Travel App Development Cost: The Entire Concept

Updated on Dec 18th, 2023


We remember when traveling required approaching travel agents to help in planning the trips. But digital transformation and global modernization innovated the travel industry and offered exposure to every minute traveling detail of the customers in their comfort zone.  

If we look into the latest survey, it is evident that around 88% of travelers prefer booking their trips online using travel apps. It is the part pushing the demand for travel apps, and if you wish to have an application for your travel business, then this is a perfect time. Here through this blog, you will get to know the significant angle of application development, which is to bring out the estimate of travel app development cost. 

  • Did you know that features, location, and other factors affect the budget of your travel application?  
  • Before setting the travel application development cost, it is mandatory to finalize which type of travel application is to be built, as the price, features, and other components will vary accordingly.   
  • Travel applications cannot be strong enough to match the trend until technologies like AI, IoT, and blockchains are not integrated.  
  • Travel app development is incomplete without considering the vital features that must be included within, which can include but are not limited to sign-in, filter search, currency converter, and so on.  
  • Perks of using travel applications include enhancing customer experience, gathering insightful data, and so on. 

Factors Impacting Travel App Development Cost 

Finalizing a budget for developing a travel application requires understanding multiple sections related to this process. More than one or two factors need to be considered before setting up any budget for your travel application. Here we bring you the major factors you need to look after before investing in the travel application process. 


1. Database  

What is the backbone of the operations functioning within travel applications? Well, it is the database it works with. The mobile app development services providers you hire will utilize the most suitable database management software while working on the project of your travel application. The mobile application uses a substantial database to offer a smooth implementation, and by utilizing sophisticated database tools, the extended functionalities can be brought down by integration APIs. The database setup requires a good number of developmental efforts, and approximately 10% of your development budget is utilized to manage and execute the required database’s data operation.   

2. Backend Architecture  

The travel application requires a backend architecture, and it will embed the required features within that application by becoming the base or foundation of the structure. The dedicated functionalities that you need within your travel application will alter the cost you are paying. To set up a flawless, fast, and flexible application, you hire app developers who prepare the backend work model. Getting the backend architecture right is vital as it helps maintain the smooth connection between the database and other components of the application. For your information, the backend architecture will consume 30%-40% of the total cost of travel application development.  

3. Development Methodology  

SaaS Products and internet-oriented deliveries have witnessed a surge in their adaption. Due to the perk, they offer cloud-efficient applications by adding clarity of vision during the developmental phase. The choice of the right developmental tools and methodologies will help you save the travel app development cost and the time invested within. The development methodology can be brainstormed per your requirement, but you need to have the best developers, which can influence your budget.  

4. Features  

Any application has its soul within the features that it can perform. This feature helps your application stand out from the others in this competitive market. Recognizing the right set of features, you want to be integrated with your travel application is vital. This decision will impact the functionality of your application, but it will also affect the cost required for developing that travel application. You can always choose to go with a few sets of features a then keep adding as per the requirement, but again the basic advanced functionalities should be there. The complexity of the feature that you choose will affect the total budget of your travel app development.  

5. Location  

Another factor that will be vital in deciding your budget is choosing the travel app development company with the geographical perk. The geographical location of your service provider or developers will affect the budget that you have for your travel app development. There are variations can be witnessed across the regions, which alter the expense of the app development. It would be best if you made a wise decision while choosing your developers. Choosing them according to their geographical location will help you manage the overall development cost for your desired travel application. 

Types of Travel App 

One of the essential parts before you estimate your travel app development cost is to finalize what kind of travel application you wish to develop for your business. You need to choose the basic service of your application to define its functionalities based on which the features and other components will be integrated, and a final budget can be prepared. Here find out four trending types of travel applications for your reference:  


1. Accommodation Booking Apps 

The application dedicated to book an accommodation for customers is first on the list. Customers or travelers need to search for the accommodation option which fits their requirements. For example, if the customer is traveling with children or family, they would require some different accommodation than a group of friends who wish to have a pool party. This difference can be sorted out with the help of an accommodation-based booking app. The application must be laced with features where the booking system can be automated so travelers do not face delays and can book the accommodation directly.  Developing a travel app dedicated to accommodation should also include an easy payment procedure so that customer find no difficulties later.  

