Top NLP Platforms for Chatbot Development

Updated on Feb 6th, 2024

Customer support and service had come a long way from when we had to email and call to get support. Chatbots have significantly replaced the need for human staff for answering general queries and easy questions and have significantly improved customer service in the process. We here are today to discuss the top natural language processing chatbot platform.

Integration of such platforms is much easier than developing NLP for your chatbot, and hence, a lot more people prefer to pay for the pre-made solution rather than developing their own. If you are planning to do something big with your chatbot, you might want to consider getting your own custom chatbot development partner, as you may face difficulties if you do it by yourself.

What are Chatbots?  

Chatbots are a software solution that enables query resolution or answering questions without the need for human assistance. It aims to aid customers as quickly and as accurately as they can, and for that, they need to understand what a user wants while knowing the appropriate answer or action that needs to be performed.

Chatbots have been around for a long time now, but NLP and AI are what actually changed them for good. There are various types of chatbots, which you will understand through the basic categorization being explained below. You need to choose the one which suits your requirements the most, and that would be an ideal investment in chatbot development.

The Two Basic Categories of Chatbots  

1. Rule-Based  

These chatbots are the most common and basic type of chatbots available today. Rule-based chatbots operate on a preset flowchart and have limited capabilities and scope. Both the questions and the answers are pre-defined, and all that user can do is select the appropriate question and answer. These types are chatbots are used by small businesses and SMEs, as they are cheap and easy to implement.

2. AI-based Chatbots  

Artificial intelligence-based chatbots take it a level higher when compared to rule-based chatbots. Depending on the capabilities, these chatbots can fully understand what the user is asking through NLP and speech-text recognition and offer a real-world solution within a fraction of seconds. Various companies offer chatbot development services where you can opt for AI-based chatbots; herein, you have two choices.

a. Supervised  

Supervised chatbots are an example of supervised machine learning. Their capabilities are limited to learning and acting upon only specific terminologies.

b. Adaptive  

Adaptive chatbots are powerful programs that can offer almost all the answers to a user. They leverage the best of AI to create a user experience that is a level above what they have seen.

What is Natural Language Processing?  

Natural language processing is a sub-field of artificial intelligence which governs how a program can understand and communicate to humans in their natural language. The most major implementation of NLP is with chatbots and virtual assistants, and it has majorly improved how we communicate with machines. Using an NLP-based chatbot, you can expect much more customer satisfaction than before, along with saving major costs on the customer service front.

You can either leverage them in your chatbot solution or get pre-made chatbots from them at their set price. We help you with both building your chatbot solution and customizing the solutions you have bought from providers. Now that we know a brief about chatbots and NLP let’s begin with the top NLP Platforms for chatbot development.

Here are the Five Most Popular NLP Platforms for Chatbot Development  

IBM Watson Assistant  

IBM has been the pioneer in AI development for decades, especially since the release of IBM Watson. It has been growing in the sector and offers some of the best AI capabilities in the market, which makes IBM Watson Assistant a top choice when it comes to NLP platforms for chatbot development.

Amazon Lex  

Amazon Lex is a top choice if you are already a part of the AWS environment; the offering lets you build a perfectly capable chatbot in no time at all. Using Lex, you can build an efficient, productive, and simple chatbot that drives all of them for enterprise-level business.

Microsoft Azure Bot Service  

Microsoft is the third giant which provides its AI capabilities to be integrated into a custom chatbot and is just as popular as the Watson Assistant and Lex. This platform offers the AI developments Microsoft has done and lets you build an AI-based conversational bot capable of running on multiple channels.


Intercom has been a hugely popular name when it comes to chatbot offerings. They offer different types of chatbots for different requirements and have been used by some of the top fortune companies from around the world. While they offer enterprise solutions, they also offer their NLP platform for you to leverage their AI capabilities directly in the chatbot you create.


Drift has shown exceptional growth in the chatbot segment and has been the top choice for many enterprises. Most people prefer Drift because of its simplicity, low pricing, and feature offerings. If you are planning to go on the simpler end of NLP-based chatbots, Drift can be a perfect fit as an NLP platform for your chatbot development.


When it comes to chatbot software development, most of the developers you meet would be abruptly inexperienced and would have no idea how to implement what they committed on paper. We at Matellio focus on building AI-based solutions that actually fulfill your business requirements, enabling more power and efficiency in your operations. The chatbot we create would be customized as per your requirements, so you won’t have to miss any of the features you expected.

Our NLP-based Chatbot offerings check all the boxes for how a capable enterprise-level chatbot should be. To name a few features, the chatbot we develop for you will be multi-lingual, works on different channels, and easily customizable, etc. If you are looking for a capable chatbot, our experience and capabilities in the field make us a perfect chatbot development partner for you. If you have any questions or queries, feel free to contact us at your convenience, and we would be happy to help you.

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