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Updated on Jan 11th, 2024


In the modern age, we all experience the period where your experience and knowledge aren’t ever too late to grow. Each dimension of the world has changed with the introduction of technology. In this digital era, the form of learning also has transformed. Learning and knowledge is something that can be taken from anywhere and from any source by anyone. Some individuals cannot improve their expertise in their respective domains because of a lack of resources. The most extensive innovation that the world has seen is smartphone technology. It has rendered our lives counter-clockwise, mainly for the better.

Thanks to some fantastic apps on our mobile phones that have bundled up our entire planet. These online platforms allow users to enhance their talents & skills, learn new tasks, and participate in something meaningful. Instead of distracting impressionable students from their studies, these smartphone apps tutor students with online courses and lessons. Using a mobile phone to learn something new has changed the definition of education for many individuals.

To develop our knowledge, eLearning is the most available choice for learning new skills digitally. The eLearning industry is currently spreading extensively in every region. Apps for online courses allow students to access virtual classes at any time and any location. To provide the learner with an enticing institutional experience, these digital courses are equivalent to offline education, including images, video, ppt, txt, pdf, animation, and many more.

There are many eLearning applications available in the market these days. Thus, without any uncertainty and confusion, we’ve compiled a list of 8 best eLearning applications.

All these applications are primarily designed to help users learn and enhance their knowledge and confidence. Many who are curious and have the enthusiasm to acquire new skills should certainly go through these applications.

But, before we jump to provide you the details of the top 8 eLearning apps, let’s discuss some basics firsts.

What is eLearning?

What is eLearning

eLearning is a quick, location independent learning method that enables the rapid and widespread release of information using electronic media as a medium. Now internet connectivity extends to every nook and cranny of the globe. By overcoming these hurdles, eLearning has benefited thousands of students. With eLearning, as we have reached a new age, access to information is not limited by place or time. And, from the comfort of their homes, learners or existing users may learn independently. According to Technavio, the global eLearning market is predicted to be at 131 billion dollars, with a 17% CAGR.

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Benefits of eLearning

  • Gives freedom to learn via visual content like videos, animations, or podcasts.
  • Users can learn at their own pace. Also, they can repeat it if they don’t understand.
  • Has better user engagement with higher completion rates and retention rates.
  • eLearning applications allow parents to track their child’s progress.

Without taking up much of your time, let’s dive deep and discuss the top eLearning apps of 2020.

So here we go.

The 8 Best e-Learning Apps in 2021

1. Duolingo

duolingoEach time you are abroad, it isn’t easy to understand a new language. Do you not feel like before jumping on the plane overseas, you need to grab some simple language skills to use you to interact with people living locally in your holiday place? Duolingo has made its popularity as one of the popular language applications that allow you to understand a few simple language signs that can help you act as your protector in various tourist locations. Duolingo has made the study of language a piece of cake. It allows you to learn several languages such as French, Spanish, English, Latin, Mandarin, and much more fun and exciting. All this begins with simple image labeling games. As you complete more and more stages, there will be several different types of entertaining games that will boost your vocabulary and grammar abilities. You can set your daily objectives as well; the aim of providing tips, the application also monitors your results. You’ll get XPs if you do well; the more you get, the more engaging stories set will be unlocked to enhance your understanding of reading and listening. Let’s check the features:

  • 30+ languages.
  • Discussion forums.
  • Leaderboard competitions.

2. EDX 

edxStudying the courses of top universities like MIT, Stanford, Harward, etc. is a fantasy of so many students. Yet, they also realize that getting into these universities isn’t straightforward in any way. OK, if you’ve got edX on your mobile or computer, then there’s nothing going to stop you from making those dreams happen. These universities are being brought to your fingertips by edX. So, it doesn’t matter what you need to do; every inch of the process, edX will be with you. edX has more than 2000 courses from top universities mentioned above. edX offers courses in computer engineering, business administration, linguistics, architecture, and plenty more. In developing a professional career, the professional qualifications and university credits you get from these programs will benefit you. Let’s check the features:

  • Interactive quizzes.
  • In-depth tutorials.
  • Provides more than 2K courses.

