer experience in several ways: 

      1. Seamless experience: Integrated systems can provide a unified and seamless customer experience, as information is easily accessible and flows seamlessly between different systems.  
      2. Improved efficiency: Integration can lead to improved efficiency and automation of processes. 
      3. Better data management: Integration can improve data management and help eliminate errors and inconsistencies in customer information. 
      4. Increased convenience: Integrating systems can provide customers access to more services and information through a single point of contact. 
      5. Enhanced decision-making: By providing a more complete and accurate picture of customer interactions and behavior.

      8. How much does system integration services cost?

      The cost of system integration services can vary widely based on several factors, including the complexity of the systems being integrated, the number of systems involved, the number of integration points required, and the level of customization and development required. Once you let our system integration consultant know the necessary details, we will be able to help you with an estimate.