2. Flights and Transportation Booking Apps 

When planning any of your trips, what is the first thing that comes to mind? It’s transportation to that specific place, and you start looking for flights or train tickets on your required date as per your convenience. Well, the comfort of sitting at your location and being able to scroll through the list of different flights or trains can only be offered by a well-developed application. You need to hire app developers who can build an application offering frequent travel choices to the customers and the option of instant booking the tickets if they find anything as per their plan. The application should include a smooth payment system with multiple payment channels preferred by the customers. 

3. Trip and Activity Booking App 

Another category if you wish to have a travel application and stand out among the market is to have a travel organizer application. You can hire a travel mobile app development service provider to build an application that can target a specific trip, region, and demographic. With the help of this application, your customers will be able to book various activities that are available within that region or can be part of that trip. For example, you can offer a travel application from which the customers can book any sports or adventurous activity during their vacation in any particular area. They can easily customize the timing of their itinerary and enjoy their trip.      

4. Travel Guides 

Once every essential planning is completed related to the trip now, the travelers are left with the questions such as which place would be worth visiting. Or what should I visit first? Or how should I plan my day, so I do not miss anything? All these questions can be answered with the help of your application, as you will be offering a travel guide. There can be several filters set which will help them select the required tour deals per their interest. For example, if the person wants to visit historical sites and some good restaurants, then filters for both these sections should be provided. The travel guide can be offered via text information and enhanced using advanced technologies and audio guides.  


Technologies Considered by Travel App Development Company 

Tourism is known as one of the most dynamic industries in this world. The impact of technologies plays a crucial role in deciding the fate of travel businesses in the market. The travel business industry must be packed with advanced technologies among the high competition. The travel app development cost cannot be finalized until the interaction of the specific technologies is not framed. Here we have presented you with the three leading technologies reshaping the travel mobile application. And they are: 

a. IoT in Travel  

IoT has offered great diversity to the tourism industry by transforming its services into smart offerings, evolving. It plays a vital role in understanding and managing the customers’ demand linked with this industry. For example, with the help of IoT, customers can be alerted about sudden changes in flight-related information, offer information about the gate numbers, and detail about the connecting flights. Stressful traveling can be fun with the help of IoT, as it can also provide customers with the experience of smart traveling.  

b. Blockchain 

The global blockchain market is estimated to reach new heights, and one of the major contributors is the tourism industry. The travel application that is being built can have blockchain technology to bring a great positive impact on the business. Not one or two, but with this advanced technology, the travel application can improve users’ data security and transparency. With the help of this technology, the risk of fraudulent activity during the payment transaction can be reduced. The features within the application need to be updated with time. And blockchain ensures the safety of the application even during required upgradation. 

c. AI in Travel 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning within the travel industry have enhanced personalization, added value, and improved process speed and accuracy. A Conversational AI tool, a chatbot, must consider implemented within your travel application. You can hire the best mobile app development service providers and bring this technological aid to your application. With the help of a chatbot, you can enhance your customer’s experience by interacting with them to answer their doubts. With AI, the travel application can have features like accurate flight forecasting, the personalized recommendation for tourists, baggage handling solutions, and much more. 

Features Needed to Be Considered for Travel Mobile App Development 

Travel app development cost depends upon various factors; features are one of them. You need to choose the features you would like to offer your customers through your app. The features and their utilization will set you differently from your competitors and help you grow within the market. They are features that depend upon the specific type of solution that you choose for your application. But some features are required with any travel application, and we have jotted them down for you. And they are:  


1. Registration and Sign-In 

The first feature that must be included within the travel application is a process through which users can sign up to use the app. In order to offer the required services, the application requires some important data from the user’s end, such as their name, email, number, etc. The user must register so that the application can use their data to complete the booking and offer them the required services. Registration is a vital step, and advanced technology-based applications protect the information they share. The enhanced technology allows registration to be done using the users’ social media accounts.  