3. Udemy

udemyWith over 35K tutors, 24 million learners, and more than 80K courses, udemy is one of the largest online eLearning platforms offering the best programs. In just about any interest area, from technology, marketing, business administration, photography, imaging, and plenty more. This eLearning platform will improve your expertise and skills. Currently, udemy will block and democratize the old and outdated methods of the education system. In this eLearning platform, anyone can learn and teach something new. Over 200 countries are using udemy to broaden their skills kit. With its unique functionality and basic design, this application has served as an example for many mobile app development companies. Also, it involves open conversations with experts mentors, allowing engaging and fascinating online courses. While many of the courses are free, you would have to pay a fair sum for specific elective courses. Let’s check the features:

  • Courses are available in more than 30+ languages.
  • Users can download and watch videos comfortably.
  • Covers more than 2000 courses and topics.

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4. Lumosity

lumosityTo keep their minds busy and improve their intestinal fortitude, many individuals play games even though. Lumosity has been regarded as one of the best free learning applications that enables you to play brainstorming programs, fun, and various quizzes to make people’s minds fresh and compelling. While using the phone for quite a while, it’s been noted that the mind becomes a little dull. The application is recognized as the best and popular learning application that allows you to exercise your brain with various new lessons and exercises. There are many brain exercises, sports, and many more that offer a full workout to your mind that you’ve never encountered. The gaming exercise incorporated here is entertaining in the aspect that is excellent and worthwhile introducing to children. Let’s check the features:

  • Includes more than 40+ games.
  • Options to analyze results.
  • Challenges core cognitive and academics abilities of individuals.

5. LinkedIn Learning

linkedin-learningFor professionals worldwide, LinkedIn Learning is one of the newest, popular, and successful applications. It contains several tutorials and courses on different subjects. It has an easy but attractive User Interface that you’ll fall in love with. The application, along with personalized tips, covers highly trendy business, tech, and creative skills and news. Also, it has Chromecast support, offline support, playlist, and many more. It is best for someone who wants to improve their work skills. In this, both free and premium courses are available. You can attach it to your LinkedIn profile after finishing any of the courses. Let’s check the features:

  • More than 16K courses and new courses were added every couple of months.
  • Users can download the entire course.
  • Users can receive in-depth insights about the profile via networking tools.

6. Coursera

courseraOne of the most used applications for learning. Anyone can conveniently download it from their specific app store in both Android and IOS platforms. You can know different things from anywhere and at any point in time via Coursera. You will find plenty of interesting subjects and topics to understand from this website or applications. All course instructors are chosen from various fields of academia and training. You will have a more significant experience of learning a high-end technique from this eLearning website or application. Let’s check the features:

  • Over 2000 courses were offered.
  • Videos are streaming.
  • Educators are from over 140 universities.

7. Sololearn

sololearnThe spectrum of programming is broader than ever. We would not have as many tech geeks like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, etc. in our community if it weren’t for programming. For programming lovers, solo learning is a paradise practically. If you are a novice or a pro, solo learning will get the coding adrenaline going with its vast set of free tutorials across various languages such as C++, JAVA, JavaScript, Swift, HTML, CSS, and plenty more. However, one field and there is a finite demand for programmers is app development because these languages are the basis of many mobile application development structures. Let’s check the features:

  • 24*7 community support.
  • Free code editor for mobile.
  • Tutorials on the latest technology trends.

8. Remind

remindGroup learning is an essential method for filling students with learning gaps. However, having many students to meet under a single roof and study together isn’t always feasible. The ultimate response to this issue is the Remind application. Remind helps you to remain linked with your community. In addition to students, the community also includes instructors and parents. As you enter the school group using a unique code, you will start receiving daily updates on your classroom activities. You can also send photos with the whole class; submit assignments with your mates both privately or in a group. Let’s check the features:

  • Chat translation in up to 70+ languages.
  • Share content like images, videos, or any other.
  • Instant messaging.

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Well, these were among the most popular and widely used eLearning applications that you might try to become a professional in some particular ability or field. Steadily, these eLearning applications have attracted users and are now disrupting patterns in mobile app development. On app stores, they are the most popular and frequent category and have about billions of users. You can also enter the same market by developing your custom eLearning application to help the best eLearning app development firm.

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