Top Reasons Why Businesses Should Choose a Multi-Cloud Strategy

Updated on Jan 15th, 2024

Multi-Cloud Strategy

Many companies prefer a single cloud strategy, and some prefer a multi-cloud strategy for their business needs. But the question is, should your business shift to a multi-cloud strategy? The answer is yes, you should.  In this blog, we will list out the top reasons your business should be considering this wide change. Every cloud provider in the market offers a different range of services and benefits.

If you think your varying business needs would be satisfied with only a single cloud provider, then you should reconsider. Many businesses in the current times are shifting to a multi-cloud strategy as they come to realize the benefits and level of feasibility that comes along with the change. You can take advantage of the best parts of all the cloud providers in the case of a multi-cloud solution, whereas in a single cloud strategy, you are stuck with the capabilities of your cloud provider.

Cloud data migration is a big deal now; it has become a necessity for businesses. As per a survey majority of the businesses are already using cloud services, and the other part of the business population is considering shifting to cloud strategy within the next few years. Let’s dig into the reasons why your business should invest in a multi-cloud strategy but first, let’s get a brief introduction of the subject.

What is a Multi-Cloud Strategy?  

A multi-cloud strategy can be described as a service that uses more than two cloud computing services. On the other hand, multi-cloud deployment can simply describe the implementation of any cloud service such as platform as a service (PaaS), software as a service (SaaS), and infrastructure as a service (IaaS). In current times, it is mostly described as an implementation of multiple public IaaS environments. AWS and Microsoft Azure are the most popular ones in this category.

With a multi-cloud strategy, your business has the freedom of choosing a range of cloud services or just the top features from them. In various cases, it is the most suitable solution for businesses to meet their cloud needs. A perfect multi-cloud strategy enhances the efficiency of the business operations and delivers results by sorting out the best-suited service and provider for different use cases.

These multi-cloud strategies help decide which clouds are best suited for which purpose; the list of cloud services includes both public and private and various other cloud platforms. Apart from deciding the tasks, it also helps decide which cloud offerings are best for each other and help the business decide where the data should live. Lastly, it helps in deciding the strategies for usage and security regarding access to resources and data.

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Hybrid Cloud or Multi-Cloud

Multi-Cloud Strategy vs. Hybrid Cloud  

Despite being different from each other, many think that multi-cloud strategy and hybrid cloud are the same. But it’s not true there is a difference between the two. A multi-cloud strategy or solution involves the use of multiple different public cloud services, which are from different providers in most cases. These different clouds can also be used to perform a variety of tasks to achieve maximum results.

The use of a multi-cloud solution helps in reducing vendor lock-in. No matter how much these cloud services or providers are beneficial to the company but every other service is different from each other. For instance, think of it as engine and the transmission; both works towards moving a vehicle forward still, both have completely different mechanisms. Multi-cloud always includes public clouds services.

On the other hand, hybrid solutions consist of both public and private clouds. These hybrid solutions often seem to be completely opposite of the multi-cloud solutions. For instance, multi-cloud solutions use different clouds for a variety of tasks, but clouds in hybrid solutions work together to complete a task. This results in the intermingling of process and data, while in multi-cloud solutions, the resources and data remain in their respective designed storage.

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Top Reason to Choose a Multi-Cloud Strategy  

The decision to move your business’s infrastructure to the cloud would definitely help in the long term. It will reduce the capital expenses, enhance teh security and determine the best resource as per the complexity of the task. The main challenge will be in choosing the best strategy for your business. Here are the top reasons that answer the question; why use a multi-cloud strategy?

Enhanced Return on Investment  

There is a long list of cloud services and providers to choose from when you opt for cloud services, and every one is built differently. The differences between every cloud consist of different functions, costs, policies, and much more. Businesses often get confused about the right solution that perfectly fits their business needs with so many options. A multi-cloud strategy offers multiple options to choose from for a task or any process. You never run out of options, and it helps in reducing the capital involved. Hence, you get an enhanced ROI.

Low Risk of Vendor Lock-In  

When you have invested in a product for your business, and now you are stuck with that product for a long time, it is known as vendor lock-in. With a multi-cloud solution, you don’t have to face this issue. There would be options available for you; if one doesn’t work out, you can choose the other one or just combine the best of more than two strategies for better results. In this strategy, businesses don’t have the risk of vendor lock-in as these resources are purchased from multiple cloud providers.

Multiple cloud solutions offer an on-demand way of utilizing the resources that minimize the risk of getting lock-in in terms of the contract. It totally depends on the businesses to determine which cloud service would perform better as per the nature of the task which is to be completed. The risk of being locked in can be further minimized by keeping teh consumption level at the original contract levels.

Enhanced Security  

In terms of security, implementing a multi-cloud strategy can be extremely beneficial for your business. Your organization would be able to reduce the instances of data loss and leakage by introducing new services into the portfolio of the business. Introducing new services to the portfolio with clear guidance on the process of using data and its storage can significantly decrease the chance of lateral comprises and weak authentication. It has also come to light those businesses that use cloud-based security systems such as single sign-on and cloud access security brokers are more likely to be successful. A report has revealed that using these techniques has significantly increased the level of security and reduced the risk of cyberattacks.

Enhanced Performance and Financials  

Implementing a multi-cloud security strategy has delivered numerous benefits to businesses, including minimizing the operation cost and increasing the performance rate. If we compare the current scenario of the cloud services market, you will find that more the eighty percent of the businesses are using a multi-cloud strategy. Only a small percentage of the population is using a single cloud strategy. The reason behind this extensive figure is the increase in finances of the businesses.

With these strategies, you get an enhanced vendor leverage, and it allows you to choose the services that are the best fit for a given task which ultimately enhances productivity. It totally depends on the businesses to choose the cloud service that delivers the best performance at a cost-effective price. In case of a lapse of service, you can still keep the show going, as your data is stored on multiple clouds. Since this strategy consists of many cloud providers and services, it almost covers all the geographical locations and their various regulations and compliances.

Take Advantage of Multiple Cloud Services  

Working with more than two cloud services and providers gives you the feasibility to switch between the services and choose the one that meets all your needs. For instance, AWS includes more than a hundred cloud services, but all these services are not required for a business. Businesses using AWS cloud strategy only get the feasibility of using the services as per their need or only choosing the best ones from the lot. It has the added advantage of utilizing a mix of various cloud services that suits various components of your business.

Not all businesses are built differently; hence, some may feel that AWS cloud strategy is best for them, and others may find Azure beneficial for their operation. It helps multinational organizations greatly as they have to deal with different rules and regulations due to geographical reasons.

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Promotes Innovation  

Businesses that use a multiple cloud solution have enough time to focus on other things which are not related to the cloud services. It allows businesses to effectively manage workflows by integrating them with DevOps processes. Implementing this strategy ensures the automation of performance of data, applications, etc., across all the cloud environments. With extreme efficiency, your business gets enough time to work on innovation to enhance the process further and increase ROI.

Cloud Integration

How Can Matellio Help?  

The multi-cloud strategy has a promising future ahead, and the benefits that come along with its implementation are countless. Your business can boost the overall productivity and revenue figures with cloud integration services. In order to make the most of these services, you should find a reliable cloud integration agency that meets your expectations. If you have not shifted your business to the cloud infrastructure, you are missing many things that can help in acing your business game.

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