2. Search Engines 

Next to sign in comes the searching part, where the user can search for the required services as per the offering of the travel app. Depending upon your app type, the travel app development company integrates various listings such as flight and accommodation booking, activity booking, travel guides, etc. Depending on your budget and demand, the database storing all this information can be local or cloud-based. Using the filter features saves time for the user as they can filter the services they need as per their preference. The possible filters include locations, activity type, number of people, traveling budget, accommodation, dates, and much more.  

3. Booking System and Payment Integration 

After the package is chosen, the users wish to book the tickets, finalize their accommodation, or book any adventurous activity for their trip. The complete booking platform is requiring which must integrate the smooth payment process. This process involves sharing lots of sensitive information, so a secure database is necessary. You need to note that your travel app development cost should include a portion for a secured database. Only then would your application be safe for your user’s information. A reliable and safe payment gateway must also be there, which should support multiple payment channels per the user’s preference.    

4. Currency Converter 

If your application supports booking and payment options, then having this feature will enhance the performance of your application and make it more efficient for your users. Nowadays, travelers need to plan everything, and visiting a place with a different currency rises a challenge for them. They need to learn about how much will each of their vacation essentials will cost them. So, you can always offer them the currency converter, which helps them to check different booking prices and also help them to understand the currency exchange rates for their trip. 

Benefits of Developing a Travel App 

Using a traveling app on a mobile device can be a great experience for your users or customers, and it will enhance the customer satisfaction rate for your business. The detailed information required by the customer related to their traveling is offered to them at their comfort. Through these applications, you message your users that travel plans can be as fun as traveling and that all the challenges can be covered with just a few clicks over your mobile. Below you can find the benefits that travel apps can offer: 

1. Can make Instant Plans 

One of the vital perks your customer’s bag after the travel application is the flexibility, they receive with their travel plan. It can be one of your objectives while introducing the travel application to your clients. Travel applications offer customers multiple choices, meaning they need not worry about finding good accommodations, transport, and other things while planning their trip.  

2. Travel Reviews and Suggestions 

When customers wish to try something new, it may be any adventurous activity on their trip or any other accommodation, but they need reviews to guide them. It is where the perk of developing a travel app can hop on and help your customer. Through the application, they can assess the reviews about any certain accommodation or activity easily and then decide accordingly for themselves. It shows how transparent are you with your offerings. 

3. 24*7 Accessibility 

It’s late at night, and there are chances that your customer has some vital travel-related query. Well, it is hard to answer their mail or call any time. But by integration of an AI-driven chatbot into your travel application can resolve this issue. The travel app can answer the doubts of the customer 24*7, which enhances your customer support, increasing customer satisfaction.   

4. Detailed Insight of the Package or Deal 

By hiring a travel mobile app development service provider, you can get the application with the best features. These features will help customers gain detailed insight into the package or deal they are interested in. The app offers them transparency, and with the help of a chatbot, they can easily navigate through the required detail they need about the deal or package.   

5. Offers Customized Plans 

When you present your customers with a user-friendly travel app where they can easily customize their plans, it’s a hit for your business. With the application, the customer gets the opportunity to choose the mode of transport, accommodation, activities, and the entire itinerary as per the requirement. It helps them manage their plan, which is supported by the services offered by the travel application and develop a trust for your brand. 

6. Data Collection 

You pay the travel app development cost only for enhancing your customer experience and bagging good lead conversions. Well, through the application, you can easily track down the interest of customers via the data pattern they have with the application. You might approach them directly by offering them the package they are interested in. You can also use the important data to study customer behavior and make decisions in the same direction.   


Cost Estimation for Developing a Travel App  

You now know the various factors and features which affect the cost of developing a travel application. You might be wondering what the cost of developing a travel application offering your customers the best of the services is. As per our expert’s calculations, the estimate for your application should be around $30,000 to $200,000*. However, this is just a ballpark estimation that can differ as per the requirements you have for your travel app. A good travel application is always built to be user-friendly and should target to enhance the efficiency and speed of the services offered. It would be best if you also considered the travel industry and technology trends, as they keep shifting and can affect your total budget. 

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