Top 8 Questions to Ask IoT Development Company Before Hiring Them for Your Project

Top 8 Questions to Ask IoT Development Company Before Hiring Them for Your Project

Why does any business require an IoT development company? Well, the answer is simple: to stand firm in the market against every competitor. It is because IoT is said to be the future of the coming era.  

You will agree to this as the term IoT has been tossing and turning within every industry for decades. It is said that there are almost as many connected IoT devices as there are people worldwide. This statement can be supported by the growth IoT has seen recently and is expected to witness in the coming time.  

As per the recent data, there are approx. 13.15 billion connected IoT devices and it will surpass 25 billion in the coming seven years. This growth is driven by the increase in 5G adoption, the requirement for better sensor-based measurements, monitoring systems, and many other technological demands of this era. And so, by 2030, almost 75% of every device will have IoT integration within.  (SOURCE) 

It is an efficient decision for you to hire IoT developers and develop a project that will support the requirements of the coming era. Here through this blog, we have introduced the eight best questions you must ask your development partner before hiring them for your project to ensure perfect results. 

  • As per the global data, three-quarters of the IoT market is taken up by enterprise IoT. You can scroll down for more such IoT stats. 
  • Hiring software development partners for IoT projects is always a good idea, but it needs to be monitored by you well. 
  • From getting relevant case studies to knowing their QA process details and then moving to budget, every aspect is crucial when hiring the IoT development company. 

Vital Questions for Your IoT Development Company


Partnering with a development firm for your IoT project will help you deliver the best of your services to your users. But to ensure that the project has the highest chance of succeeding, you must make a calculated move. Here we have jotted down some essential questions that will open up different yet vital sections of your project and how your partners will manage it. 

Can You Walk Us Through Your Experience In Developing IoT Projects? 

It is the first question that you need to ask the IoT development company that you hire. Learning about the development partner’s experience will help you in getting a clear picture of how you can expect your work to be. The right partner will offer you some case studies related to the businesses they have helped in the past.  

However, it’s rare to find a partner who caters to various industries and has implemented IoT projects over multiple verticals, including healthcare, transportation, retail or automotive. But moving forward with the architectural approach inclusive of best practices can also be successfully integrated within more than one industry. It is always a good idea to inquire whether the partner you are thinking of working with is well-versed in different aspects of the development process.

Do You Have Experience Working with Real-time IoT Development Systems in Our Sector?

Various businesses have different ideas for implementing IoT solutions within their system. Generally, this implementation plan can be categorized into groups of externally and internally focused projects. You can hire IoT developers for both of these projects, as the external one includes manufacturing new products for the market, and internal projects include retrofitting the existing assets within an enterprise.  

The developers you hire should understand the purpose of your project and the sector it will cater to. Only then the development work will be successful. The partner working with you must know about revolutionary market principles before starting the project.   

Will You be Able to Design the Required Hardware Side of the IoT? 

Having clarity about the potential your partner holds to design the required hardware components involved in the project will greatly influence your project. It will help you gain visibility into whether you need additional partners for hardware designing or not. Hardware requirements for IoT development can be different as per the project’s aim.  

You need to understand the hardware components you will require and then the partners’ offerings for hardware designing. If your IoT project includes the endpoints, it must be built from scratch. You will have to look for partners who can research the existing patents.

Is Your Team Skilled Enough to Offer the Best UI/UX? 

User interface and user experience designs have become the significant components driving the success rate of any project. UI/UX designs have to be designed in a way that should aim to satisfy your customer. Before working on UI/UX design, the target audience for that particular project needs to be understood. So, the IoT development company you hire must clarify the UI/UX offerings.  

It is one of the crucial steps that will help shape your brand or product. The customer-oriented IoT platforms should be developed with a modern and user-friendly interface. Knowing about your partner’s skill set in this field will save you considerable effort on some of the larger stages later attached to the project. Whether your project is about IoT app development or software solutions, having the best UI/UX designs will be good for your project.    

What are Your Protocols to Streamline Your Development Process?

One of the crucial aspects of judging the partner you hire is based on the operation process they use. For example, you need to understand how much time they spend learning about the project, how much knowledge their team has about the concept related to the project, and much more. You will agree that IoT-related projects are usually large-scale and involve an important level of effort towards implementation.  

The common approach is noticed as the rotation of the employees for such projects. It is very important to discover that when you hire IoT developers, the team you get is efficient enough to dive deeper into every bit of the project requirements. You must know about your partner’s protocols while assisting your project to ensure a steady development pace. 

What Will Be Your Quality Assurance Process? 

Quality assurance (QA) is often confused with testing, but these are two different processes in reality. Quality assurance focuses on the procedures of the development of specific solutions. It is one of the vital stages that helps ensure that the entire development process is clear of any defects. It helps in offering assurance that the final product handled by the IoT development company is meeting every expectation that you have. 

So, it is significant to ask this question from your development partners what will be included in their QA process. You can also ask them to show some relevant examples of their QA process, and then take your decision. You can also request to add any specific method within their QA process to get clarity with the project development process.   

How Will You Communicate With Us? 

Communication is the key, and this saying applies to every aspect of professional and personal life. Communication is vital, so you must ensure that the IoT development company you choose for your project communicates well with you. A few crucial points fall under the communication section when dealing with third-party developers. You should keep a check on the status of your project.  

So, the team working on the same should send you regular updates, which can be in the form of reports which has every vital insight about the current stage of your project. For the developers you hire for IoT-integrated mobile app development or any IoT-driven software solution, the methodology used by the developers should be communicated. It helps ensure that every important member connected to the project is on the same page. 

What is the Range of Budget that You will Require for This Project? 

It would be best to learn about the development cost that the IoT development company will be charging you for the project. After knowing about their potential this is one of the major platforms based on which you can hire them. Once you see their case studies and know the different aspects they would be offering, it’s time to set their work in a budget. You must always request a well-detailed budget quote from them to see the lowest and highest level of requirement for your project. The in-detail quotation will help you understand whether your partner is reasonable as per the offering or not.



The Internet of Things is one of the leading transformation trends that is helping businesses grow in different industries by taking an advanced digital approach. IoT development projects can make services more personalized, can be cost-effective, and offer more efficient ways for energy consumption. Businesses can grow with the help of data, so  custom enterprise software development for IoT will be a resourceful way to manage every bit of the data involved in different processes.  

The questions mentioned above help you understand your development partner better and give a vision of what you can expect from their services. It would be best if you are vigilant when you hire the developers. These questions will let you examine every vital area of your project handled by the developers. Being mindful of how you need your project to be is always a good idea.

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