Why AI in Travel and Hospitality?

The solutions or applications that are empowered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning help the travel and hospitality industry to personalize their offerings and enhance them. With the help of AI in travel and hospitality industry, the customer satisfaction rate has increased. To ensure that the AI-based application or solution is used at its best, you need to pair up with Matellio-experts in AI. This advanced technology has the potential to eliminate human error and deliver the best phase of your service. Matellio helps you integrate this technology's power and offer your customers a better experience than your competitors. AI can help in adding features that can differentiate your travel business application from the others in a good way.
Enhances Customer Experience

AI-based travel app has the ability to offer the customers the answer of their queries instantly via AI chatbot integration.

Offer Dynamic Pricing

With the predictive analysis the AI-powered pricing tool helps analyze the price offered by your competitors and then quote a reasonable price.

Improves Productivity

The AI-powered solutions handle several issues that save time and meanwhile the employees can focus their effort on other activities.

Personalized Trip Planning

The AI-powered travel application or solution offers the choice of adding or eliminating various features.

Top Applications of AI in Travel Industry

Explore the application of AI in travel industry that can boost your travel related services.
AI-Driven Travel Chatbots

With the conception of AI in travel, the integration of chatbots has become a significant part of the company's strategy to boost its customer experience and increase profit.

AI Baggage Handling Solution

The successful AI application in the travel industry can be witnessed through the automated process of baggage system as it has reduced the time and the effort required manually.

Automatic Facial Recognition

AI-based travel company has integrated facial recognition technology that helps them identify any individual through their facial features, and it helps in fulfilling the legal requirements.

Personalized Recommendation

ML in travel industry has offered a smooth tourist recommendation system to enhance planning and improve scheduling procedure of the customers.

Currency Converter

AI-based travel app prefers to have this feature within, as it helps the customers to understand the currency exchange rate.

Language Recognition

This AI-based feature can help the customers scan and translate the text and voice to help them understand the regional language they are visiting.

AI-Powered Flight Forecasting

AI-based travel planning becomes easier when the customers get flight-related details such as timing, prices, and availability.

Sentiment Analysis

AI-powered app can offer a platform for customers to add their feedback and review input submitted by other customers to make better decisions.

Climate and Weather Forecasting

AI in travel helps travel applications offer their customers the climatic condition so that their plan does not get hampered.

Integrate Your Travel Business with AI-powered Technology

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AI Travel Services Matellio Provides

Matellio aims to enhance your business by adding the power of AI-driven solutions.

Why Matellio for AI in Travel and Tourism?

There are several perks that AI-driven solutions offer to the travel industry. This advanced technology holds power to increase the efficiency level within travel-based services. The AI expert team from Matellio offers you top-notch quality applications or solutions that will help you transform various travel industry processes. Our experts help you to utilize artificial intelligence and improve customer satisfaction rates. It decreases your employees' manual labor and generates a good amount of revenue. With AI, the experience of travel can become more convenient and comfier. Experts at Matellio understand this and offer solutions that seamlessly handle all your issues. With Matellio by your side, you will start believing that AI in travel industry will boost operations and travel-related business.
Flexible Models

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Free Market Analysis

We offer a free consultation by bringing crucial market insights that help us build a solution that keeps you ahead of the competition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can the use of AI in the travel industry enhance your business growth?

Adding the perks of AI within the travel industry can enhance the services and offer a better client experience. There are different ways in which AI-driven applications or tools can be used; some of the major ones are: 

  • It helps in offering dynamic pricing by comparing the different prices provided by the competitors. 
  • It helps customers by encouraging them to the hassle-free payment modes such as cashless card payments. 
  • AI-driven travel applications can help enhance customer support by offering smooth interaction. 

2. How long does it take to build an AI travel app?

The time required for developing an AI travel app usually depends on your requirements. The development time depends on the number of resources working on your project, the complexity of features you require, testing methods, etc. Do not worry about the time estimation, as you can always discuss your ideas with the experts at Matellio, who will offer you an accurate estimated time for the project.      

3. Which problem can AI solutions solve for the travel industry?

There are multiple sections where AI-based solutions are required within travel industries. Some of the major ones are: 

Data Processing: AI helps collect travel data by analyzing the user’s data. This analysis is crucial as it allows the company to get hold of customer preferences. Thus, they can easily make alterations to their services to attract customers. 

Time converter: The AI-based travel applications can convert time as per the time zone the customers are traveling to or are planning to visit. 

Trip Review: This feature can be integrated into travel applications using AI. It can help the traveler review the experience of other travelers about any specific hotels, restaurants, or other commercial areas.  

4. What are the additional features that Matellio offers for your AI-based travel app?

Matellio helps you by offering a unique approach for your business by designing your AI-powered travel application laced with advanced features, including: 

  • Travel Itinerary Generator 
  • World Clock Time Converter 
  • Cab Service Integration 
  • Location-Based Emergency Services 
  • Weather or Climate Forecasting

5. How can I hire AI developers from Matellio?

Connecting to the AI developers at Matellio is a very easy process. Only four steps need to be followed, and you can hire experts for your project:   

  • Define your project requirements with our business consultants.  
  • Choose the candidates for the screening process.   
  • Schedule an interview with the candidates selected from the Matellio team.   
  • Initiate the project onboarding.

6. What industry benefits from AI?

Various industries have integrated the power of AI within their offerings to enhance their services. Some of the major industries serving different niches and utilizing AI-drive solutions or applications are: